Judeocentrics and Mass Crimes

Shortly before publication by Penerbilt University Sains Malaysia, a hacker has destroyed this paper on the computer of Professor Christian P. Scherrer, the editor of a series of volumes of reasearch contributions to the International Comparative Genocide Research project under his direction at the Hiroshima City University: ALARM: Professor Scherrer’s data and email hacked.

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Polish translation Strategicznie wymanipulowana migracja jako broń

Polish translation Psychomanipulacje narodami


Judeocentrics and Mass Crimes

Piotr Bein

A paper prepared for the International Comparative Genocide Research project of the Hiroshima City University, 2009, being updated until a book publication expected 2012.


Introduction…………………………………………… 2

Power and ideology………………………………….. 2

Conquest and prevention………………………….. 2

Secret power…………………………………………. 4

Messianic cults……………………………………… 5

Power, racism and rabbinic prophecies………….. 7

Sacrifice and scapegoating…………………………. 9

Secret society geopolitics………………………… 10

God’s chosen and genocide………………………. 11

Judeocentric Power Complex…………………….. 13

Neocons and Christian Zionists…………………. 13

Roadmap to NWO………………………………… 15

Exploit Islamism………………………………….. 16

US-Israel-Turkey nexus…………………………… 17

Opportunistic hatred………………………………. 18

Interventionism……………………………………. 20

The puppets…………………………………………. 22

Globalist aims?……………………………………. 23

Islamist Trojan Horse…………………………….. 24

European Union…………………………………… 30

Vatican……………………………………………… 36

Conclusions………………………………………….. 38


Armenian genocide, Bilderberg, Bolshevism, Communism, Dönmeh, Frankists, ethnic cleansing, gendercide, genocide, infowar, intellicide, interventionism, Judaism, Judeocentric Power Complex, Lubavitchers, messianism, neocons, NWO, Palestine, PNAC, Rothschilds, scapegoating, secret societies, terrorism, Turkey, GWOT, Yugoslavia.


Anti-Semitism: bigoted prejudice vs. Jews.

Anti-Zionism: opposition to Zionism on various grounds – from Judaic religious to secular Gentile opposition, to brutal colonization of Palestine and genocide (the latter issue is dealt with in this essay).

Dönmeh: crypto-Jewish converts to Islam in the Near East, followers of the 17th century Ottoman Jewish messiah Sabbatai Zevi.

Frankist: a follower of 18th century radical Jewish religious leader Jacob Frank, who claimed to be reincarnate of self-proclaimed messiah Sabbatai Zevi and of King David.

Holocaust (this essay): WWII genocide on more than twenty groups, Slavs being the most numerous.

Judeocentrism: serving narrow, often partisan and extreme pro-Israeli, pro-Judaic and/or pro-Zionist interest, without regard for the rights of others; also espoused by non-Jewish Christian Zionists.

Masonic: of or relating to the international secret order of Freemasons.

Messianism (in this essay): belief in the promised deliverer of the Jewish nation prophesied in the Hebrew Bible.

Neoconservative (neocon): an Israel-first, US political orientation of Judeocentric politicians and public servants.

Shoah: the annihilation of Jews in WWII.

Zionism: a movement for (originally) the reestablishment and (now) the development and protection of Jewish nation in Palestine or elsewhere.

Judeocentric Power Complex (Judeocentrics)): a global web of powerful individuals and organizations who advocate for, support and carry out radical Israel-first and Judeocentric policies; JPC includes Zionist Christians and moderate Jews.


Date convention: x.y.z, where x = day, y = month, z = year. Example: 24.3.1999 = March 24, 1999.

Phonetic equivalents of Serbo-Croatian letters: ć = soft ch, č = ch, š = sh, đ = dj, ž = zh.

Reference at paragraph’s end refers to the whole paragraph, unless other references occur in it.


9/11          September 11, 2001, attacks in the USA

BiH          Bosnia and Herzegovina

D&FA      Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy

DPG        “Defense Planning Guidance”

FYROM  Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

GWOT     global war on terror

ICTY       International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia

JPC          Judeocentric Power Complex

KFOR      NATO-led international occupation forces in Kosovo

KLA        Kosovo Liberation Army

MEP        member of European Parliament

NAU        North American Union

NGO        non-governmental organization

NYT New York Times

OIC          Organization for the Islamic Conference

OSCE      Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

PNAC      Project for a New American Century

PR            Public Relations

SFOR      Stabilization Force (UN-NATO force in Bosnia-Herzegovina)

UNMIK   UN Mission in Kosovo

UNSC      United Nations Security Council

WMD      weapons of mass destruction


20th century saw an increasing number of civilian victims of mass crimes: 1915 Armenian genocide, Bolshevik genocide of Russian Orthodox Christians and others, two world wars, the Holocaust of tens of millions of Slavs, millions of Jews and others in WWII, post-WWII persecution of patriots in Communist Eastern Europe and in the European colonies, and genocide of Palestinians. Having destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan, the present GWOT might become nuclear. This essay presents the common power thread behind the mass violence and terror, understanding of which is key to prevention. The essay draws on the under-reported Balkan case. Power over others is accomplished with arms, infowar, ideological instruments (political and religious infiltration, transformation of traditional values, religious conversion), economic subjugation, financial control (as seen in the Fall 2008, “bail-out” crisis), selective justice, and procreation to outnumber “them”. A companion essay examines the instruments and local animosities and actors in the Balkan context,[1] while this essay overviews the conquest ideology (section 1), definition of the powers responsible (section 2), and synergies with external actors (section 3).

Power and ideology

Successful interventions require “justice on the part of the intervening party” and “a deep concern for human security rather than just national security.”[2] Both were missing in recent interventions. Formal institutions, media and NGOs use absurd explanations, politicization and degenerate processes to excuse the perpetrators. The individuals employed in these activities compromise themselves, unpunished. Scholars, universities and think-tanks are key in propaganda, beside media people. Once published, the sheer critical mass of “scientifically” re-packaged spin silences critics. Biased researchers empower the mass crime actors whom they seek to expose, thwarting research and prevention. Analysts tend to focus on interventionist instruments or target groups, losing the long-term sense of the powers behind the conflicts. The process is too slow to identify, expose and stop “the mega-perpetrator”. Intimidation and control impede exposing the controllers.

Conquest and prevention

Over time, antagonistic ethnic groups learn to live with each other.[3] Ethnic and religious animosities do recur in bloody conflicts. Is it fallible human nature and short memory, or is there a transcending force? Shibutani[4] explains participation in genocidal structures, and siding with demonization and mass violence, conditioned by mass misinformation; individual behaviour depends on the reactions of the group for which one is performing. Group-think explains the behaviour of civilian and military leaders responsible for mass violence crimes: the leaders are caught up in a self-justifying logic that generates illusory morality, demands conformity, accepts high risk strategies and demonizes enemies and dissenters. Tribal or civilizational think supplements Shibutani’s argument.

The survival of a group in times of war and mass violence depends on the existence and integrity of its “brain” – the leaders and intelligentsia, and its material and spiritual base. Genocide first targets them and the group’s land, economic, religious, cultural and historical assets. This aspect highlights the relative effectiveness of mass violence. Russians lost the bulk of their intelligentsia to Bolsheviks, Armenians – to “Young Turks” secretly steered by Dönmeh, Poles[5] and Serbs – to Nazi and Soviet WWII and Communist post-WWII intellicide. Accusation of Bosnian Serb leaders in the Bosnian war served a similar purpose, by eliminating them from negotiations.

“Ethnic conflict” eliminates a contender from a disputed territory. This label is the aggressor’s justification, but at the base is a superiority attitude, seeking to win the moderates and neutrals in the conquest process. Extremists pervert religion to sow hatred and violence against an “enemy” or opposition. External and local actors nurture radicalism, irredentism and extremism as a proxy force. Balkan wars tested this strategy for US-NATO before expanding aggression into Asia. Partitioning of Yugoslavia tested the divide-and-conquer US geostrategy[6] envisaged for Russia,[7] Asia and the globe.

The Western interventionist purports national or group security, democracy and human rights (“our values”), while internal aggression is expressed by domination of the underlying ideology (“if you are not with us, you are against us”), repression of political opponents, limitations to civil liberties, and lies and deception. Before mass violence begins, “they” are severed from humanity, their struggle for rights being “ethnic”, “fascist”, “extremist”. The only solution offered in the Balkans was the elimination of contenders via definition of Serb inferiority. In GWOT. the undesirables are “Islamists”.

NATO and Pentagon textbooks list “instruments of power”: combat, diplomacy, economic sanctions, and special operations (covert action and infowar).[8] A conquest integrates them with “legalistic warfare” of ICTY-like tribunals that impede conflict resolution and legitimize war (“an acceptable solution”), ensuring “that the “horror of war” is not an argument against war itself.”[9] Analysis of brewing infowar could identify actors, and violence targets and methods. Preventive analysis would rely on the knowledge of power politics, group relations and conflicts – factors often analysed by intelligence service of the threatened group. Some defence and intelligence publications accurately represent the developments, while those of the culprit deceive and misinform. Forced conversions of Serbs in Croatia to Catholicism, as in WWII, remain perhaps the only covered-up type of Balkan conflict warfare.

Scores of journalists and diplomats provide objective information from “the wrong side”, by timely analysis and publication. The challenge for an independent predictor of mass violence is to reject the demonization, de-humanization and lies. Infowar’s significance was marked when bombing killed 16 and wounded 130 RTS Belgrade TV studio staff, because they had “filled the airwaves with hate and with lies”; RTS would be an acceptable media if Milošević provided “equal time for Western news”, “without censorship”.[10] Pressured by NATO, Serbian puppet regime convicted RTS director Dragoljub Milanović, for not heeding air raid warning. Milanović escaped death by being late to an interview arranged at the studio by CNN. RTS programs showed civilian victims, an unwelcome action for the bombers. In fact, Serbs watched BBC, and Sky News, and took advance warning of air raids from CNN, while the West restricted access to dissident media.

Secret power

Many secret elite power clubs[11] are being exposed;[12] opinions vary as to which one is at the top. Bilderberg Group seems to influence global power most effectively. A Polish Jew émigré, Mason and Zionist, Józef Retinger initiated it.[13] He was the leading advocate of the Council of Europe that now holds power over EU members. Bilderberg meetings routinely withhold information,[14] even though two Economist reporters attend every year. Similarly, the non-attribution rule impedes media reporting from Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) meetings. Some media CEOs, news anchors and influential members of the press fill CFR seats. Guarded by government security services, Bilderberg’s secret meetings invite statesmen, royalties, businessmen, bankers, academics and media. Executives of world’s leading multinational corporations meet with national politicians to consider policies, claiming private attendance. Western constitutions forbid statesmen’s participation in secret meetings on national and global matters. Constitutions of Western Europe’s democratic monarchies ban members of their royal families from involvement in the process, yet some are active Bilderbergers. Following a leak of the 1999 meeting minutes, European Greens and Parliament disapproved of EU commissioner Bilderberg engagement.[15]

Some observers claim that the Rothschilds are in charge of a secret world government. They set the agenda for Bilderberg meetings and have final say on participants. David Rockefeller mediates the agenda, and Henry Kissinger may also act as a direct mediator. The meetings presumably brainstorm all participants (30-person steering committee and about 90 invitees picked for their knowledge, standing and experience). Then the steering committee meets in private to make decisions. Numerous Bilderbergers or invitees are in the Trilateral Commission, CFR and the Royal Institute of International Affairs (UK). Together with Bilderberg, these apparently national bodies play a crucial role in directing policy, moulding establishment consensus and probing for likely opposition. Bilderberg isn’t a world super-government, but “part of an increasingly dense system of transnational management” which bypasses the democratic process by inter-governmental executive agreements.[16]

Accusations against Bilderberg are dismissed as conspiracy theories – it’s a “private discussion club”. Leading media were among the critics. In 1977, Times wrote about a Bilderberg meeting: “a clique of the richest, the economical and political most powerful and influential figures in the West meeting secretly to plan events that later on just happen by chance”. Financial Times columnist Lombard noticed: “If the Bilderberg Group is not a conspiration of some kind it acts as an exceptional good imitation of one”.[17] A British economist and a former Bilderberg delegate, Will Hutton compared the Group’s meeting to the annual World Economic Forum: “the consensus established is the backdrop against which policy is made worldwide”.[18] Critics charge that Bilderberg considers itself supra-governmental, manipulates global finances, establishes monetary rates, selects political figures for rulers, targets those whom it wants removed from power, and decides which countries shall wage war on others.[19]

In 1974, US Congress reported that Chase Manhattan Bank, one of Federal Reserve’s[20] 300 shareholders, held at least 5% stock in 28 broadcasting firms; a mere 5% significantly influences the media. The bankers call in their loans if the media disagrees with them. Going against the system could affect one’s career.[21] Financial advisor and international journalist Joan Veon[22] noted that media don’t report “orchestrating the whole global economic, environmental, military, and political infrastructure of the world”. At the 1991 Bilderberg meeting, David Rockefeller thanked Washington Post, NYT, Time and “other great publications” for promulgating NWO and undermining nationhood:

“It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during these years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”[23]

The 1999 Bilderberg meeting assessed NATO Kosovo campaign (“a gigantic success”, “subject of a broad understanding in the eyes of the public”), and deemed it appropriate to go for Hussein and Milošević to deter others. Kissinger said that NATO was in danger of replacing old empires in the row of permanent protectors. Critics thought that several of the passages on Kosovo, marked “must not be quoted”, were approving of Russia’s intervention in Chechnya. Yugoslav papers Politika and Vojska alleged that Bilderberg decided on NATO interventions.[24]

Rothschild leadership at Bilderberg would explain placing Bush in power to bring US into GWOT and debt, only to blame Gentile government for the harm extreme Jews are “deliberately causing Americans and the non-Jewish peoples of the Middle East”; Jewish elites unburden themselves from their guilt, and bring Gentile governments into mutual wars, furthering the ambitions to replace Gentile governments with “world-wide Jewish rule”, after making “the Gentile nations so weary of war that they will gladly surrender their sovereignty to a Jewish World government”; “It will instead result in extermination camps, the likes of which the world has not yet seen.”[25]

Messianic cults and bankers

Some cults of world’s most powerful people worship God through the seed of King David passed on through reincarnation of the Messiah. Radical Jewish converts into Islam in Turkey, Dönmeh descended from 18th century cult by Baruchyah Russo, who was believed to have God’s soul of the 17th century false messiah Shabbatai Zevi, whom ancestors of Dönmeh-ousted sultan had shamed. Hassidic Jews descend from these cults. A Polish Jew, Jacob Frank declared himself Shabbatai’s successor and joined Dönmeh. Frank warred with rabbis who believed that Jews mustn’t precipitate Messiah’s arrival nor emigrate to Palestine. His followers, the Frankists hold similar beliefs as do Illuminati, Bolsheviks and Communists, whose leaders have been disproportionately Jewish. The powerful Frankist Jews believe their reincarnate King will restore Biblical Israel and destroy Gentiles and their religions. Total evil and suffering, incl. anti-Semitism, will precipitate the “Redemption”.[26] Young Turks have had as intimate relationship with Dönmeh as did Hitler’s Nazis with Frankists: Hitler’s Hungarian Jewish patron Moses Pinkeles (Ignatius Trebitsch-Lincoln) and Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer (Rudolf Glandeck Freiherr von Sebottendorf) who helped Hitler to power.

