There are positive revisionists and there are liers

Positive revisionists pursue historical truth in a scientific fashion. Thenegative ones act as if they had a mission for …the extreme Zionists themselves, in order to maintain anti-Semitism without which apparently Zionists couldn’t thrive. Their international leader, Hertz, has declared in the beginning of the 20th century that Zionism will eploit anti-Semitism to achieve Jewish national goals.

Today’s fare from RebelNews bears the negative revisionist slant (“Shoa is a hoax”) in Robert Faurisson’s piece:

However,  Faurisson is right in the following, more so that it conerns the French who have been goofed into electing a Judeocentric stooge, former Mossad agent, Sarkozy for president:***

“The latest news is that the main French Jewish organisation, the CRIF (Conseil représentatif des institutions juives de France), is launching a new appeal in favour of censorship against what it calls “racism and anti-Semitism”, that is, first of all, what it terms “négationnisme“. It has made a request to Michèle Alliot-Marie, minister of Justice and Freedoms (sic), for surveillance to be effected on the Internet as concerns, notably, “discussion forums, chatrooms, e-mails, websites and blogs” ( You’ve read correctly: the CRIF is asking the police of the French Republic to open the e-mails, that is, the private correspondence of the French. What sheer panic there must be for things to have reached such an absurd state!”

Where is the hunter-of-discrimination ADL B’nai B’rith when it comes to rampant anti-Polonism, for example? There is a mild anti-Semitism (and deservedly so, imho) among some Poles who have been wronged by the systems run by the Zionists’ kin, but it’s nothing compared to merdia’s anti-Polish venom, of which “Polish concentration camps” became infamous … for the Zionists. Planeloads of young Israelis come on “Holocaust trips” to former Auschwit, indoctrinated to organically hate Poles for God knows what crimes. The same Poles over centuries have given Jewish fugitives from all over angered Europe a safe heaven that still persists in Jewish name for Poland — “Polin”.  Numerous righteous Jews have recognized that, were it not for Poles, the Jewish community would be in trouble today. Jews have thrived in Poland, developing and multiplying much better than the hosting Poles managed to.

I write “community”, not any race or religion, for Jewish diversity. A Jewish joke has it: where you have two Jews, you have four opinions and five sects. But the dominant, racist, extreme Judeocentrism suffocates this diversity and righteous Jewish action: the Chossudovskys, Bjerkneses and Makows, the Kleins, Shahaks and Shamirs, JewsNotZionists and Naturei Karta, the brave young Israeli refusniks in the Jewish Voice for Peace…


*** Paul-Eric Blanrue, Sarkozy, Israël et les juifs, Oser dire, publisher in Embourg (Belgium), 3rd edition, 2009, 207 p.

By piotrbein