Daily bread 18.11.2009

I am starting to assemble interesting texts from Web-surfing. They will appear from time to time.

Regarding links to RebelNews below, I deplore generalisation to all “Jews”. Try to generalize something negative onto your own nation or religion, to see how absurd and unfair generalisations are.  I know plenty of decent Jews or persons of Jewish origins:  Henry Makow, Mark Rys, Naomi Klein, Michel Chossudovsky in “my” Canada. Fine researchers Israel Shahak and Christopher Jon Bjerknes, rabbis at Naturei Karta and JewsNotionists, young Israeli activists for justice in Palestine — Jewish Voice for Peace, WW2-era rabbis Shonfeld and Weissmandl, Orthodox Christian Brother Nathanael — the Street Evangellist in the USA, Norman Finkelstein, some monks in Orthodox Christian monasteries, recently Dr. Leo Horowitz in the campaign against “H1N1 pandemic”…

Be reasonable, folks! I call extreme, Zionist and otherwise chauvinist and racist Jewish groups “Judeocentrics” in my papers to the Hiroshima City University’s ambitious International Comparative Genocide Research project under Professor Christian Scherrer’s leadrship. All four of my papers have seen publication. Bravo Professor Scherrer, an example of how not to fear the Judeocentrics!


Back to generalisations on all Jews…. Rightly, this kind of racism and bigotry must be persecuted, as it should be for any other group. Barring that, the following article is worth broadcasting. It touches upon the Judeocentric corruption of Vatican, the exploitation of Eastern philosophy and religion, New Age, witchcraft, sorcery, demons… and why Judeocentrics hate both Christians and Muslims while sucking up to Eastern Religions:

“Christians and Muslims pray to God for guidance and deliverance. They defer to Divine Judgment whereas witches try to play God.”

This rudimentary article might shock the novice. It should be followed up on “mauricepinay” blog, Rev. Ted Pike’s pages,  Bjerknes’ website and blog, in Wolfgang Eggert’s books and in his petition on the Web, Brother Nathanael’s blog, Makow’s website, JewsNotZionists website, Naturei Karta books… and many others, where I, too, began my discoveries.



Mossad 9/11 jobs. Also google “piotr bein operation danish cartoons” to see how other stunts of global significance are done by the same people.



A tribute to Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Pavle:


“… the systematic portrayal of the Serbs as demons, and the Muslims of Bosnia or Kosovo as innocent martyrs in the cause of multi-ethnic-cultural tolerance, was a crude exercise in the construction of postmodern quasi-reality. Patriarch Pavle was painfully aware of this fact, but decided to refrain from statements that could be construed as political. He remained silent even when the Croatian authorities demolished the Orthodox church in his native village, in which he was baptized in 1914. He was often criticized in the Western press for making appearances at official functions attended by Milosevic, even though the protocol and tradition demanded his presence, but in 1997 he also appeared, silently, at a rally demanding Milosevic’s resignation.

“… His proverbial modesty was reflected in his use of public transport and dislike of chauffeur-driven cars. During the Assembly of Bishops in 2006 he walked our of the Patriarchate and saw a long line of shiny black Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW cars parked outside the building. “Who do these belong to?” Pavle asked his secretary. “Em, to the Bishops who came to the Assembly, Your Grace.” “I only wonder,” the Patriarch commented, “what would they have driven if they had not taken the vow of poverty…”


Germany rewarded for co-operation with the Judeocentric complex?

BERLIN/PARIS (Own report) – At the end of this past week, the
establishment in Berlin was reviewing with great satisfaction a week
that brought several victories for its partisan interpretation of
history. According to observers, the German Chancellor’s participation
in the commemoration ceremonies of the Armistice ending the First
World War in Paris was “a priceless political act”. The transformation
of the memory of the victory over the German aggressors into a
memorial, leveling for the victims “on both sides” of the war, was
accompanied by the type of criticism of the Versailles Treaty of 1919,
that is usually heard mainly from German revisionists. Berlin’s
celebration of a “Festival of the Germans” on Nov. 9, the day of the
commemoration of the Nazi Pogrom Night in 1938, is an “affront to the
Jewish victims,” one that would not have been fathomable just a few
years earlier, is a statement that was met with applause. “Making
policy with history is staking a claim on spiritual leadership” is the
way the press summed up the fact that the German interpretation of
history is being imposed on the other European nations. This Sunday,
Berlin will close the current memorial week with the annual
commemoration of the German soldiers killed in battle
(“Volkstrauertag” National Day of Mourning). As usual, also German war
criminals will be honored at the ceremonies.
more http://www.german-foreign-policy.com/en/fulltext/56298





By piotrbein