To Frankists, the Messiah would have to be crypto-Jewish tormenter of other Jews.[27] Many top Nazis were Jewish Zionists,[28] aided by the banker Jewry who also had financed the Bolsheviks, [29] most of whom were extreme Jews.[30] International Zionist elites collaborated with the Nazis,[31] and colluded in extermination of Jews unwanted in Palestine.[32]

Jacob Frank exchanged his wife and daughter for sexual favours to gain converts and influence. To gain politically, he accused Jews of ritual human sacrifice, and appealed to Moslem and Christian leaders. Frankists have corrupted Gentiles with Communist, Masonic and Illuminati leaders, who inoculated government, education and the press with Frank’s mythologies, and implemented them. “Frank’s ultimate goal was to destroy life on Earth, and the means to accomplish that end today exist. The Nazis and the Communists, the latter under crypto-Jewish leadership, inflicted terrible harm to humanity. For the Frankist Jews, there is still worse evil yet to be done”. Frankists provided revolutionaries nonstop, through Marxists to modern Zionists. They have been subverting Christian and Muslim religions and societies, while strictly adhering to a code of silence about their faith in the abolition of all law.[33]

Some Judeocentrics believe that God’s soul dwells in the Rothschild dynasty, making one of them the Jewish King. Rothschilds planned to buy Palestine from Ottoman sultans who ruled it, and whom the Rothschilds indebted for that purpose. When this failed, Palestine was to be conquered, with a view on world domination, through downfall of the Turkish Empire, and a “conflict of nations for the possession of Palestine and dominion of the East and the world”, i.e. “a general Asiatic, European, and African struggle, with Jerusalem as the objective”.[34] The plot evaded Christian and Muslim retaliation to Rothschilds’ purchase of the Holy Land. By tiring the world with wars, Judeocentrics could emerge as the ones proposing eternal peace, while taking Palestine. The “Rothschild formula” is also manifest in the destructive policies of the Federal Reserve,[35] US dominant financial power that is “entirely private-owned, although it seeks to give the appearance of a governmental institution. It has the right to print and issue money, the traditional prerogative of monarchs. It is set up to provide financing for wars. It functions as a money monopoly having total power over all the money and credit of the people.”[36]

Banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild allegedly wanted (1770)[37] to modernize Lucifer worship (Illumininati,  “the Enlightened ones”) towards world domination, and to impose it “upon what would remain of the human race” after an orchestrated cataclysm.[38] He presented (1773) a plan to, “Make the Goyim destroy each other so there will only be the proletariat left in the world, with a few millionaires devoted to our cause, and sufficient police and soldiers to protect our interest. Call it The New Order. Appoint a Dictator”.[39] Freemasons were allegedly infiltrated to implement the satanic plan under the guise of “peace on earth” in which all existing governments and religions would be destroyed, by “dividing the masses into opposing camps in ever increasing numbers”; people would “fight and weaken themselves and gradually destroy national governments and religious institutions”.[40] Masons, terror, media, demoralisation and economic-political manipulation were specified as tools.

Carr’s book, the source for the alleged plan, doesn’t specify its source, but others reach similar conclusions: Bjerknes on Judeocentric cause of major upheavals, Sutton on Jewish bankers’ aid to Nazi and Bolshevik regimes, Irving on Jewish bankers manipulating Churchill to perform in WWII as pre-planned,[40a] Makow on Illuminati,[40b] or Pinay on Masonry.[40c] G.E. Griffin and Mullins chronicle the Rothschild forces behind US historical developments; in addition, Des Griffin reveals the power of the bankers’ City of London over British politics. Consequently, it is likely that Illuminati became the instrument of the House of Rothschild towards One World Government, and it’s them who fomented major wars and revolution since then. A 1969 lecture[40d] is also congruent with the alleged plan. At least since 1990, some VIP speeches and elitist conferences mention NWO explicitly.[40e] US geostrategist Robert Strausz-Hupe drew a roadmap to NWO after WWII.[40f]

Many recent developments point to gradual realisation of a NWO plan: de-nationalisation in EU and plans for other continental unions, “war on terror” against the Arab world and against civil liberties in the West; financial and economic “crises”, AH1N1 “pandemic” of 2009; cover-up of the Fukushima disaster (bigger than Chernobyl). A One World Government is in the making, with a powerful secret group behind it, commandeering the media, politics, religions, finance and institutions such as UN, WHO, IAEA, NATO, international tribunals and NGOs. Foster Gamble’s movie Thrive at www.thrivemovement.com [40g] outlines how the elites control money, energy, technology, food and water, health and healing, indoctrination and dissent. One aspect seems debatable among the NWO “conspiracy theorists”: whether Rothschilds (alternatively, with other banker and elitist clans) commandeer the Illuminati or vice versa. Talmudic rabbinate of terror may also be at the helm.

Power, racism and rabbinic prophecies

Referring to Babylonian Talmud, one of the world’s largest Orthodox Jewish groups, Hasidic Lubavitchers, list “sins of “Jesus the Nazarene””, and await rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (their Moshiach, i.e. Messiah, called “the Rebbe”) to resurrect.[41] German historian Wolfgang Eggert believes Lubavitchers are the nexus of secret global power in a Cabalistic plot, from Zionists through to Illuminati:

“We may start at any historical point (even with the American revolution or more far back Oliver Cromwell) […] the maker (or profiteer) of all this is Cabalistic Judaism. All serves their plan, to implement biblical prophecy.”[42]

Unlike for other Hasidim, “forcing God’s hand” for Lubavitchers isn’t a crime, and  racism is central in their cult. In 1797, rabbi Shneur Zalman of Lyadi founded Lubavitch forerunners, the Hasidic Chabads. He radicalized medieval Jewish ideas that had defined Jewishness racially rather than religiously. Zalman believed only Jewish souls were Godly. To Hasidim also goyim bodies are inferior. Chabad hasn’t renounced Zalman’s racism.[43] To Schneerson, an example for brotherliness and compassion according to Lubavitch-friendly US presidents, “the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all other nations of the world” and everything “exists only for the sake of the Jews.”[44] Lubavitcher rabbi Naftali Estulin said: “the world is waiting for us to fulfill our role in preparing the world to greet Moshiach”.[45]

Also without Moshiach’s coming required in Orthodox Judaism, rabbi Kook justified Jewish return to Palestine, a Zionist way to rabbinical salvation that would annihilate all except Zionists.[46] First-ever in Palestine, Kook’s yeshiva has hatched ultra-racist settler movement that Lubavitchers fund and support. Kook encouraged his students to fight for the West Bank and participated himself.[47] An ideological spine of WWII Zionism and Palestinian subjugation, Lubavitcher rabbis lead Israeli neo-Sanhedrin and wield an astounding power in America. They had immediate access to president Bush through his press secretary, Ari Fleischer, a Reform Jew. Senator Joseph Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew backed them. Senate Armed Services Committee’s chairman Carl Levin has commended his Lubavitch “ideals” to senate. Jewish members of Congress regularly attend a Lubavitcher rabbi’s seminars. Former deputy defence secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Pentagon’s comptroller Dov Zakheim (ordained Orthodox rabbi, implicated in the disappearance of trillions of dollars during 9/11), and former deputy treasury secretary Stuart Eizenstat (proponent of fraudulent restitutionism in Eastern Europe), are Lubavitchers, “a movement of monumental importance” that commands “immense world-wide financial resources” and power; “its rabbis dominate or are poised to dominate Jewish communities in a startling number of countries”.[48]

Leading radical Israeli politicians consult Lubavitchers. The Rebbe is a “hidden ruler of Israel”: “No Jewish statesman on a visit to the US, no matter if Likud or Labor, could get around a private audience.” The sect (“mental disease” to former Berlin rabbi Walther Rothschild) promotes its political aims via Israeli diplomacy, Mossad and lobbying.[49] Nobody is more “widely respected and warmly received” in Washington than Levi Shemtov, Lubavitcher chief representative, “the unofficial rabbi of the Capitol”.[50] His Washington “embassy” features photos of associated politicians, e.g. “former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, a close personal friend […] President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, and former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu”; NSC and state department adopt Shemtov’s interests and Lubavitcher lobbyists liaise with a few dozen ambassadors.[51]

Wolfowitz led into Gulf War 2, assisted by Zionist Christians.[52] On the war’s eve (21.2.2003), he convened a meeting with “Bible code specialist” Michael Drosnin, attended by a head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Operations Directorate and leaders of military intelligence, e.g. DIA’s gen. Lowell Jacoby, and Pentagon’s command, control, communication and intelligence “nerve centre” head, Dr Linton Wells. Of special interest was the prophesized date of Iraq’s demise. US and Israeli intelligence analysed the meeting’s outcome; the Americans “took it very seriously”[53] and started Operation Iraqi Freedom on the prophesized date. Beside Bush and Cheney, national security advisor Rice and other presidential advisors, justice secretary Ashcroft, many Congressmen, and DHS’ Chertoff, assisted Wolfowitz, each tied to the apocalyptic network. They promote war with Iran, eyeing Russia for  “Gog versus Magog” battle on Middle East’s Armageddon field. Bible-inspired Masonic and quasi-Masonic orders strive to “fulfill the book” and support their members’ delusions of being among the chosen few. Eggert‘s avert-the-frenzy petition cautions that Iran’s president Ahmadinejad, “a believer in the coming of a heavenly Messiah” after nuclear WWIII, may join the cabal.[54]

Pharisee control, through medieval rabbis’ grip on Jews, to Bolshevik, Nazi and Israeli terror in Palestine, all stem from Talmudic ideology.[55] Rabbinic terror aims at the Jewish masses in order to manipulate them for rabbinic goals, as much as it targets a designated current external enemy. GWOT continues the ancient rabbinic terror brought out onto global stage, like the two world wars have been. Lubavitcher leaders engage in[56] and have been convicted of money laundering, mafia connections and drug trafficking. Yet, Lubavitchers have seized most of Jewish (Reform, Conservative and Orthodox) chief rabbinates world-wide. Extreme US Judeocentric, Alan Dershowitz urged Lubavitchers at their global conference in New York (June 2006) to have at least one emissary at each university in the world. After the adversaries disappear, the Messiah will convert all survivors to Hasidism. The military will help, just as 9/11 planes were used with North American Aerospace Command’s consent. The attacks were blamed on Muslim terrorists to start GWOT. Levin allowed gen. Richard Myers (13.9.2001), vice-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a former NORAD commander, and the then commander of NORAD gen. Ralph Eberhart (25.10.2001) to lie about 9/11. Levin’s committee promoted Myers to Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman.[57] Levin’s actions helped advance Judeocentric domination.

9/11 coincided with prophetic timetable and Lubavitch goals, as in Gulf War 2.[58] Shortly after 9/11, Lubavitchers “foretold” attack on Iraq to the day, but their rabbi had done it 10 years in advance, for the feast of Purim, on the eve of which Gulf War 1 ended. Lubavitcher magazine Emes News (24.10.2001) wrote that even though media don’t foresee it and state department denies plans for invasion of Iraq, those close to the Lubavitcher rabbi know about his conviction about it happening regardless. IsraelNN (26.3.2003) illuminated the attack’s coincidence with sages’ teachings, noting that Jews “are the lead actors”, the goyim have “supporting roles” and “the evil-doers are props and background scenery”; God created the world for the sake of Jews “and it is our responsibility to implement the Torah.” Cabalistically, the article shows God’s miracle in the Nuremberg Trials, while “Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat, Bashar Assad, Osama Bin-Laden, and the other dictators, terrorists and mullahs of the region, are the modern day Hamans and Hitlers. Great things are yet to come.”

Sacrifice and scapegoating

Gulf War 2 broke out on Wolfowitz’s machinations. Lieberman revealed that the conflict strategy followed a plan imposed on Congress by him and senator John MacCain, by pushing through the Iraq Liberation Act. MacCain’s endorser in 2008 elections, Lieberman calls Schneerson “the greatest Jewish religious person in my life”.[59] Judeocentrics sacrifice millions of lives and inflict suffering on hundreds of millions Gentiles and Jews, on false messianic grounds. Life and suffering are worthless to them, for redemption of few. David Ben-Gurion, the father of the Zionist State declared (7.12.1938) that if he faced a choice of saving all German Jewish children to England or taking only half of them to Israel,

“I would choose the second solution. For we must take into account not only the lives of these children but also the history of the people of Israel”.[60]

The cultist sacrifice in Shoah to push the survivors to populate Israel produced not even a million immigrants. Greater Israel is central to extreme Judaic beliefs; wars will not cease until the goal is reached and the cultists reckon with sacrificing Jewish masses.[61] Zionists have been taking Arab land by force. In May 1948, Ben-Gurion re-stated his “machine gun” expansion strategy:

“The weak point is Lebanon, for the Moslem regime is artificial and easy for us to undermine. We shall establish a Christian state there, and then we will smash the Arab Legion, eliminate Trans-Jordan; Syria will fall to us. We then bomb and move on and take Port Said, Alexandria, and Sinai.”[62]

Via crypto-Jews and friendly Gentiles, Rothschilds have been furthering messianism and supremacy myths, undermining Gentile sovereignty and cultures, and leading Gentiles into self-destructive revolutions and wars. Rothschilds have manipulated Jews of the opposite extremes: “international capital marches under the banner of Rothschild, and international labour under the flag of Karl Marx – Jews both, and irreconcilable”.[63] Marx was devoutly anti-Christian and anti-Gentile.[64] Marxist Jews strive to replace national sovereignty with a world rule, relying on Communists and “international” bodies under Judeo-Masonic control: League of Nations, UN, EU, and soon NAU. 2000 years of Judeocentricity has preached liberalism to Gentiles, “to remove barriers against Jewish access to immigration, then government, commerce, higher education and the media”. Once in control, Jews institute “the most tyrannical and illiberal of regimes” and overwhelms a society “to accumulate the wealth of the nation and corrupt its media, government and universities”.[65]

