Report on meetings in Poland

Report on meetings in Poland
Piotr Bein 31.10.2009, co-founder, editor and moderator of blog

October 26-28, 2009, I have participated with Marek Podlecki (also from grypa666 blog) and Jane Burgermeister in  three meetings, each organized by a different group. Not as much new themes for the “pandemic” conneseur as “interesting” organisational aspects have surfaced — more about it at the end, for the Poles’ consideration. The meeting at the Groteska Theatre in Cracow proved the most successful.

Cracow 26.10.2099
A partner of grypa666 blog, SwinskaSprawa group has organized the meeting, with audiovisual polishes by Marek, who since June 2009, has initiated the anti-jab campaign in Poland, created the grypa666 blog, made perhaps youtube’s best video with Jane Burgermeister, and created a new “authority” — Bein — for the thinking Poles, now deprived of meaningful patriotic authorities to take guidance from. About 80 people came to Groteska, paying a mere 15 zloty (4 euro) admission. Questions from the audience have reached an advanced level regarding the “conspiracy theories” and “satanists”,  but absent grypa666 bloggers have not missed  much, not counting the charm of Jane, Marek and Piotr. The interpreter was awesome, translating simulataneously, which has saved lots of time that proved to be a problem at the other meetings. He has earned every grosz (1/100 of zloty) of his remuneration. Nevertheless, there wasn’t enough time for everyone’s questions. Given this, the rent turned out to be quite high. DVDs made by Marek and authographed by Jane and Piotr, and donations from grypa666 sympathizers, have made up a bit for the  funding deficit carried by the private organizers from SwinskaSprawa. We thank all donors for supporting our partners SwinskaSprawa. Hold on to the dvds, they will be worth millions soon — when hyperinflation hits ;<)

Warsaw 27.10.2009
Organized by StopCodex, a seminar in Poland’s capital the next day on Codex Alimentarius, H1N1 vax, GMO etc. drew about 300 people who gladly paid 55 zloty admission for several hours of information-packed presentations and Q&A sessions, and many also bought books, dvds etc. The main speaker was Dr. Robert Verkerk of the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) in UK, a young father of six (applause), doctor, independent researcher, activist for alternative medicine, healthy nutrition and the right to health. The subject of his lecture can also be explored via sites like SwinskaSprawa, NaturalNews and other. Professor Maria Dorota Majewska, a Polish vaccinologist famous for her “No!” to H1N1 jab was “present” via a 50-minute video lecture on vax and H1N1. Grypa666 bloggers know her opinions in shorter form from youtube videos of Polish TV program that has degraded her somewhat and from one of the first anti-jab articles, published in the Polish “Angora” weekly:

Dr.Verkerk showed quite a few slides with a surplus of words on them, which together with poor translations distracted the public, already tired down with the 5 pm to 1 am programme. Competent experts don’t need slides, and such was Jane’s presentation. Also this time our bloggers have not missed much as Jane conveyed what is already known from regular translations on grypa666 blog. Jane gave an interview to the main Polish TVN station, luckily not TVN “Fakty” (facts – sic) that has concealed our blog’s address as if it was a pandemic, and smeared Polish vax refusniks and Piotr, calling them “half-baked intelligentsia” and “conspiracy theorists”. The reporter couldn’t tell us when the interview would air, as the information needs to be verified first. We will see… For me, the most interesting presentation at the Warsaw seminar was by a Polish doctor, who had invented and put into medical practice in a large own clinic in the town of Gliwice (Silesia), the treatment of various diseases and ailmennts by making inter-cellular communications more effective. Polish health (?) authorities made his life so difficult that he finally passed on his invention and clinic onto some Czech professors. Let’s hope they will succeed, at least until Klaus “commits a suicide”.

We found a remark by one of Poland’s top immunologists, Dr Wanda Brajczewska-Fischer, uplifting. She said from the floor that mass vaccinations was a scam. The strangest, not only to us, was agitation from the floor for some Health Party. The man, however, forgot to distribute the enrollment sheets and had to be turned back from the door. Then he left, without waiting for the signatures. The same party was subject of a provocation on our blog. Another man insulted the above specialist of intercellular communications, and in the discussion period trivialized the “satanist” subject. Somem\one else posed a question from the floor (rather, a 10-minute presentation, after having received a private reply from me) as follows: “The theory of a vax assault on humanity does not make sense. Were the police and military vaccinated first, who would defend the elites? Mass vaccinations with a deadly jab would kill too many, so the survivors would rebel.”  Perhaps if we charged 55 zloty to enter our blog, folks would be better informed.

