Polish Radio Maryja Opposes Money Extortion

A Polish-American top Amazon reviewer Jan Peczkis writes today:

A recent (2008) report to the US Congress, CONTEMPORARY GLOBAL ANTI-SEMITISM: A REPORT, has accused the traditionalist Catholic RADIO MARYJA of being anti-Semitic merely for opposing attempts at “property restitution” as demanded by self-appointed “heirs” to murdered Polish Jews. Unfortunately, this report is not presently carried by Amazon, so I cannot review it. For this reason, I have reviewed another item on Amazon, using it as a springboard to refute these accusations.

Review of Rubinstein’s review of THE HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY

Reviewer: Mr. Jan Peczkis

Opposes Extortion of Money from Poland—Implications for RADIO MARYJA

This review of Finkelstein’s THE HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY originally appeared in the December 1, 2000 issue of FIRST THINGS. The reviewer, William D. Rubinstein, is Professor of History at the University of Wales.

Rubinstein thinks that Finkelstein overreaches, pointing out that Holocaust activists are not necessarily motivated by base motives. He also criticizes Finkelstein for his leftist, anti-Zionist criticisms of the State of Israel.

Whatever his disagreements with Finkelstein, Rubinstein unreservedly supports Finkelstein’s criticisms of the World Jewish Congress (WJC). He writes: “Despite its grandiose-sounding name, the WJC, founded in 1936, cannot be termed a representative body of the Jewish people…Most of the hostile reviews of THE HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY have notably and studiously avoided commenting directly on the charges Finkelstein makes against the WJC, presumably because there is no adequate reply. Finkelstein accuses the WJC of being, in effect, a pirate ship, sailing the waters, hunting for booty, and using the unique moral credibility of the Holocaust to extort fortunes from European governments.”.

Rubinstein, despite his unflattering view of Poland, understands the essential differences between the anti-Jewish views of many prewar Poles and those of the Nazis, and then comments on the designs of the likes of the WJC on Poland: “In the interwar years Poland was rife with anti-Semites and anti-Semitism, but it was paradoxically, virtually the only nation in eastern Europe that never imposed any economic restrictions on Jews or racialist limitations on their full participation in the nation’s economy. During the war millions of Polish Jews perished, but this was at the hands of the Germans, not the Poles. The Nazis regarded the Poles as racial inferiors and therefore ineligible to participate in the massacre of Jews. [Actually, the Nazis didn’t use Poles because too few Poles were willing. The Nazis used the proffered collaborationist services of the Ukrainians, whom the Nazis very much regarded as racial inferiors.] After the war, a Jewish community of up to 250,000 very briefly emerged again in Poland. Their property was indeed confiscated by the Communists, not because they were Jews but because they were capitalists—the property of gentile capitalists was also seized. I personally cannot see any compelling reason why the present Polish government should pay one cent for former Jewish properties. “

Then Rubinstein makes his money-extortion point even stronger: “It is difficult to believe that a person of good will could approve of these demands. As a Jew who lost relatives in the Holocaust, I find them frankly odious, and Finkelstein should be praised rather than condemned for exposing them.”

Now consider the following implication. A recent (2008) report to the US Congress, CONTEMPORARY GLOBAL ANTI-SEMITISM: A REPORT, has accused the traditionalist Catholic RADIO MARYJA of being anti-Semitic for opposing attempts of foreign groups to secure financial “compensation” for former Polish Jews. If this is so, then Finkelstein and Rubinstein, who are Jewish, are also anti-Semites in spite of themselves!

By piotrbein