Torah book of Leviticus, chapter 16, and Talmud book of Yoma justify scapegoating, a Judeocentric way of removing guilt. Jews sacrificed one goat to God on atonement day. They placed all their sins on another goat and sent it into the wilderness. Judeocentrics scapegoat their victims in the media. Using anti-Serbianism, they have conditioned the public for bloody interventions and covertly agitated ancient Balkan hatreds, to attack the Serb nation and scapegoat it for the crimes. Judeocentrics scapegoat Hezbollah and Palestinians; Israel overrates Hezbollah’s strength to have a pretext for the complete destruction of ancient Lebanon Jews planned in Torah book of Ezekiel. Mass murder of Lebanese children in the second Lebanon war dashed false hope for the ending of Zionist aggression; the victims were scapegoated, “to again attack Lebanon and steal from the Lebanese people the Land of Lebanon. They are again attacking defenceless Palestinians in Gaza.”[66]

Secret society geopolitics

Rothschilds promoted anti-Semitism to force assimilated Jews’ migration. Jews resisted; e.g. Dr. Israel Abrahams of the League of British Jews said that non-Zionist Jews couldn’t assent to Israel as a racist Jewish state, because citizenship and nationality had nothing to do with religion. Jewish diaspora does’t constitute a nation, since Jews belongd to many nations and are divided by nationality; Jews could neither control Palestinian politics nor be controlled by it.[67]

Jewish masses struggled for autonomy or assimilated, except when Zionists instigated terror to make them flee to Palestine. Zionist Nazis first attacked assimilated German Jews, then went after the Eastern Europe’s assimilated and Orthodox Jewry. The Rothschilds’ plan came true only after (mostly) Eastern European masses under Zionist Nazi occupation had been terrified by annihilation of their brethren in the Shoah. Burnt offering to God, holocaust of sacrificial animals has been Judaic tradition since antiquity, but Jews true to Torah, the first five books of Hebrew scriptures, reject its Zionist use and the claims to Palestine, by rejecting Zionism. Once Israel is recognized as “a Zionist state which is not guided by the teachings of the traditional Jewish faith, Jews worldwide will be able to live in peace”.[68] Bjerknes (p 349-368) lists some 260 Zionist hate references instigated by Cabalists, dating from 1597-1897 and advocating world wars, universal destruction, overthrow of current “Anti-Christs” (the pope, the Ottoman sultan and the Russian tsar), and destruction of their and the German and French empires and the Catholic and Islamic faiths. Cries for world war and Battle of Armageddon accompanied advocacy for “restoration of the Jews to Palestine” and for a world government.

The false messiahs have led millions of treacherous Jewish followers who infiltrate Gentile cultures. They have also deceived billions of Christians and Muslims, by pretending to be Gentiles and clinging to the faiths’ leaders, but secretly remaining loyal to their cult. Nihilistic passions of the Bolsheviks and Nazis who both sought to replace all religions with the promise of secular bliss (Hitler’s 1000-year Reich, Bolsheviks’ international proletarian rule), derived from the Reformation as a revolution against Catholic corruption, often justified from the Scriptures. Apart from revolution, Illuminati sought to eliminate private property and religion, prime Bolshevik and Communist goals. Covertly behind the other revolutions, Jewish reformatory Frankists were even more nihilistic and encouraged their members to join and infiltrate other religions in order to destroy them, to infiltrate governments to subvert nations, to practice the mafia creed of silence in face of law, and to lie and deceive.[69]

Dönmeh derive from Italian Masonic lodges that spread to terrorist-revolutionary Salonika in Turkey, through Sephardic Jew Emmanuel Carasso, the grand Masonic master and Zionist who headed the Committee of Union and Progress whose Young Turks leaders (Djavid Bey, Mustafa Kemal “Ataturk”, Dr. Nazim and others) were Jews, crypto-Jews and Masons. The Committee recruited conspirators into, and picked their leadership from Freemasonry. Masonic lodges planned the anti-sultan coup. Dönmeh also co-masterminded Balkan Wars, Bolshevik revolution, and WWI. They were instrumental in establishing the League of Nations to control nations to Zionist benefit. Similarly, the UN was created in 1945 with Rockefellers’ generous donation.[70]

Carasso worked with Jewish Zionist terrorist revolutionary Vladimir Zhabotinsky, and Israel Lazarevich Helphand (Alexander Parvus) who inspired crypto-Jewish Bolshevik Leo Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) to “permanent revolution”. Helphand brought Lenin (1917) from Switzerland to Russia.[71] Carasso and Helphand profiteered from Young Turks revolution, in arms and grain trade. In Turkey, Zhabotinsky propagandized for world Jewry, after Dönmeh took over.[72] He founded anti-Semitic Revisionist Zionist Movement, and anti-Arab, anti-West terrorist Irgun, to steal land from Nile to Euphrates. Carasso-Parvus terror succeeded:

“Whenever a desperate deed is committed it is always done by a Jew, and there is scarcely one loyal member of that race in the entire Empire […T]he massacres that have shocked the universe, and occurred so frequently that the name ‘pogrom’ was invented to describe them, were organized and managed by the exasperated police authorities in retaliation for crimes committed by the Jewish revolutionists”.[73]

God’s chosen and genocide

Judeocentrics regard Jews as God’s chosen, loathe Gentiles and usurp a license to kill them. In Judaism, Torah records God-revealed law, but Talmud perverts it into civil and ceremonial law and legend; e.g. Christians “who accept the so-called divinity of Jesus” are “idolaters according to the Torah, punishable by death”.[74] Talmud restricts the duty to save life to Jewish lives; it quotes rabbi Simon ben Yohai: “Even the best of the Gentiles should all be killed”.[75] Every year on the feast of Purim, Israelis go on a pilgrimage to the grave of ben Yohai who advocated extermination of Gentiles.[76] In Talmud, Gentiles aren’t human. Biblical proof for the assertions is allegedly Ezekiel 34:31 and 23:20, but it doesn’t support the claim that only Jews are human.

Judaic books are replete “with the most offensive precepts against all Gentiles”, and “explicit attacks on Christianity and Jesus (after whose name the author adds piously, “May the name of the wicked perish”)”.[77] Talmud and Cabalah present Jews as God-given masters whom Gentiles must serve and submit to Judaic laws. This attitude persists in the words of Israeli prime ministers, Ariel Sharon (“We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it”) and Menechem Begin who said:

“We are divine gods on this planet […] as different from the inferior races as they are from insects […] other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best […] considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races.”[78]

When Christian symbols are being removed and democracies preach state-religion separation, US Senate honoured (26.3.1991) Rebbe’s birthday. As first-ever religious person, he received Congressional Gold Medal post-humously for contribution to “global morals”. Rebbe’s 1983 speech obliges “every Jew” that “all the peoples of the world observe the Seven Noahide Laws”. Rebbe compares the world to a ship on stormy seas, steered by state governments, seeming “true arbiters”  “only because of the darkness of the exile”, but world’s fate “is in the hands of the Jew”. Jews engage in “loftier things”, Torah and good deeds – “the true determinants”. “The governments of the world steer the ship, the Jew charts the course.”[79] Actually, Talmud and the Noahide Laws are rabbinic corruption of Torah, but US public law 102-14 acknowledges the Rebbe and “Seven Noahide Laws”, one of which prescribes beheading for “idolatry” of Jesus,[80] as humanity’s moral base. Noahide Laws are a fraud, a racist justice for goyim, while Talmud teaches to hate, abuse, exploit and kill, particularly Christians. Schneerson taught: “Jews are the pride of creation, the Goyim are the scum”, but have a role in serving the Chosen Ones. The Jews are the Priests while the Noahide Laws is “a religion for the rank and file”. Masons have called themselves “Noachids” and incorporated the statutes into their 1723 constitution.

Rabbi Estulin wrote about “Rebbe’s 2001 revolution” that gave Bush-junior “the opportunity to complete that which his father began: eradicating evil from the world as a beginning and foretaste of the fulfillment of the Messianic prophecies”, as the Rebbe has “arranged things”. In 9/11 aftermath, Hasidim “see that the US is being pushed toward fulfilling its historic role of teaching the [Noahide Laws] to the world.” Estulin idicates Lubavitch vested interest in GWOT:

“all world events are for our benefit. Jews have been fighting Arab terrorism for fifty years […After 9/11] the nations finally began to see the justice in [Jerusalem’s] stubborn war against terrorism.” [81]

Apocalyptic, God’s-Chosen mentality has guided Judeocentric genocide. The crypto-Jewish Zionist Ataturk promoted Turkish nationalism and anti-Imperialism on the corpse of Turkish Empire, ending Islamic solidarity and power. Dönmeh murdered 1.5 million Armenians to trigger the Balkan Wars and WWI – the “Battle of Armageddon” Jews had been expecting for millennia.[82] With Jewish bankers’ help, WWI was to destroy the empires and monarchies, and pit Christians against Muslims, Slavs against Teutons, and give Palestine to Jews.[83] 19th century top Zionist politician, Moses Hess forecast a “race war” and the “last catastrophe” (Armageddon) in Rom und Jerusalem (1862). Jews themselves became Judeocentrics’ victims in Shoa, for fake Zionist prophecies.

To Dönmeh, Armenians were “Amalekites” whom God wanted exterminated. Talaat Pasha and Dr. Nazim’s orders mirrored Judaic commandments to “blot out” the Armenians. Palestine’s colonisation required the downfall of the Turkish Empire that ruled over Jerusalem. Intellicide of Armenians dominant in Turkish elites, guaranteed the empire’s demise[84] and eliminated competition to Turkish Jews, clearing the way for the King of Jerusalem. Armenian Christian lives was a sacrifice thrown “into the fires of Moloch in order to artificially create the “End Times” of Jewish mythology”.[85] In 1911, Times of London urged world Jewry to rescue Armenians, but leading Jews lied about it, implicating world Jewry in the genocide.

1890-1930s referred to Christian genocide as “holocaust”.[86] Zionists in Turkey murdered Armenians to petition a conference planned after WWI, to reduce empires to “racially” segregated nations that would justify the creation of Israel.[87] US Zionist rabbi Stephen Wise cynically honoured fellow Jews in Russia and Armenian Christians, demanding “justice to the little peoples” who will be free, but  “we must see that they live until tomorrow”.[88] JPC’s “justice to the little peoples” has been supporting Islamism and Jihad in the Balkans. Kosovo unilateral declaration of “independence” post-facto legitimizes terror-stolen Palestine and opens new avenues to pursue Jewish state Judeopolonia in Central-Eastern Europe.[89] The “justice” is a step towards NWO, through weakening Europe and Christian opponents, supplying new vassals to EU, and driving a wedge into Europe.

Judeocentric Power Complex

Under the umbrella of Judeocentric and Christian Zionist loyalty, thousands of Jewish and Gentile politicians, pundits, media moguls, journalists, editors and publishers, bankers and businessmen, professors and intellectuals, as well as PR firms, think tanks and organizations have influenced policy internationally. US critics call them the Israel Lobby,[90] and a subset of the Lobby – neoconservatives (neocons).[91] “The Congress, the Executive branch, state and local governments, and national and local media have all come under the influence of the Jewish “lobby’s” pro-Israel agenda to the point that none or few dare to criticize Israel or its US representatives.”[92] Petras calls the lobby globally the international Zionist Power Configuration,[93] but more precise term, Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC) is adopted here, since Zionism has historical and geographical limits, while millennia-old Judeocentrism rapidly spreads its conquests globally.

In Judeocentric mentality, Israelis and Kosovo Albanians have the right to independence, but neither Palestinians, Kurds nor Serbs”.[94] JPC conquest of Palestine[95] resembles Albanian conquest of Kosovo, where, after two centuries of terror and “demographic conquest” worsened by Tito and JPC policies, neo-fascist aliens overtook Serbs’ cradle, with majority disapproval at the UN. Before Israel was proclaimed (15.5.1948), Zionist forces had seized 75% of Palestine, expelling 780,000 out of 1,300,000 Palestinians. Koenig Report (1976) urged to “use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population”.[96] UN majority resolutions have condemned Israel, but Israel has been defying them. US-Israeli think-tank’s Clean Break (1996) advised the right-wing incoming Israeli president Netanyahu to “engage every possible energy on rebuilding Zionism” such as: the downfall of Syria and Iraq by exploiting Arab states’ internal and external tensions, Israel-Turkey-Jordan ousting of Hussein to foil Syria’s ambitions, and close ties with the US.

Neocon Richard Perle, also involved in the Balkans, co-authored Clean Break.[97] External actors stirred Balkan hatreds and added their own. Some empty fuel tanks dropped from NATO bombers over Yugoslavia in 1999 bore an inscription “Do you still want to be a Serb?” At times, NATO planes waited after bombing a civilian target before hitting it again, killing rescue workers and wounded survivors. Serbian interference with his ambitions also enraged Hitler; he manipulated Yugoslavs with inter-ethnic hatred to eliminate Serbs.

