Holocaust denier humour ;<)


My favourite:

“LEGALIENATE: Have you solved the problem of Holocaust denial?

LIPSTATIC: Of course not. But we did provide precise explanations proving that what Deniers say are complete deviations from what we say. We didn’t prove what happened, and nobody else better either, but we proved that what they say happened could not possibly have happened if what we say happened, happened. And to quote George Bush the Elder, “what we say, goes.” ”

The “interview” touches upon the relatively little known issue of Darfur that I intended to but did not find time to tackle, thereby disappointing my mailout recipients earlier this year. In compensation, here’s a comment to the above “interview”:

25-11-2009 21:20:09 Elona  – Cindy – Darfur

How right you are Cindy. Israel got Darfur going for three reasons: one as a back door into Egypt (their ultimate jewel in the crown for water and mega-bucks in tourism and lots of oil in upper Egypt close to Sudan and in the Western Desert close to the Libyan border.

Secondly and more sinister, is that Israel arms and pays the Janjaweed (who by the way are not Arabs but Africans) to attack Darfur whenever Israel is about to do something really dirty so that everyone’s attention is on Darfur. This is always Israel’s way.

Thirdly, if Israel gets a foothold in Egypt then they can lay claim to water from the Nile, something they have been trying to do but failed badly for many years. If this happens, then all other countries who rely on the Nile for water/life can kiss it goodbye, Israel doesn’t share, it takes -ALL.

I share complaints of this commenter:

25-11-2009 20:54:12 Vox  – WWII Before 1970 and Now

“Before: When I was child going through Grade School WWII was discussed according to significant battles, milestones, critical events, etc.

Now: The only thing mentioned about WWII is how “Proud and Brave Jewish/americans (lowercase american) soldiered up to fight the Nazi scum that was killing millions of Jews Chosenites across the Globe (and a maybe a few Goyim might have helped a tiny bit too)”

Before and Now: Hitler fought Communism but that was sick and twisted. The USA and UK fought Communism but that was noble and heroic!

Before: Over 20 Million died in WWII as the result of Axis Power aggression.

Now: Over 6 Million of God’s Chosen Jewish Master Race were slaughtered in WWII. (No one else died and don’t bring it up!)”

And a serious one that I also share as a genocide researcher:

25-11-2009 20:52:22 DeWayne  – The Holocaust Is Not A Weapon

“There is no doubt concerning the holocaust that many were imprisoned, and in the horror of it all many died, it is unfortunate that it must be used as a political weapon for reason that in truth benefits no one. Let it instead be a warning to everyone, that there are people even today capable of such carnage upon others.

However, it is a sign of external motive when it can not be discussed and researched or investigated openly and honestly. This young lady appears not having a clear mind about this issue or subject, such antic’s only arouse as it should suspicion of purpose and legitimacy of fact they espouce in terms showing little logic.

A person having studied history concerning locations of reported anti semitism will find some underlying causes seldom spoken of, and were this not so, holocaust would not be the weapon it is used as today.”

By piotrbein