Operation Danish Cartoons

Operation Danish Cartoons – a Battle in the War of Civilizations

by Piotr Bein, March 10, 2008
Leads point to the complicity of the Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC), a global web of Judeocentric power brokers, in the “Danish cartoons” affair two years ago. The riots on the second anniversary are likely of the same authorship. Neither the ZPC persons nor the Danish Islamist perpetrators of the original operation have borne legal consequences. The leads remain suppressed in the mainstream media who emphasize the offensiveness of the images to majority of Muslims, rather than to radicals. Concerted re-publications aggravated the crisis, triggering waves of violence for the second time since 2006.

Faced with the backlash of US-Israeli policies in the Middle East, and strong criticisms of the US Israel Lobby, ZPC allegedly strives to win Western public opinion for continuing genocide in Palestine and (likely nuclear) wars with Iraq and Syria.
Danish secret services have been collaborating with Mossad, making it possible to harbour Islamist terrorists and radicals, tied to international Jihad, as a Trojan Horse in civilizational war against the Western and Muslim worlds – from false-flag attacks for Israeli causes, through 9/11 and “war on terror” (WOT), to immigrant riots. Some neocons and Mossad co-established secret NATO army, Gladio, and later Jihad as an ally in ZPC pursuit of the New World Order. The editor responsible for the publication of the twelve cartoons is tied to the US neocons, the mainstay of the ZPC. ZPC-controlled media assured a succes of Operation Danish Cartoons, but their version doesn’t fit some details which have received publicity in alternative sources. I highlight in bold the text that is at odds with the politically correct version, for example, in Wikipedia.
Islamism and its protection in Europe gained, as a result of ZPC tending to the Trojan Horse. Holocaustianism with its “anti-Semitism” whip was strenghtened, too. Christianity stands as a net loser. Should the theory of the ZPC conspiracy turn true, the Western public would need to re-evaluate the list of enemies of peace and stability in the world.

Key words: anti-Polonism, Christianity, clash of civilizations, Danish cartoons, Islam, Israel Lobby, Feliks Koneczny, Mossad, neo-conservatism, universalism, Wikipedia, Zionist Power Configuration.

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By piotrbein