Post-9/11 institutions (DHS, Patriot Act) evoke memories of Gestapo secret police and Nazi legislation against political opponents. Michael Chertoff, a US-Israeli citizen is at the helm of the DHS with former high KGB officers; it’s a genocide alert. Chertoff guarantees safety to Kosher Nostra, Israel-based Jewish Russian mafia that surpasses and controls global organized crime.[98]

Neocons and Christian Zionists

US neocons, “a complex interlocking professional and family network centred around Jewish publicists and organizers”, recruit both Jews and non-Jews to exploit ”the wealth and power of the United States in the service of Israel […] a semicovert branch of the massive and highly effective pro-Israel lobby.”[99] Neocons “tend to be Jewish” Their personal relationships with Israeli leaders extend to US and global Jewry, and their priorities, “from strong support for Israel to vehement opposition to affirmative action, are heavily influenced by the values, interests and collective historical memory of the Jewish people”.[100]

MacDonald observes: “the special moral claims of Jews and Israel might be more fairly viewed the intended result of Jewish ethnic activism”.[101] But JPC is not exclusively “Jewish”. Neocons exploit Jewish[102] and Zionist Christian masses who believe Israel must exist for Christ’s Second Coming. Zionists had funded a US pastor Cyrus Scofield who defrauded the old Authorized King James Version of the Bible with annotations by 1908, and subverted Christianity with mythologies by 16th century crypto-Jewish Jesuits.[103]

Christian fanatics[104] enable the apocalyptic annihilation. Eggert exposes Christian Evangelists close to White House who want al-Aqsa mosque destroyed and Third Temple restored; they believe in 144,000 Chosen Ones rising to heaven, Armageddon battle, and mass death of Israelis before the Second Coming. It is a matter of “life eternal and death” for people who believe this, e.g. “some of the most powerful men in America. John Ashcroft, the attorney general [who before taking office anointed himself in homage to King David], is a true believer, so are several prominent senators and the House majority leader, Tom DeLay.”[105] Timothy LaHaye, author of apocalyptic bestsellers, founded and first presided over secretive Council for National Policy, an umbrella organization with right wing Christian agenda of Middle East foreign policy towards expediting Second Coming. Leading Christian Zionists and neocons are among its secret membership of “a few hundred of the most powerful conservatives in the country”. Apart from Evangelical pastors like LaHaye, CNP includes Bush who usurped Messiah’s role (“I trust God speaks through me”), Cheney, Wolfowitz, Chertoff, Rumsfeld, top DIA and CIA people and former UN ambassador John Bolton; these “Protestant right-wingers” believe that Armageddon will take place soon”. [106]

Israel Lobby has created a “tyranny of Israel over the US”[107] that threatens “world peace and stability, the global economy, and the very future of democracy in this country”.[108] With neocons in CIA, DIA, state department, and National Security Council, the super-secret National Security Agency (NSA) “is ripe for penetration by Israeli intelligence”.[109] JPC-influenced US security and intelligence engagement unfolded in support to illegal secessions.[110] In January 1999, neocon Morton Abramowitz outlined options in support of Kosovo independence: arming and training the KLA, removing Milošević, bombing Serbia, and making Kosovo a NATO protectorate via ground forces.[111] A Jewess rescued by Serbs with her family during WWII, Madeleine Albright legitimized KLA to a representative in Ramboulliet “negotiations” that bullied the Serbs into NATO invasion under the bombing threat. US-NATO-sponsored KLA terror in Kosovo became US-NATO terror bombing of Yugoslav civilians and infrastructure (24.3.1999). On the day air raids started, Europol was preparing a report connecting KLA and Albanian drug gangs.[112] When NATO members agreed to suspend bombing for Orthodox Easter, Albright opposed this “extraordinary sensitivity”, because it would be wrong and provocative to celebrate a Christian holiday in a Serb-Muslim war.

Americans and allies lost thousands of lives in US Israel-first wars. The US taxpayer gives Israel one-fifth of foreign aid. The USA vetoed almost all UNSC resolutions against Israel. US interventionism set up confrontations with faith groups and nations who seek to prevent US hegemony: the Slavic world, especially Russia and allies, and the Islamic world’s Sunni insurgents and Shiite Iranians. In the Balkans, the JPC pushed the US to intervene into preventable civil wars that weakened America’s greatest civilizational ally Europe, turned away the Slav sympathizer, and established the Jihadist Trojan Horse against the West. The neocons will “remain an influential force well beyond Iraq.”[113]

Roadmap to NWO

Years ahead of 9/11, GWOT, and the “liberation” of Iraq (but with similar reference to genocide and mass murder), US Balkan interventionism originated from an alliance of neocons and liberal “hawks” who with the US Right and Left supported the KLA under Clinton. Accordingly, neocons Lawrence Kaplan and William Kristol believe in The War Over Iraq (2003) that “American power, which had liberated the Balkans from Serbian aggression, should be redeployed against Iraq. Once again, morality was the key”. Liberal hawks adopted the rhetoric.[114] Clintonians pushed for necessary demonstration of US power, an occasion to “crush Serb skulls” (Kristol), while crying “Genocide! ” The bellicosity infected Hillary Clinton, whose vote authorized the 1999 bombing. In March 1999, after eight months’ silence following Lewinsky affaire, Hillary demanded Bill bomb Yugoslavia. The next day he “was informing his NATO allies that he was recommending a bombing campaign.” Coincidentally, Warsaw Ghetto survivor Marek Edelman appealed from Warsaw to stop genocide, as he smelled “Albanian blood”. He inspired two German Greens, Joschka Fischer and Daniel Cohn-Bendit. Hillary and Bill joined. The hysteria excused “collateral damage” of the “smart” bombs, and fired up bellicosity.[115]

Hillary Clinton and JPC media still approve of Kosovo interventionism to stop genocide. As a nation-building and democracy-inspiring tool, the Clintonian version, though proportional to Kosovo’s smaller scale, has been as disastrous as the Republican version in Iraq. The international community has accepted KLA’s ethnic cleansing as a fait accompli. As in ethnic cleansing of Serbs by the Croat army and neo-Nazi mercenaries in Western Slavonia and Krajina,[116] JPC instruction to editors was to keep silent or be selectively anti-Serbian during March 2004 pogroms in Kosovo. The National Albanian American Council, a JPC tool like the other Balkan extremist lobbies in the US, blamed Belgrade. JPC propagandized for Albanians, their pawn in the destruction of Christians, saying that the violence reflected growing impatience of the Albanian majority. Abramowitz blamed Serbia, NATO and EU for delaying independence and thus causing the violence. Future US ambassador to Belgrade, Michael Polt lied that thanks to KFOR intervention, the extremists hadn’t achieved the terror goal.[117] Croat, Kosovar and the Middle Eastern, Shiite product of interventionism are regional destabilizers. The West and the Islamist states have been supporting Kosovo and parts of Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece in future Greater Albania, against Serbs divided between US-NATO-EU vassals. A Shiite super-state in Balkanized Middle East is “US national interest”, too.

Berlin Wall gone, pre-neocons found a new enemy, the Islamic world, to wage GWOT for NWO. US geostrategist Robert Strausz-Hupe wrote in Geopolitics (1942): “Many nations will be locked in a few vast compartments. But in each of these one people, controlling a strategic area, will be master of the others.”[118] In his inaugural article in Orbis (April 1957), he advocated “unitary world rule” antidote to “the explosive forces on the loose in Asia” and the “a multiple balance of nuclear power”; US leadership against USSR and for NWO would require UN replacement by expanded NATO, “the nucleus of the world federation-in-the-making”. From an alliance of 16 countries in 1994, without partners, having never conducted a military operation, expanded NATO and partnerships assure military presence from Africa’s Atlantic coast, through Persian Gulf and Asia, to the Pacific region. Former Soviet and Yugoslav republics are in NATO Partnership for Peace, except Russia; 49 African not-yet-partner countries are targeted for NATO integration.[119] Welcoming “operational cooperation in peacekeeping in the Balkans and Afghanistan”, UN and NATO declared (23.9.2008) “expanded consultation and cooperation”.[120]

NWO wouldn’t arrive peacefully because “upon all revolutionary ages followed the establishment of a universal order in the image and under the domination of one power”. Strausz-Hupe hinted Americans would do the dirty work. The most “retrogressive force of this century”, national power (“the school for violence and dictatorship […] narrowly parochial; it negates the promises and requirements of modern technology; it impedes the exchanges of goods and ideas […] stunts economic and cultural growth”), must be “checked by “superior political power”).[121] In Protracted Conflict (1959), Strausz-Hupe charted a road to NWO via benevolent American Empire; Western Europe had to unite first. It did, swallowing the post-Soviet states that were lured by promises that turned into imposed sacrifices. Most EU nations oppose NWO measures,[122] e.g. Poland wouldn’t petition for NATO and EU membership, wasn’t it for JPC-Masonic propaganda of quislings entrenched since the Judeo-Communist post-WWII times.[123] USSR had to accept reunification of Germany, as Strausz-Hupe’s 1965 In My Time had predicted, but this meant re-militarization and revisionism of Germany’s and Judeocentrics’ WWII genocide. Reunification was essential for “European integration”, before uniting with North American Union where totalitarian measures are also being implemented on GWOT excuse.[124]. The ideas are similar to Marxist; Jews will “attain world dominion”, “everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship” and furnish “all the leaders without encountering opposition” in NWO. Then Jewish rulers will “abolish private property” and use all state resources: “when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands”.[125]

Neocon mentor, former University of Chicago and RAND guru Wohlstetter also loathed USSR and Communism, believing USA had to win a nuclear war to deter the USSR. Wohlstetter and Strausz-Hupe inspired Perle-Wolfowitz anti-Soviet nuke-them doctrine.

Exploit Islamism

JPC’s Balkan Islamophilia contrasts with anti-Islamism in GWOT terror. Zionists have been exploiting Islamism and anti-Islamism for state terror, just like they have used Nazism and anti-Semitism to establish Israel.[126] Congruent with Nazemroaya’s concern,[127] “Highly unethical Jews” are orchestrating “nuclear World War III in the false hopes that it will kill off the Gentiles and leave only “righteous Jews” alive”. Zionists subvert “Moslem nations with crypto-Jewish leaders and Jewish agents, who rise to power on an anti-Zionist platform”; Jews also “artificially create sectarian strife and divisions among Moslem Peoples”.[128]

Israel had supported Hamas to counterbalance PLO with a competing religious alternative. Israel’s right-wing believed that “Hamas and the other groups, if they gained control, would refuse to have anything to do with the peace process and would torpedo any agreements”. US state department counterterrorism official Larry Johnson stated that Israelis “do more to incite and sustain terrorism than curb it”. In a journal for Judaism and Zionism,[129] Oded Yinon’s “Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties” advocated exploitation of Arab states’ internal tensions rather than striving for peace. In 1983, UD Democratic congressman Charlie Wilson, on behalf of an Israeli arms maker, secretly negotiated a major weapons deal with Pakistan in support of anti-Soviet Jihad. Mossad agent Menashe ran (1984-1989) an Israeli arms network, supplying weapons to Iranian Islamist regime for the Iran-Iraq war; “no less than $160 million was funneled to Shamir’s [Likud] faction”. The money went to Mossad-controlled Palestinian terrorists “who would commit crimes in the name of the Palestinian revolution” but usually unwittingly.[130]

USSR-Afghanistan war exploited Muslim militants. Carter’s national security advisor, geostrategist Zbigniew Brzezinski favored a “de facto alliance with the forces of Islamic resurgence, and with the Republic of Iran” after Shah’s fall (1978). The idea came to fruition in Brzezinski’s American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (the latter changed to “Caucasus”), i.e. for “peaceful resolution of the Russo-Chechen war”.[131] Pro-Jihadist ACPC included neocon associates and promoted support for Chechen rebellion viewed as national liberation rather than terrorist movement linked to international Jihad and resented by Russia. Islamists helped defeat USSR, only to replace Cold War “Communist threat”. In the Balkans, the neocons were pro-Islamist while fighting “Jihad” elsewhere. The war against Saddam became war on Islamist terror nine days after 9/11. The neocon think-tank Project for a New American Century (PNAC) urged US president: “any strategy aiming at the eradication of terrorism and its sponsors must include a determined effort to remove Saddam Hussein from power”. Kaplan and Kristol used similar mendacious rhetoric in The War Over Iraq (“the putative link between Osama and Saddam”), showing JPC target at any excuse.

JPC “proved” Saddam-Osama link and Iran’s nuclear weapons. Michael Ledeen,[132] a hardcore Zionist, passed on “evidence” on Iran’s nuclear program via Iraqi terrorists whom Mossad trains for attacks on Iran. Ledeen, an associate of Ahmed Chalabi (Saddam’s political opponent with ties to PNAC neocons, provided “proves” for Saddam’s WMD and ties to al-Qaeda), is implicated in other covert operations for wars (Iran-Contra affair, Niger yellow cake forged documents). Ledeen, a believer in fascism without anti-Semitism, was associated with Italian fascist Gladio[133] terror that manipulated public opinion. Ledeen is a “prime candidate as one of the principle organizers of the 9/11 parallel attack operation”. Former defense secretary Caspar Weinberger has named Ledeen, Wolfowitz, Feith and Perle in the X Committee that allegedly passed top secret intelligence to Israeli spy, Pollard.[134]

US-Israel-Turkey nexus

Israel and Turkey collaborated with Iran-Contra affair. By 1985, unmarked Israeli and US planes loaded with weapons flew from Israel over Cyprus into Eastern Turkey, sometimes stopping over at new US bases in Turkey. US congressional hearings only indirectly addressed this, and JPC media were silent, despite a low in Turkish-Israeli relations. Turkey-Iran-Balkan affair arose in 1992-1995. Later, Perle said arming and training Bosnian Muslims was US “vital interest” and NATO member Turkey was “number one candidate for the job”.[135] Israeli and Pakistani diplomats held secret meetings in Washington, arranged by Turkish ambassador.[136] Wilson, who had brokered Israel-Pakistan arms deals for the Afghan War, was involved.[137] Pakistani ship with arms for Bosnia was intercepted (January 1993). Pakistan airlifted guided missiles (March 1992 – May 1993) to Bosnian Muslims, according to Pakistan’s ISI head.[138] Iran, with Turkish involvement, opened a weapons pipeline to Bosnia via Croatia. US C-130 transport planes and AWACS were involved. In March 1992, a radical Bosnian Muslim mafioso tied to Bosnian intelligence, negotiated arms deals between Turkey and Bosnia. In collaboration with him, US special forces constructed an airfield in Bosnia for secret US arms pipeline.[139]

Israel has befriended Turkey in its survival strategy. Perle and US ambassador to Turkey Strausz-Hupe fathered the US-Israel-Turkey nexus. Instrumental were Jewish-US groups inside the US and Israeli defense establishments, supported by “conservative Jewish-American groups” working with Turkish diplomats in Washington and Turkish-US businessmen connected to Turkish and Israeli Jews.[140] Using neo-fascists, ultra-rightists and mafia, the Turkish military, CIA and Gladio secretly ran 1970s terror that killed tens of thousands and destabilized Turkey,[141] confirming revelations on the rightists (and Islamists) in JPC state terror service.[142] A pro-US military coup in Turkey responded (September 1980) to “the breakdown of order and security and the rise of terrorism and widespread random violence” that “threatened to undermine” US support”.[143] After the coup, several hundred thousand leftists were jailed and tortured for years without trial. Turkey-Israel accord (23.2.1996) revitalized the 1950s, US-prodded Jerusalem-Ankara axis that produced a 1958, secret military pact. The accord complements a secret one (18.9.1995), both subject to a secrecy agreement (31.3.1994), proving deep Israel-Turkey relations, despite downplaying the significance of the accord and occasional thawing of the relations. Beside the rise of Kurdish nationalism, Turkey faces vindication of Armenian genocide. During the 1982 campaign against Palestinians in Lebanon, Israeli forces overran Armenian bases and passed captured intelligence to Turkey. Israel-US support suggests a presence of neo-Dönmeh in the Turkish elites. Israel’s anti-Armenian actions cover-up Armenian genocide, a great JPC taboo.