Wroclaw 28.10.2009
We owe organisation of the Wroclaw meeting to dr Krystyna Brzecka and local activists of emerging Cywilizacja Zycia society  (Civilisation of Life, as opposed to Civilisation of Death of which Polish Pope John Paul II spoke with horror in his voice). The initiative for the meeting arose by coincidence, five to twelve. Dr. Brzecka is a charming, eighty-something soul, whose vitality and care about the world and Poles many a youngster could envy. “I have never taken any jabs, I don’t get sick, and will not be vaccinated against H1N1… Proper nutrition, light spirit and busy mind are the secret”, she said in the discussion and private conversation. This secretary of the Polish Society for Health Promotion has moved the springs at the local Medical Academy to attract 200 professors and medical doctors to the meeting with Burgermeister. The agenda drafted by grypa666 activists included a familiarisation with the H1N1 conspiracy, and discussion for a front against H1N1 jabs in Poland, patterned after more aware EU nations like Poland’s neighbours Germany and the Czech Republic. Despite vigorous efforts, including Brzecka’s personal interventions with the Academy departments and her colleagues and friends, only about ten people showed up, admission-free, receiving Marek’s dvd as a souvenir. Polish national Catholic TV Trwam has filmed Jane’s presentation, perhaps the best one I have heard from her. Marek interpreted expertly; knowledge of the subject helps. One person shared an interesting idea: sit down with the Rockefellers, find out what they want from us and …negotiate. I suggested she google “Wolfgang Eggert petition”.

Following the 4 pm meeting, we were to join the Codex Alimentarius seminar in town. The organizers cared that Jane speak again and even offered a Warsaw-Wroclaw ride in their cars. To make sure Jane would be safe in Wroclaw, they phoned us on our way, asking with whom we would meet so that they could “check them out”. Perhaps they felt obliged for the free advertising grypa666 blog gave the Codex Alimentarius seminars in several cities; the results were evident by numerous attendees in Warsaw from our blog. But we chose train travel over cars, to arrive on time. After the Academy meeting, Jane felt too tired to go to another meeting and  decided to return to Vienna that night, after an hour’s get-together with us. Krzysztof, who has financed all expenses (hotel, fares, taxi, restaurant) and attended to important details like food and security for us, revealed that a “marketing specialist” composedan invitation to the Academy meeting …for “only” 250 zloty. Curiously, I read the text dicovering a dull piece full of “marketing” trickery. I would trash such piece if it came into my mail. Is this why only ten persons showed up, despite efforts by Krzysztof and his colleague at all Academy’s departments and city hospitals? The text was prepared by a person recommended by the Codex seminar organizers.

For Poles’ consideration
I am concerned that in all of the meetings the no-vax activists use their private money, while Cywilizacja Zycia that was supposed to solve the money raising issue, is slow to materialize, if at all it would. Donations (many thanks!) have not covered the private debts, while plans and ambitions point to growing demand for funds, particularly now that Poles feel the “H1N1” threat real — from Ukraine. But that’s not all. It turns out that when the no-vax activists work with personal and material sacrifice for the common good, others see profit. Groteska was rented for 4 hours that was cut to 2 hours, restricting the discussion time to the dismay of many. As far as I know the room rental in Warsaw was free, income from admission fees OK (as the organizers counted the money after midnigt, instead of transporting us to a hotel), yet Jane received a honorarium plus expense refund to a total of …300 zloty. The mistake could still be repaired by donating at her website. Has Dr. Verkerk received a comparable honorarium and a room in a student housing in a 2-person room? I can’t sleep if someone snores; after a couple of hours’ sleep I tried to work on my laptop, but there was no signal reaching the room. The Wroclaw “marketeer” took an equivalent of a hotel upgrade. Why have I, then, prepared the invitation text (5 minutes’ work)?

Jane complained to us that the Warsaw seminar organizers had  interrupted her presentation, even though her name figured on their posters and announcements for three cities    I don’t know why it happened, as I was busy at the time, making up for time lost after  giving Jane my laptop because there was no Internet connectiojn for her machine — contrary to the organizers’ assurances and luring her couple of hours before the seminar started. She got very upset, as she must stay informed, do emails and translate for her website all the time, similarly as we do. By lending Jane my laptop, I have neglected our blog, and I apologize for that.

The above instances of “saving and cutting” by the Polish organizers and contractors don’t serve our common cause well, and detract from foreigners; opinion about Poles. I could not make up for the blog backlog work on the crowded train the next day, either. The laptop battery died off on me after couple of hours of work and I lost the file. There was no electricity in the corridor receptacles, even though I paid extra for 1st class to avoid standing up for several hours and to have a receptacle just outside my compartment. So I tried the “pandemic” theme with my co-travellers. “A variety of opinions abound, who knows where the truth is”, I heard in reply to my “So many government docs have surfaced in different countries that there is no doubt.” That was she, while he said: “If China makes vax in a hurry and the president of world’s  mightiest country, Obama, bought 15 million does as producers can’t manage and 5 million Americans have taken the jab already…”  I decided to snooze off the rest of the trip. In a town underway, she disembarked, leaving her husband on the train: “I will buy suitcases for a trip to Indonesia, they are the cheapest in this town. I have travelled the world over, it will probably be my last excursion.”  I wished her happy touring, and added that travels educate.

By piotrbein