Opportunistic hatred

Crypto-Jewish Nazis fuelled German hate for Jews, fulfilling Zionist sacrifice of Jewish suffering for Israel: “I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. The anti-Semites […] will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews”.[144] Zionist puppets ascended to power and ruined Germans by promising a 1000-year Reich, to be achieved through self-destructive unending wars. Nazi Zionists taught Germans that Hitler was 1000-year Reich’s Messiah. Today, Judeocentrics focus on Israel and promise NWO, a perpetual bliss through “wars without an end” that exploit Gentile soldiers and resources and pit Christians against Muslims. Radical “Jewish God” mega actors have infiltrated the full spectrum of US politics, aiming to defeat America, the equivalent of Ottoman Empire for Dönmeh, by manipulation of phobias, a precursor of interventions and mass crimes.

The “change” of US leadership after 2008 elections shows that JPC cameleon doesn’t change its nature. Vice-president Biden, state secretary Clinton, chief of staff Emanuel, and several senior advisors are Zionists. Most of the rest are also Zionists or NWO proponents tied to CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg. Defense secretary Gates replaced Rumsfeld under Bush, was CIA director under Bush Senior, co-chaired CFR task force with Brzezinski and was- Involved in the Iran-Contras Affair. US policy will wave anti-Russian and anti-Serbian flags. Former chief US negotiator at Dayton, slated for a key role in Hillary Clinton’s state department, Holbrooke hinted this with former Bosnian high representative Paddy Ashdown, in widely published “The Bosnian Powder Keg” (22.10.2008). Anticipating Obama’s victory, it pleaded that US renew its committment to “Bosnia’s survival as a state, by maintaining an effective troop presence and […] finding ways to untie Bosnia’s constitutional knot”, i.e. liquidating Serbian Republic. The interventionist narrative continues to dominate the discourse, as in NYT (13.12.2008) analysis “Fears of new ethnic conflict in Bosnia”, actually a pro-Muslim plea for more US intervention to “unify” BiH in order to avoid another war. Claiming that “leaders across Bosnia” hoped for more US engagement, NYT is preparing the political and ideological ground, as such hopes are exclusively radical Muslim. US media feed spin: “Bosnia is in deep crisis […] There is even talk of a new war.” [145]

Albright defeated Serbs with infowar, “diplomacy”, covert action and ICTY. Hillary Clinton follows suit. Vice-president Joseph Biden, an avid Zionist (“I’m a Zionist.  You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist”)[146] and Serbophobe, is also committed to Muslim BiH. Mladić and Karađić will replace Milošević in ICTY dock, and genocide-in-Bosnia mantra will become “Serbian Republic’s genocide on Srebrenica Muslims”. Since Dayton, JPC-steered West has been questioning Serbian Republic legitimacy and striving to reduce authority of this “genocidal creation”” unworthy of existence, “a product of a Serbian ethnic cleansing campaign”.

After Soviet disintegration, neocons called for confrontation despite Russia’s weakness, Pentagon memo “Defense Planning Guidance” (DPG 1992) by neocons Wolfowitz and Lewis Libby, advocated total US-NATO war against Russia, should Moscow threaten US security and nascent democracies in former Soviet bloc. DPG asserted Russia would not likely go atomic, but as soon as Yeltsin’s “cooperativeness” was over, Russia flexed its nuclear muscle in the Baltic region, the one DPG had emphasized. The neocons regard Serbia as Russia’s appendage, to be broken apart for US hegemony in Europe. Anti-Russism has been reverberating in neocon rhetoric for Kosovo secession, and shortly after, in condemnation of Russia’s defence of Caucasian sovereignties. Jews deeply hate Russians whose forefathers had destroyed the Khazar empire, the fatherland of ancestors of many neocons. Russian tsars controlled most of the lands on which Jews lived in Europe, including tsarist annexations of Poland. Zionists in Russia wanted to appropriate Russia’s riches and force Russian Jews out to Palestine.

Red Terror turned Russia “into a desert populated with white niggers”. Trotsky promised to “shed rivers of blood” that would “surpass all defeats of capitalist wars”; the “biggest Western bankers will cooperate with us. Shall we win the revolution, we will establish a Zionist rule on its cemetery remains and will become such a power that the whole world will fall on its knees […] Through terror and bloodbath, we will sink Russian intelligentsia into complete stupor, idiocy and debasement”. He appealed to Jews in Russia to “splendidly and joyfully” “hate everything Russian!” and with a “zeal” to “annihilate Russian intelligentsia – officers, engineers, teachers, clergy generals, academics and writers!”[147] He delivered on his promises.

Christian-hating Bolsheviks have carried out genocide on Christian Slavs, mostly Russians. They preached Communist revolution, by replacing the divine with state authority. Extreme Jews were prominent among the Bolsheviks, and the majority of Soviet Jews participated and sympathized with the Revolution. Bolshevik 1917-1921 press documents that out of 514 posts in the Bolshevik state, Jews held 437 (85%) and Russians only 21.[148] In 1921, Bolshevik interior security Cheka staff of 250,000 executed more than 140,000 people.[149] Alexander Solzhenitsyn was branded anti-Semite and liar for exposing Jews in the revolution and Soviet purges.[150]

In the 1930s, the secret police NKVD “was one of the most Jewish of all Soviet institutions”.[151] Jews directed the Gulag in the worst period of the Soviet terror (1930-1938) that claimed millions of lives. Stalin was a disposable facade behind his deputy in the Communist party, Lazar Kaganovich, and his cousin Lavrenti Beria, the head of the secret service, both Khazar Jews. Kaganovich ordered the destruction of the majestic Church of Christ the Saviour in Moscow,[152] and the 1932-1933 genocide by starvation of 5 million people in Ukraine.[153] The systematic destruction of Russia’s, and later Eastern Europe’s Christians by the Bolshevik terror killed 600 bishops, 40,000 priests, 120,000 monks and nuns, and millions of lay people in five decades after 1918.[154] In 1918–1938, the number of churches that remained open in the USSR dwindled from 54,000 to under 500.

Jewish bankers have financed Bolshevik Revolution and Soviet economy.[155] Today, they orchestrate US and global affairs through the US Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank and scores of investment banks. Old hatred destroyed the Russian Empire, the tsar (anti-Christ for Jews), and Russian Orthodox Christians. Jews have for centuries pitted Western Christians against Orthodox Christians, to prime Jewish domination; Crypto-Jews and Israeli government “promote religious hatred of the Russians in America”, indoctrinate American Evangelicals “with the false belief that Russia is the “Gog and Magog” [nations under Satan’s domination] of the Jewish book of Ezekiel”, and teach US Christians that “America must wage nuclear war against Russia in order for Jesus to return, though these Jews hate Jesus and Russian Christians”.[156] Crypto-Jewish “Jesuits manufactured the myth of the “Rupture”, which crypto-Jews have been teaching to Christians ever since in order to lull Christians into the false belief that they will not suffer the consequences of their ungodly attack on humanity.” Zionist Jews have subverted US Christians “to breed hatred of Moslems” and wars against Moslem nations, and use “their control over these churches to foment a nuclear war against Russia”.[157]


Perle and Wolfowitz enthusiastically supported US interventions on behalf of Bosnia and Kosovo Islamists. After Perle’s complaint that Izetbegović was underfunded, the US with 13 others collected contributions for a “train and equip” program.[158] A former NSA collaborator reported that Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, Brunei, Jordan, and Egypt “deposited millions of dollars into US coffers to buy weapons for the Bosnians”. The fund’s law firm “was none other than Feith and Zell, the firm of current Pentagon official and leading neo-con Douglas Feith”. His one-time boss and current member of Rumsfeld’s Defense Policy Board, Perle assisted the operation.[159]

JPC Balkan engagement stems from intervention ideology, asserted in DPG: the US right to “retain the preeminent responsibility for addressing selectively” threats to own and allies’ interests, or which could “seriously unsettle international relations”, especially in the former Soviet bloc. DPG expected ad hoc coalitions, “carrying only general agreement over the objectives to be accomplished […T]he sense that the world order is ultimately backed by the U.S. will be an important stabilizing factor”. To Wolfowitz, Serbia was “Russia’s potential asset that can and should be brutalized and fragmented” to assert US hegemony in Europe. In mid-1990s Wolfowitz with Abramowitz set up the Action Council, a Soros-funded, Serbophobic think-tank that criticized the US administration for not arming the Muslims and striking the Serbs in Bosnia, not bombing Serbia in 1998 (as the neocons demanded in a full-page NYT ad), and for not pursuing a victory in Kosovo once the bombing had started.[160] Neocons’ unrealistic demands frustrated Pentagon experts. Land invasion would spell a disaster for NATO troops. Surface-to-air missiles and pre-emptive Yugoslav air raid on Rinas airport destroyed Apache helicopters sent to the theatre against expert advice.

An open letter (11.9.1998) by 33 PNAC members reads like the “international community’s” strategy based on media “facts”. It urged Clinton to “actively support in every way possible [Milošević] replacement by a democratic government committed to ending ethnic violence”, after “seven years of aggression and genocide in the Balkans”, including Kosovo Albanians, “many thousands of whom, having been driven from their homes and farms by the latest Serbian offensive, now face the possibility of a winter of starvation. Over 15 percent of the Kosovo population is already homeless.” The urgent need to stop “the carnage in Kosovo” led PNAC to an “inescapable conclusion”: “There can be no peace and stability in the Balkans so long as Slobodan Milosevic remains in power.” He “started the Balkan conflict”, caused “untold suffering to millions” and “severely damaged his own country”.[161]

Acknowledging Milošević’s occasional “cooperation in carrying out the Dayton settlement”, the signatories believed their ““pact with the devil” has outlived whatever usefulness it once had”. At a minimum, PNAC urged US-led “international effort” towards “an agreement on a new political status for Kosovo” with “massive Western pressure on Milosevic”, “substantial increase in funds for supporting the democratic opposition within Serbia” and tightening “the economic sanctions on Serbia”. Diplomatic and legalistic sanctions should accompany the economic ones, and the USA should “vigorously support The Hague tribunal’s investigation of Milosevic as a war criminal”.[162]

On the background of Strausz-Hupe’s NWO via US-NATO and Wohlstetter’s nuke-them anti-Serbism, the letter should have alerted to imminent JPC-instigated mass crimes. It indirectly revealed the ideology of targeting millions of Gentiles and scapegoating the victims. It named the Judeocentric tools of conquest: harnessing “Western” and “international” Gentile forces against Gentiles, applying the bankers’ “economic sanctions”, letting the JPC “diplomats” apply conniving pressure (while “democratic forces” of NGO fifth column and Soros-paid “opposition” and media did their bit), and institutionalizing a Holocaustian tribunal to rubber stamp the scapegoating of the “war criminal” (all Serbs by extension). The letter underscored Kosovo “independence”, a key element in Islamization of the Balkans as a prelude to destabilizing Europe.

In 1991-1997, to guide post-Cold War US policy, president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP), Abramowitz established commissions headed by policy elite, including Albright, Richard Holbrooke, Perle and James Schlesinger. The latter two resigned. Counterterrorism “tsar” Richard Clarke considered Abramowitz his “boss and mentor” at the state department. Under Abramowitz’s instructions, former Reagan appointee developed a public support campaign for CEIP work. Candidate Clinton supported US engagement in Bosnia,[163] heeding CEIP’s “Self-Determination in the New World Order” by Morton Halperin (state department official under Albright) and David Scheffer (Albright’s envoy for war crimes issues), who proposed unilateral humanitarian interventionism in the wake of the USSR break-up. CEIP’s Changing Our Ways’ Role in the New World asserted that “the destruction or displacement of groups of people within states can justify international intervention” and the US should “realign” NATO and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) for that.

The Bush administration was split over military intervention in Bosnia, an idea of neocons, headed by Perle and Wohlstetter, and “liberal humanitarianists”. Opponents agreed to interventions only where US strategic interests were directly threatened.[164] By November 1994, US pressure for NATO air strikes in Bosnia led to the worst crisis within the Pact since 1956, according to NSC Bosnia policy coordinator Ivo Daalder’s Getting to Dayton. The differences between Albright, Lake, and Holbrooke on the one hand, and Pentagon on the other, were aired on 7.8.1995. Shadowing Strausz-Hupe’s doctrine of NWO through US leadership of NATO, Albright’s group wanted a firm commitment to military intervention in Bosnia, since “the issue was US credibility” as a world leader. Pentagon wanted to avoid a sustained military involvement, but Clinton was for it. Paris-based US columnist, William Pfaff mocked (30.8.1995) European “failure to lead Europe”. Holbrooke’s To End a War recalls: “Press and public reaction was highly positive” to the bombing of Bosnian Serbs.

The puppets

Slovenian, Croat and Albanian separatism, religious extremism of the latter two, and Bosnian Islamism have joined against the Serbs in the Balkans. They couldn’t have succeeded without JPC-led support by external actors such as US, UK, Germany and Vatican. The military defeats of the local powers in fights unaided by the external actors, prove this. Even US-NATO bombing in Kosovo was ineffective, and Serbs were defeated by other instruments under JPC influence or control: diplomacy, infowar, covert military support and actions, economic sanctions, justice and NGOs.[165] International globalism and external national interests, notably German militarism and neo-colonialism, are exploited in externalizations of JPC power. JPC manipulates radical Islam and Christian fundamentalism, and has subverted Vatican. Alliances develop from confluence of goals and historical precedence, such as Vatican-German support to Croatia.

JPC Middle East policy has antagonized the Islamic world.[166] Observers claim that US support of Bosnian Muslims fits a plan of offsetting this, and co-opting the Islamic world to offset European, Chinese and Russian power.[167] US wasn’t concerned about Arab markets when it attacked and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq, supported Israel’a crimes in Palestine, or declared GWOT. By 1994, neocon scheming to subdue Serbs was in an advanced execution stage. Even if there was an Arab pressure to boost Balkan Islam, JPC had the power to prevent it, were it to JPC benefit. In 1994, Pentagon reportedly reminded a US professor about “incredible pressure from the Saudis and others” to help Bosnian Muslims:

“They remind us that the Islamic world provides us with all the oil we want […] Islamic states have billions of petrodollars to invest in “friendly states” and offer a potential market of over one billion people […and] the peace process between Israel and the Islamic world should go better if Israel’s main friend was also a friend to Islamic countries.”[168]

US Balkan policy re-asserted influence in Europe, aiming to stop the emergence of a post-Cold War superpower, Europe. With its purpose re-defined from defensive to aggressive, NATO re-established itself as an interventionist policeman. On the surface, it looks like genuine American national interest, except US-NATO interventions in the Balkans preceded JPC wars in the Middle East and Central Asia, both contrary to US national interests. Besides, what is the sense of undermining EU if plans are already in place to merge it with NAU in the making?

JPC’s orchestration explains why Western powers have supported the same Jihad in the Balkans that backfired on 9/11, and later in Madrid, London and Mumbai. It also explains why neo-fascist Croatia that has cleansed hundreds of thousands Serbs and denies returns of the expelees, is considered for membership in the EU, as is BiH federation run by Muslim radicals who deny independence to Bosnian Serbs and Croats. Serbs returning to Croatia and Kosovo meet hostility and murder. Their properties are being taken over, with the assistance of international institutions.

Globalist aims?

Longer-range JPC plan in the Balkans was to destabilize Europe, and much misinformation covers up this agenda. Western powers sought to dissolve Yugoslavia and her public sector, social security, and opposition to multinationals: “Milosevic was unable to grasp the political message of the fall of the Berlin wall. Other communist politicians accepted the Western model, but Milosevic went the other way.”[169] Communism, an antithesis of “the Western model”, is a creation of secular Judeocentrics: Marx, Bolsheviks and Communists. JPC targeted Yugoslavia because she had a model different from the JPC-orchestrated, overnight Communist matamorphosis into capitalists. US has no national interests anywhere in former Yugoslavia. NATO wasn’t meant to project power into civil wars outside of NATO members.

US has prepared for next wars by moving military bases from Western Europe to Albania, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania, ostensibly to guard oil transport routes. Friendly US-Saudi relations guarantee oil supply security, despite Saudi support to Wahabbi terror that GWOT supposedly fights. Russia has secured desirable corridors in the region without firing a shot. Most revealing, the much-talked-about US corridor doesn’t even run close to Kosovo, and Camp Bondsteel, a base without an airport or harbour, thus inadequate to “encircle Russia”, transfers Afghan heroine and shelters Kosovo Albanian criminals.

Not the Big Biz but Israel Lobby drives US imperialism, and “Israel does not, contrary to leftist orthodoxy, help the US control the oil.”[170] Others claim that Arab petrodollars grease the US policy into supporting Balkan Islamists. In fact, US Federal Reserve in Judeocentric hands has an infinite supply: creating money out of debt. Top 10 shareholders of Federal Reserve are the Rorhschilds (London and Berlin), the Lazard Brothers (Paris), Israel Seiff (Italy), Kuhn-Loeb (Germany), the Warburgs (Amsterdam and Hamburg), Lehman Brothers (New York), Goldman & Sachs (New York), the Rockefellers (New York).

Judeocentric bankers are now able to create global money. G20 meeting (April 2009) started the “revolution in the global financial order”. Previously dormant, synthetic paper currency (SDR) issued by IMF would inject billions into the world economy and increase global liquidity: “the G20 leaders have activated the IMF’s power to create money and begin global ‘quantitative easing’ […] putting a de facto world currency into play. It is outside the control of any sovereign body.” Shortly after Western “bailouts”, as part of a $5 trillion “global stimulus” to be disbursed from global taxpayers by 2010, the G20 meeting gave away $1 trillion for the so-called struggling/developing/emerging/Third World nations. “In time, SDRs are likely (to) evolve into a parking place for the foreign holdings of central banks, led by the People’s Bank of China.”[171] An observer opinioned that to make it appear that it was a Chinese idea, the Rothschild Cabal secretly brought the Chinese “on board to state the need for revitalization of the SDR […] the Chinese and the G20 approved the Rothschild SDR plans for the future.”[172]

In Spring 1999, Clinton stated that Yugoslavia-like ethnic turmoil potentially awaited Ukraine, Moldova, Southern Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbeijan, threatening US goal of “stability, wealth and freedom” of former Communist countries. Was there this purported benevolence, or a commercial or military-strategic goal that truly looked after national benefit to Americans, then US statesmen would represent such interests. Holbrooke, the future architect of Dayton accords and the 1999 bombing to neocon scheme, was a Wall Street banker and became an adviser to the Hyundai Group in the 1980s. His appointment as US ambassador to the UN was mired in allegations that he had used his diplomatic positions for his private business. He stained his diplomatic record by his role in “the 1980 massacre of an estimated 2,000 unarmed students and workers in Kwangju, South Korea”, and 1970s Indonesian occupation army’s mass murders in East Timor that killed “at least 200,000 people, a third of the East Timorese population”.[173]

US diplomat William Walker helped stage the Račak “massacre” when he headed OSCE monitoring mission in Kosovo. Hashim Thaçi admitted to BBC (24.3.2000) that a KLA unit operated at Račak and many soldiers died in fights with Yugoslav forces. KLA covertly killed Albanians to win Western sympathy for the separatist cause. Albright admitted that Račak incident was vivified in order to keep pressure on European leaders to intervene. US servants Holbrooke, Albright and Walker served the JPC. US ambassador to El Salvador in 1989, Walker covered up the murder of six Jesuit priests by a Salvadoran death squad, recruited, trained, and deployed by US military to commit the war’s worst atrocities. Walker was the right-hand man of Oliver North and neocon Elliott Abrams in illegal arms shipments in the Iran-Contra scandal. Earlier, he was deputy chief at the embassy in Honduras when US authorities were recruiting officers from Somoza’s deposed National Guard to establish the Contras, and forming death squads that murdered hundreds of Honduran workers, labor organizers and students.[174]

The international community appointed Ashdown in Bosnia (2002-2006). He dismissed that Izetbegović strived for an Islamic Republic and provided a safe haven to al-Qaeda. On a tape shown at ICTY, Ashdown was caught inspecting KLA weapons in Albania, promising that he will “do his best” to procure assistance, and inform Blair. He testified (14.3.2002) that he saw Serbs shell Kosovo from Albania during NATO bombing. Serb gen. Delić proved that Ashdown couldn’t have seen the villages from the location, and couldn’t have been in sealed Kosovo.

Germany was taking control of Slovenia, Croatia and later Bosnia. US policy in Bosnia apparently weakened Germany’s gains, and divided and weakened EU. In exchange for support of a Muslim state, US put pressure on Izetbegović not to sign any peace agreements proposed by Europe, thereby prolonging the suffering of all ethnic groups of Bosnia. Had the Clinton administration not rejected four peace proposals, the 42-months’ Bosnian war would be over sooner. With comparable diplomatic effort of a different than JPC kind, the US could have secured loyalty if not dependency of the nascent republics or intact Yugoslavia, given brutal German-Austrian history in the region, and general Slavic liking of the USA.

Commercial interests expand to and colonize ex-Yugoslavia. Some observes attribute the theft of Kosovo to its riches. Any real estate is expensive when assessed at Western market values. Kosovo real estate is worth around $220 billion.[175] World Bank estimates the value of mineral reserves at $19 billion, incl. the precious metals in Trepca mines, supposedly the reason for stealing Kosovo. Was it all worth the bloody, protracted terror, war and etnic cleansing of a quarter million non-Albanians? The 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia alone inflicted material damage of comparable value (at what US-NATO military cost?). “International investors” took over the bulk of Poland’s national assets without bombing. Neither is Serbia and its Kosovo on indispensable transportation routes, e.g. Via Egnatia from Turkish border through Greece and on to European freeways bypasses Serbia.

Islamist Trojan Horse

Islam and Christendom have been in conflict since 7th century; “practically the entire Islamic world” had been Christian lands, but  the Christian communities “have all been eradicated through institutionalized discrimination, violence, or pressure”.[176]

Reminiscent of the WWII alliance between fascism and Islam, local and external radical Muslims supported and carried out ethnic cleansing and exterminations of Bosnian and Kosovo Serbs. After 1973 Arab oil blackmail, the European Community agreed to support the Arab anti-Israeli policy in exchange for wide commercial agreements. In the wake of the Mohammed cartoon scandal, EU reviewed politically correct terminology regarding Islam. To “defend the interests of the Muslim world, present the true image of Islam and combat the stereotype perceptions about Islam and Muslims”, the Organization for the Islamic Conference (OIC) and its 56 member states requested the UN and EU to ensure that the freedom of speech didn’t interfere with the “respect for cultural diversity, religious beliefs and religious symbols.”[177] Expecting silence on the West’s “ever-growing Muslim population who “harbor Jihad fighters ready to blow themselves up”,[178] Serb observers feared it would be a crime to “talk or write about the Islamization of Christian lands of Kosovo and Metohija by force, about the destruction of Serbian Christian monasteries and churches and about the terror that Christian Serbs have endured” under Muslim Albanians.

Support Jihad, spread anti-Islamism

Future 1994 laureate of the King Faisal Award and Islamic world’s 2001 Figure of the Year, Izetbegović set up a corrupt regime in Bosnia. He claimed he needed the war to accomplish an Islamic Republic. With US blessings, he called for assistance from Islamic states and international Jihad. The Iran-led, pan-Islamic coalition financed by petrodollar countries launched the Bosnian Jihad. After the Bosnian war, the mujahedin represented a threat to NATO troops. US demanded withdrawal, but about 3,500 of them stayed, some without an option to return to their countries. By the late 1990s the Clinton administration ostensibly found it difficult to restrain them, but thousands were allowed to come and go between the Balkans and the West. In 2000, US state department was concerned about a threat to the West from hundreds of Jihadists – Bosnian citizens after fighting the Serbs. US officials claimed that one of bin Laden’s top lieutenants had sent operatives to Bosnia, and that during the 1990s Bosnia had served as a “staging area and safe haven” for al-Qaeda and others.

800 Islamists who received Bosnian citizenship and 1,000 native Bosnians have terrorist links. CIA and MI6 pressured Izetbegović to force them out. He complied reluctantly, so SAS raided mujahedin camps, killing many (proving neutralisation possible from the beginning, was it the West’s choice). Some were forced to leave across the Croatian border and were then shot by Croat guards; “there were also car accidents and hit-and-run incidents, covert operations to get rid of some mujahedin.”[179] In Kosovo, al-Qaeda was again involved. Milošević told ICTY that during 1998 visit Holbrooke was told,

“that in Northern Albania the KLA was being aided by Osama bin Laden, that he was arming, training, and preparing the members of this terrorist organization in Albania. However, they decided to cooperate with the KLA and indirectly, therefore, with bin Laden, although before that he had bombed the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania [and] had already declared war.”[180]

Jihadists and KLA infiltrate and destabilize neighbouring areas,[181] with a view on Greater Albania. Balkan Jihad bases proved instrumental in 9/11 attacks in the US, and then in London and Madrid.[182] Slavic mujahedin look European. Western support to Izetbegović and the KLA resembled Brzezinski’s anti-Soviet “Afghanistan trap”.[183] US has been supporting terror in Kosovo, and since March 2001 in the FYROM from inside Kosovo; NATO has been “unwilling and/or unable” to disarm KLA, and decided to intervene only after “the wave of terror has been successfully exported into heretofore peaceful Macedonia, and the [KLA] have seized control of some 30 per cent of Macedonia territory.”[184]

Perle lauded Turkey-Israel military accord’s co-architect, US ambassador to Turkey, Strausz-Hupe, who, against his condemnation of nationalism that stood in the way of NWO, saw Zionism and revived Islam (state-religion chauvinism) as potential allies in the NWO project. Extreme Jews invented Communism, an ostensible solution to the exploitation of masses by “capitalists”, only to replace it with Judeocentric NWO concept to suit post-Cold War era, ostensibly to guard humankind against new threats. 9/11 and GWOT implemented this version of Judaic messianism, by inventing evidence of the “Asian threat” and WMD. US House speaker Newt Gingrich coined “Islamic totalitarianism” (8.2.1995). Just as Zionist Nazis taught Germans to hate and fear Jews, “the killers of Christ”, neocons teach Westerners to fear and hate “Islamofascists”. Rabbi Yaacov Perrin conveyed Judaic contempt for Arabs: “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.”[185]

Neocon “fanatically hostile to Arabs” Daniel Pipes denounced academic leftist, anti-Zionist and pro-Islamist perspectives as anti-US.[186] He blacklists professors who “refuse to spout the pro-Israel party line”, and encourages students “to spy on their teachers and report miscreants”.[187] The “Islamic totalitarianism” logo accompanies escalating GWOT, turning a billion moderate Muslims into a global, mortal enemy, although Muslim immigrant majority rejects radicalization. Jihadist militancy supported by CIA, MI6 and Mossad was exploited in each GWOT and Balkan cases,[188] in “Danish cartoons” scandal,[189] and recently in Mumbai terror.[190] Truth was buried by bogus accusations of harbouring al-Qaeda, WMD and nuclear capability of “an axis of evil”, a JPC term. A process of self-fulfilling prophecy triggered a confrontational spiral of chaos and hate, Judeocentric modus operandi.

JPC ploy

The neocons and their German and British colleagues have been supporting Islamists in the Balkans, proving Gingrich’s “Islamic totalitarianism” is JPC ploy. Their intervention in Bosnia on behalf of Islamist minority (opposed by the Muslim majority) violated UN rules and international law, but the world accepted it because, ostensibly, it stopped the bloodshed. By 1999, however, the US-NATO air raid on Yugoslavia began propelling Putin to power. To deter the push for legally unprecedented Kosovo independence, he pointed to similar Caucasian ambitions. The West was furious:

“the Kremlin plays its own secessionist games in Georgia and Moldova […] Putin has simply been using Kosovo as a handy stick to beat the West and to remind the world that Russia still wields a Security Council veto”.[191]

Invoking DPG, Holbrooke accused Putin of seeking “to reassert Russia’s role as a regional hegemon” and refuted suggestions that Kosovo status affects other territorial disputes; Kosovo “is a unique case and sets no precedent for separatist movements elsewhere […] because in 1999, with Russian support, the [UN] was given authority to decide the future of Kosovo.”[192] In fact, UN resolution 1244 guaranteed the “sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia” under interim UN administration. Russia has been insisting that Serbs and Albanians must negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement, in accord with the 1244 resolution.[193] To bypass legality in support of Balkan Islamists, UN’s Nicholas Burns also argued Kosovo‘s “unique situation”: “Milosevic tried to annihilate over one million Kosovar Albanian Muslims”, but UN, NATO and EU “have kept the peace there for eight-and-a-half years. And now, fully 94 or 95 per cent of the people that live there are Kosovar Albanian Muslims.”[194]

The Kosowo majority is a minority in Serbia as a whole, even though a million Albanians have entered illegally in the footsteps of NATO. More than 10% of Kosovo population are non-Albanian, and Kosovo Albanians (including non-Muslims) opposed to secession have been terrorized into silence. It isn’t certain that more than 50% percent of legal Kosovo Albanian Muslims support the secession. Rather, the “majority” are the minority extremists. Burn’s “genocide” is absurd, too. At its 1998-1999 peak, the confrontations between Yugoslav anti-terrorist forces and Western- and Jihad-supported KLA, killed some 2,000 people on all sides. This was as proportionate to the population, as the lethal crime in US capital during the same period. The numbers didn’t support the humanitarian intervention pretense. In comparable or much more severe cases, the USA and allies didn’t react or even increased their support to the offender, for example, in East Timor.[195]

Bosnian Islamist geopolitics followed OIC’s (1-2.2.1992): recognize independent Bosnia and Herzegovina, assist Kosovo Albanians into independence, recognize political autonomy of Sandžak (Raška), and steer FYROM into shared Muslim-Macedonian sovereignty. On 5.1.2004, the deputy director of the Center for Security and Investigation of Terrorism (CSIT) at the Belgrade Institute for Political Studies, Darko Trifunović said that the Bosnian Serbian Republic officials had given NATO-led SFOR and international organizations in BiH a chart which linked Islamic extremists and terrorists in the Balkans. The chart resulted from international experts’ investigation into war crimes by Jihadist units against Bosnian Serbs and Croats. US congressman Randy Cunningham supported it. Rohan Gunaratne, invited by Ashdown to investigate, was threatened with death as he confirmed al-Qaeda’s presence in Bosnia. CSIT proved that no-one in Bosnia had identified al-Qaeda members and no-one answered why six of them took part in 9/11, because international officials concealed the “war crimes against Serbs and Croats in the name of Allah” and the real reasons behind Bosnia war. [196]

CSIT also learned from Kyrgyzstan National Intelligence Service that a trans-national Islamist extremists in former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and in Chinese Xinjiang province have been trying to form a Green Corridor in Central Asia, under the sponsorship of al-Qaeda. Merged with its Balkan appendage, the Corridor would span from Xinjiang to Albania, Bosnia and Kosovo. Intelligence from a Wahabbi terrorist group in Bosnia showed Saudi-Iranian, anti-Russian government support in Chechnya and building a base for future operations in Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus.[197] Ashdown has been denying that terrorist, or terrorist support organizations, exist in Bosnia, while supporting Islamist agendas and pursuing only alleged Serbian war criminals. This is to be expected from a former British politician and MI6 official. Labour MP, Michael Meacher revealed British government relationship with a wider Islamist terrorist network: “British intelligence had used the al-Muhajiroun group in London to recruit Islamist militants with British passports for the war against the Serbs in Kosovo”. Scotland Yard was interested in an alleged member of al-Muhajiroun, Haroon Rashid Aswat, who could have been behind the London bombings, but MI6 protected him.[198]

Haaretz editorial (18.2.2008 ) pretends that Jihad hasn’t been planted in Europe’s underbelly to weaken Western civilization. This merely continues destruction-from-within, using war-of-ideas and universalist instruments of immigration, multi-culturalism and neo-liberalism.[199] On its second anniversary, the “Danish cartoons” affair, ostensibly a battle of freedom-of-speech versus Muslim sensitivities, is clearly a JPC job in co-operation with Danish security agencies.[200] JPC’s Trojan Horse relies on stirring up Islamist radicals against the West, only to “prove” to us that not the Judeocentric but the Islamic civilization is the threat. The Cell (2002) by investigative reporters John and Chris Miller and Michael Stone alleges that the 7.8.1998 bombing of US embassies in East Africa that killed 224 and injured more than 4600 people, could have been prevented: “facets of the East Africa plot had been known beforehand to the FBI, the CIA, the State Department, and to Israeli and Kenyan intelligence services”. After 9/11, it came to light that three of the alleged hijackers had some involvement in the bombings and that the US intelligence was aware of this by late 1999 if not earlier.

Revealing Jerusalem-Washington concord, Haaretz states the absence of Balkan Islamism, something that JPC would sense on another planet. Troubled Israeli and Kosovar sovereignties have a common thread – one JPC, the other Albanian Islamist: “Israel, which was established in the wake of the Jewish people’s struggle for a national home, should stretch out a hand to other nations seeking self-determination.”[201] Was Kosovo in Palestine, the IDF and Mossad would be fighting Albanian terrorism. Because Kosovo is in Europe, as per JPC schematic, it is a friend in need.


Why support Balkan extremism that aims at Western civilization, while fighting Islamists elsewhere? Purportedly, the US intervened to appease the Islamic world with an objectivity towards Balkan Muslim democracy as opposed to backward, tribal Serbian values, offsetting negative perceptions of GWOT and Israel’s conquest of Palestine – wars for democracy that the Islamic world can’t understand. Foreign Policy Committee’s leading Democrat, Biden expressed the policy:

“If we get Kosovo right, Muslims around the world will be reminded how the United States came to the aid of Kosovo’s Muslim population and helped them build a strong, independent, multi-ethnic democracy.”[202]

By 2005, Albanian ethnic cleanser, terrorist and mafia notoriety and inability to govern themselves was too obvious. Biden also meant to cover up JPC’s Trojan Horse. If the neocons didn’t wish Islamists to get ahead in the Balkans, they wouldn’t have orchestrated the support of Balkan Jihadists. US ambassador in Zagreb, Peter Galbraith confirmed an appeasement policy when the West sided with Bosnian Muslims, against Bosnian Croats who had been cornered into a federal position under radical Muslims. Even the Croatian Roman Catholic Church endorsed this appeasement against Bosnian Croat Catholics, dooming them to surrender ancestral lands as they left for Croatia.

The appeasement notion is groundless; intelligence agencies could have predicted its failure. Muslims hold the West in greater contempt because of GWOT, and are more convinced that their Allah is true and our God is false, since Albanian Muslims are allowed to destroy our God’s temples while our soldiers in Kosovo don’t react. The image repairing has failed. The Islamic Lobby has exploited it for Islam to advance into the Western world, to JPC advantage. To Muslims around the world, it proves Western inferiority and decadence.

Owing to US, British and German aid to Balkan Muslims, two Muslim states, Bosnia and Kosovo arose in Europe for the first time since the fall of the Turkish Empire. For a fee of US$250,000, Clinton unveiled (20.3.2003) a monument with Arabic inscriptions at the site of the 1995 “Srebrenica massacre” by Bosnian Serb forces.[203] Arabic is foreign to Balkan Muslims, and the site became a place of international Islamist pilgrimage. Bin Laden’s mujahedin participated in the most atrocious war crimes by Bosnian Muslim forces stationing in Srebrenica. The monument honours them.

JPC concealed Islamic contribution to the Balkan problem. Granted, oil-wealthy Saudi Arabia, the co-founder of OIC, has been pressuring the UN into accepting Kosovo secession, but JPC could defy the law. OIC initiated UN condemnations of Serbs, and pressured the West to introduce sanctions, bomb Bosnian Serbs and Yugoslavia and invade Kosovo. How OIC “convinces” the West where and when it suits the JPC, isn’t a mystery, knowing how “Muslim” crypto-Jews and masons, Dönmeh have manipulated Muslims in the Turkish Empire to its peril. OIC sees Kosovo as an exclusively Muslim question, yet NATO countries have allowed OIC to interfere with secularism when at the August 1992, London Conference on Yugoslavia, OIC became supervisory committee’s full member. Under UNMIK,

“Islamization and re-Islamization of Kosovo society is being implemented through external aid, originating both from radical Islamic institutions and from the most official Western sources […] EU institutions and UNMIK committed to building or repairing more than one hundred mosques at the very time when hundreds of Christian religious monuments were being destroyed in the province by Albanian nationalists.”[204]

Hundreds of mosques, built on territories taken from Orthodox Serbs and others, provide indoctrination centres for Islamists, while Christian Orthodox churches are in ruins or levelled. Islamic funding and interests support Muslim communities on said territories. In Kosovo, they serve hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Albania.

In seeking secular Albanian national identity for the last two centuries, Muslims prevailed over Orthodox and Catholic Christians. Albanian political leaders emphasize the nation has been forced into Islam, but they lie that it has never been accepted. Lantos, DioGuardi, Bob Dole and others advised the Albanians to rid themselves of the Muslim image. At publicized funerals, Albanians were advised to carry candles, like Catholics. They were told to celebrate Mother Theresa’s cult and attend a Catholic church in Priština at Christmas, while Catholics constituted less than 1% of Kosovo Albanians. A rumour was spread that Albanian Muslim masses were converting to Catholicism, but local imams debunked it. Ibrahim Rugova’s “baptism”, intended to impress the West that Albanians were Roman Catholics as opposed to Orthodox Serbs. OIC upheld the hoax when it sent condolences to Prishtina after Rugova’s death. Was the conversion true, OIC wouldn’t have done it, as Koran condemns to death the supporters of Muslim converts.[205]

European Union

Fighting alongside the Allies, Yugoslavia had lost 27% of total population in WWI and 30% in WWII. Rothschilds, Zionists and their Protestant supporters had agitated for both wars and had created and sponsored Hitler’s rise to power, but blamed Germans. Duplicity reigned in capitals of world power. To be elected, Zionist president Roosevelt, like Zionist president Wilson, lied that they were against US involvement in European wars. Since October 1939, Roosevelt secretly communicated to Zionist Winston Churchill that US would rescue the British, which enticed them to declare war.[206] Corrupt German leaders followed the plan of German-Slavic war with Rothschilds’ money. Slavs were targeted two years before the Wansee conference (20.1.1942) decision on extermination of Jews. Nazi-Zionist sporadic killing of Jews became genocide, in accord with global Zionist elites (“war criminals who contributed to the annihilation of 6 million of our brothers”);

“Zionist attitude that Jewish blood is an annointing oil required by the drive-wheel of the Zionist state is not a thing of the past, but persists to date.” [207]

Despite NATO ministers disapproval, NATO general secretary, former German minister of defence Manfred Worner stated NATO readiness to attack Serbia. UK was an obvious external Balkan culprit by virtue of alignment with US neocon Balkan policy, so analysts pointed to Germany as the major player. Now it is “EU”. The EU had acquired de facto control of BiH, when Wolfgang Petritsch took the UN representative office in 2002, in the name of Germany, France and UK.[208] Germany has been opposing peace in Kosovo,[209] while separating Kosovo from Serbia into EU, and guarding that neither US nor Albanian interests integrate Kosovo into Greater Albania.[210] In May 2006, Montenegro referendum decided to separate from the federation with Serbia. Germany and the EU had given “uninterrupted support to leading personalities in Montenegro for years”, despite their criminal activities.[211] EU could absorb the remaining mini-states as “a free trade area”.[212]


Germany led Europe against their WWII genocidal target, the Serbs (the “Nazis”, “Hitlerian Milosevic”), to prevent “Auschwitz” and “death camps” in Bosnia. After Croat neo-fascists embarked on expulsion of Serbs by intimidation, terror and brutal ethnic cleansing in the wake of Slovenian and Croat secessions, Bundeswehr 2000 magazine (1994) referred to WWII Blitzkrieg that “forced Yugoslavia to submission”:

“Our participation in AWACS flights over Bosnia and in the NATO mission, we see in light of that tradition […] Society knows how important peace is to Germany. We had proven it twice in the current century […and] are present again!”

Germany was Croatia’s largest arms supplier, against German law and UN embargo.[213] The military hardware was East German, obsolete after Germany united. Unleashing Bundeswehr for the first time since WWII, Germany as the first recognized secessions, from Croatia to Kosovo. Laced with Holocaustian phrases and references to “European values”, German speak surpassed Clintonian mendacity. Internationalist, leftist intellectuals and leaders swayed public opinion to support interventionism, joining journalists “who have turned the conflict in Yugoslavia into a melodrama in which the lead roles are played by the Muslims, as innocent victims, and the Serbs, as genocidal villains.” [214] Cohn-Bendit urged: “Germany should not be kept forever in a forced anti-fascist quarantine”, hence “a right-winger is anybody opposed to military intervention in Bosnia”. He bordered on the insane: “NATO should bomb [Bosnian Serb town of] Pale”, which would “undoubtedly have terrible consequences”. Tageszeitung (Berlin) and Tages-Anzeiger (Zürich) published a petition from European intellectuals, with overtones strikingly similar to neocon rhetoric:

“sanctions throughout the entire territory of former Yugoslavia affected by the crisis should be tightened to such an extent that all offensive weapons will be destroyed or turned over to the UN. If this ultimatum is not met within a few days, air strikes will have to destroy all offensive weapons. “[215]

Humanism, human rights, civilization and the “European idea”, i.e. “the last idea worth fighting for”, according to Cohn-Bendit, were invoked to justify bombing in order to “safeguard human life”. German Press Council felt compelled to recall the basics of war reporting: “military language” should not dominate the media, and “euphemistic concepts like collateral damage” should be avoided.[216] Dormant militarism and media closed their ranks, whereby the most avid advocates of human rights and democracy supported NATO total war most absolutely; the users of “concentration camp”, “Auschwitz” and “genocide” terms, “contributed most effectively to the relativization of Nazi atrocities and the ongoing rehabilitation of German militarism.”[217]

German defence minister Rudolf Scharping feared in 1999 “a slackening of support by the media, warnings of a reversal of public opinion in favor of a halt to Nato’s bombing campaign and a return to negotiations. It is a catastrophe that my colleague Joschka Fischer would like to avoid at all cost.”[218] The head of the foreign section at German TV commented on Berlin’s entry “into a war consciously and with conviction”:

“I have never seen a Defence Minister […] as if he had to convince himself of what he was saying.”[219]

Foreign affairs minister Fischer suggested (11.10.2000) that to maintain “democracy and peace”, German businessmen as well as the military enter Serbia to teach Serbs to live in peace with their neighbours.[220] 3,800 Bundeswehr soldiers failed to protect Orthodox churches and monasteries in March 2004 pogroms. To justify Bundeswehr’s “preventive intervention”, German politicians and media maintained that Milošević had planned vast ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. Scharping promoted Operation Horseshoe, an intelligence fabrication[221] exposed by German ARD television program (8.2.2001) that featured NATO spokesman Jamie Shea who gave Scharping, Schröder and Fischer as “a grandiose example of leaders who didn’t “align themselves with public opinion but who know how to shape it” despite the “collateral damage and despite the length of the bombardments […] If we had lost the support of German public opinion, we also would have lost that of our partners.”[222]

Germany created own networks in Kosovo police and security. A German, Joachim Rücker in UNMIK was in charge of the “privatization” of Yugoslav state property.[223] When ICTY trial against former Kosovo prime minister Ramush Haradinaj for ordering and participating in torture and murders was drawing to a close, Rücker was under fire for helping intimidate witnesses due to testify against Haradinaj. Thaçi’s mafia structures extend to Germany, where government authorities have been preventing investigations of Kosovo Albanians.[224]

German government supports Hungarian irredentists in Vojvodina.[225] Federal Union of European Minorities promotes a re-definition of Vojvodina borders. German Ethnos-Nation wrote that prevention of a civil war in Serbia required “maximum autonomy” for Vojvodina.[226] The irredentists demand former Yugoslavia be partitioned, coincidentally with OIC maps. Germany supports the Albanian majority rights in Kosovo, while denying such rights to Serbs in Serbian Republic. In Vojvodina, where 28 minorities have been living in harmony since WWII, Germany acknowledges special rights to some minorities. In 2002, Vojvodina became a full member of the European Council’s Committee of the Regions, Germany’s intrusive “NGO”.

Bundeswehr involved military Psycho Truppe, secretly built on the legacy and continuity of Nazi personnel and structure. Truppe co-operate with German government agencies dealing with foreign media and secret services, aiming at “propaganda and disinformation for manipulating opinions”. Truppe’s 750 soldiers in 2002 included “operational editorial staff” deployed in Kosovo, BiH and Afghanistan. State broadcaster Deutsche Welle supported them with journalistic contacts whose connections to German intelligence BND contributed to Yugoslavia break-up.[227]

French connection

Serbs shrouded the monument of French-Serbian solidarity when French airforce joined the US-NATO bombing. During the 2004 pogroms, French KFOR watched a village of 130 houses burn to the ground, ostensibly because the troops were too busy keeping Serbs and Albanians apart (but actually stayed in their barracks).[228]

Anti-US under Chirac, Sarkozy’s France is aligning with “US” Middle Eastern and NWO policies. Petty personal scandals presented in media like Libération of Sarkozy’s friend, Édouard de Rothschild, tried to distract from criticisms, incl. accusations of Sarkozy work as a sayan (helper), “one of the thousands of Jewish citizens of countries other than Israel who cooperate” with Mossad, actually “the fourth high-ranking spy of Israel”, according to Le Figaro.[229] Sarkozy reminded of “the visceral attachment of every Jew to Israel, as a second mother homeland?”[230] As France’s minister of interior, he developed with Netanyahu “a close friendship with similarities in their ideology and politics. If Netanyahu returns to Israel’s chief position it will be interesting to see whether their personal dynamic will lead to a fresh start for Israel and France and a more constructive European role in the region”.[231] On Sarkozy’s economic ideology and its criticisms, Netanyahu said Sarkozy reminds people of Netanyahu.[232]

Sarkozy’s family ties to the Rothschilds, Corsican mafia and CIA have helped him to power.[233] So did Chabad Lubavitchers, because Sarkozy believes in their Messiah, rabbi M.M. Schneerson. In a greeting letter publicized in France and abroad, Sarkozy referred to Schneerson as Moshiach (Messiah). Rabbi Dovid Zaoui worked hard to make Sarkozy elected: “I knew that the Rebbe wanted president […] In the end, even those leaders who thought they wouldn’t support him changed their minds, especially after they saw he was serious about fighting anti-Semitism.”[234] Sarkozy took US department of state training, thanks to his stepmother’s second spouse, Frank Wisner, who took over Pentagon’s political planning from Wolfowitz. Nobody commented on Wisner’s link with Sarkozy, the French government’s spokesman at the time. In the Gaullist party, young Sarkozy betrayed Chirac in favour of the Rothschild tendency that De Gaulle had successfully resisted. Lambertist Party was instrumental in Sarkozy’s elevation. This Trotskyite group, the equivalent of the SD/USA of Max Shatchman that which formed US neocons, worked for CIA against the Cold-War Stalinists. CIA also planted its agents: Lionel Jospin, who became prime minister, and Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, the principal adviser to Moroccan Jew, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a candidate with the task of eliminating Sarkozy’s competitor. Strauss-Kahn had been on US payroll; he lectured at Stanford, taken on by provost Condoleezza Rice. As soon as he took office, Sarkozy and Rice thanked Strauss-Kahn with appointment to IMF head. Speaking in Madrid (15.12.2008) he urged all governments to immediately avert the economic crisis that otherwise could last long and trigger riots.

To Élysée Palace’s secretary general, president Sarkozy appointed Claude Guéant, former right arm of Charles Pasqua, a Corsican crook who became interior minister and established links in Saudi Arabia and Israel and became Mossad honorary officer. In 1982, Sarkozy married the niece of Achille Peretti, Pasqua’s buddy in Union corse, a secret Corsican criminal organisation that largely controlled Europe-America drug traffic, the famous “French connection”. Élysée assistant secretary general, Francois Perol was a managing partner of the Banque Rothschild. Sarkozy’s diplomatic adviser Jean-David Levitte is son of the former director of the Jewish Agency, who are co-responsible for condemning WWII Ghetto Jews to death. Chirac removed Levitte from French ambassadorship to UN, considering him too close to George Bush. Alain Bauer is in charge of intelligence and doesn’t appear in any directory. Bauer is grandson of the Grand Rabbi of Lyon, former Grand-Master of French principal Masonic obedience, Grand Orient of France, and former No. 2 of US NSA-Europe. Within Cheney’s Center for International & Strategic Studies, Sarkozy’s future minister of economy and finance Christine Lagarde co-chaired with Brzezinski a working group which supervised Poland’s privatisation. She organised lobbying for Lockheed Martin against French manufacturer Dassault. Frank Carlucci (CIA’s No.2 after recruitment by Wisner’s father) appointed Sarkozy’s half-brother Oliver the investment fund director of the Carlyle Group, the joint management company of Bushes’ and Ben Ladens’ portfolios. This, world’s 5th, dealmaker manages the principal assets of sovereign Kuwait and Singapore. Sarkozy spent 2008 holidays near Bush’s ranch, at the expense of  Robert Agostinelli, an Italo-New York merchant banker, a Zionist and a leading neocon who opinions in JPC’s Commentary.

Sarkozy said that referendum on EU constitution would “bring Europe into danger” due to “cleavage between people and governments”. UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage accused Sarkozy and British minister Gordon Brown of “an utterly cynical political plan”. “Not only does he stop his own people from having a say but he is trying to block Britain from having the referendum which our government promised”. Sarkozy intended to use his turn at the EU’s presidency in the second half of 2008 to call for new, federal EU powers.[235] After Irish and Czech referenda rejected the EU constitution (Lisbon Treaty 13.12.2007), a de facto subjugation of national sovereignities, Sarkozy sent JPC puppet, Polish crypto-Jewish president Lech Kaczyński (Kalkstein) to convince Czech president Vaclav Klaus to re-run the referendum. Sarkozy travelled to Dublin for a similar “convincing”.

Amidst the Fall 2008, bankster bailout crisis, i.e. creating a New World Financial Order, Sarkozy and Gordon Brown called for a “new international financial architecture for the global age” which would establish Rothschild global governance under the guise of “reforming and regulating” markets. Sarkozy’s conviction that policy should be based on the same precepts as Zionist, Illuminati, Freemason, Bismark, Bolshevik, Nazi and Communist ideology, proves how far JPC’s NWO idea has advanced. Following his bombing spree in “Kosovo”, US-NATO chief commander Clark stressed the obsoclescnce of ethnically pure states (except for Kosovo, of course).[236] Baptist Clark, Catholic Sarkozy and Catholic-turned-Episcopalian Albright “didn’t” know of their Jewishness, and Frankist-like participated in anti-Christian, anti-civilizational policies.

Bush apointee, special envoy for Kosovo independence, Frank Wisner, who took over Pentagon’s political planning from Wolfowitz, insisted that Baltic Jew, Bernard Kouchner become Sarkozy’s foreign affairs minister with a priority for Kosovo independence and termination of pro-Arab policy. With National Endowment for Democracy funding, Kouchner participated in Brzezinski’s anti-Soviet Afghan operations, alongside bin Laden and the Karzaï brothers. Under president Hamid Karzaï brother’s control, Afghanistan became world’s largest producer of opium. US Air Force transports the heroin to Camp Bondsteed, from where Thaçi’s mafia distributes it to the West. The profits finance CIA’s illegal operations. Karzaï and Thaçi are long-time personal friends of Kouchner, who “doesn’t know” of their criminal activities despite international reports on the subject.

In 1990s Kouchner worked with Izetbegović, and then was UN high representative in Kosovo (1999-2001). Kouchner and his Medecins sans frontieres (MSF) publicized (1995) in French press and on Paris walls a poster showing a “Serbian death camp” in Bosnia with an Auschwitz-like watchtower. With other Jewish intellectuals in France, Kouchner popularized the right to “humanitarian intervention” – “a humanitarian version of President Bush’s preemptive-strike doctrine – which justified European involvement in the Kosovo war to avert ethnic cleansing.”[237] A professed intervention failure in the Balkans partly justified more bloody interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq. When JPC needed Gulf War 2 in face of US-Europe disagreement, Thomas Friedman (NYT 23.1.2005) quoted Kouchner as saying that Islamist terror was the biggest threat. Kouchner’s support countered French public who ill-wished Bush in Iraq. Philosophers such as Bernard-Henri Levy and Andre Glucksmann spent time on moralist comments about international affairs instead of philosophising, and supported war in Iraq. For joining French debate with Levy, Glucksmann, Kouchner, Alain Finkelkraut and Alexander Adler about Israeli-Palestinian and Iraqi conflicts, professor of Swiss and German universities, Tariq Ramadan became “anti-Semite”. For Ramadan, these “new philosophers” were pro-Israeli apologists.[238]

JPC’s willing executioner

EU resolution[239] on Srebrenica 10th anniversary catered to EU militarists. Urging international institutions to apply experience “from Srebrenica and the wars in the former Yugoslavia” and to be “truly prepared for future peacekeeping missions”, MEPs called for a strengthened EU foreign and security policy. EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana declared that Srebrenica partly resulted from the absence of a strong and united
Europe, but since then EU had a united foreign policy and “a management capacity to back it up.”

EUFOR replaced SFOR in BiH (2.12.2004), but remained under NATO command. Both forces abused the law. SFOR assailed the house of a priest (April 2004), clubbing him and his family, while “looking for war criminals”.. Media dismissed protests, and accepted SFOR’s excuse that forcible entry caused the injuries. SFOR also killed Bosnian Serb war crime suspects (“indicted war criminals”) and their relatives in “self-defense” or while the victims were “attempting to escape”. The media “has whitewashed these abuses”.[240]

German foreign policy indicates “JPC’s willing executioner” globally. German foreign and military policy’s most influential institution, Federal College for Security Studies (BAKS) develops models, first introduced in the US upon neocon definition of “Islamic totalitarianism”. Inevitable conflicts by young Muslims against poverty and foreign occupation can be best confined through military interventions. Such wars are useful and necessary and BAKS models increasingly appear in analyses of other political institutions.[241]

When JPC cry “nuclear Iran!”, German and other NATO specialists appeal for a nuclear first-strike policy, should the West’s global predominance be in jeopardy. Klaus Naumann, Bundeswehr former inspector general, and NATO policy chief on nuclear strategy and arms control, also chairs a German nuclear decontamination company that serves German and US governments.[242] In Afghanistan, Germany deploys combat troops and technical relief units, develops paramilitary units, and trains Afghan troops, also child soldiers. German-trained Aghan police is infamous for barbarity and child torure. Berlin and Brussels buttress escalation of GWOT to Pakistan with funds for military employment of civilians. [243] Bundeswehr trains, and supplies equipment for, Iraqi army logistics unit out of airforce base in United Arab Emirates (UAE), Germany’s most important partner in the Persian Gulf, coincidentally with neocon policy. Since 2003 Iraq invasion, Germany is in “strategic partnership” with UAE. France, too, planned to set up a base, to train Emirati soldiers, but preparations for Israel-NATO war with Iran might be the reason. Since the 1990s France has been the second largest arms supplier to UAE. Emirati Wahhabism is JPC’s Trojan Horse in GWOT. “Influential forces” suggest French subordination to German leadership.[244]

German forces eye “peacekeeping position” in the Middle East, without doubt to aid GWOT and pacification of Palestine. In January 2008, German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) advised the government to consider naval deployment along Gaza Strip, based on “experience acquired off the coast of Lebanon”. German authorities already have police units in the Palestinian Autonomous Territory. DGAP cautioned not to directly serve Israeli interests,[245] but Berlin escalated the Tibet campaign, defying German business concerns and warnings of similarities to “operations by the 19th and 20th century colonial powers” who pitted China’s regions against each other “with bloody consequences”.[246] German government front NGO, Friedrich Naumann Foundation affiliated with FDP party, played a key role in anti-Chinese “protests” along Beijing Olympics torch route, while German media covered the uprising in Western China that started with pogrom-like attacks by Tibetan gangs on non-Tibetans, incl. Chinese Muslims. The pro-Tibet campaign was developed with US state department and self-proclaimed Tibetan Government-in-Exile. Neocon Paula Dobriansky, US undersecretary of state and special coordinator for Tibet, participated. Protestant Church suggested that German athletes denounce Chinese policy for the media.[247]

After March 2004 pogroms, Germany considered legalizing banned chemical weapons for mob control, for Bundeswehr to “react properly” in international missions.[248] Bundeswehr inspector-general urged (May 2004) that German soldiers and reservists be readily available “for frequent operations of long duration”, and Bundestag decided to indefinitely extend Kosovo occupation.[249] Leipzig Airport was made available (23.3.2006) to NATO for staging air transports, in violation of agreements against NATO presence. Public protests made German government postpone a “war engagement” in Congo. Prevention of possible revolts during elections explained EU police deployment there,[250] but actually Germany wanted to maintain contacts with a Congolese violator of arms embargo, and to control a German-run mine, an armed militias refuge.[251]

Despite accusations against president Kagame and the Rwandan government that “denounces and persecutes mercilessly every form of opposition”, Germany supports Rwanda and directly aids its police and judiciary. So aided, the Rwandan regime (responsible for the war in East Congo) has a large contingent of soldiers ready for interventions against Islamist Sudan. During his April 2008 visit, Kagame met with German defense minister. Rwandan military elite was allegedly involved in Rwandan genocide. EU has indicted for massacres during putsch attempts, and for military invasions into Congo that killed over a million people. Among the accused was deputy commander of the UN/AU troops in Darfur, stationed at the insistence of Western governments. Kagame is exempt from indictments. President Horst Köhler received him with military honours. During Köhler’s visit in Rwanda (February 2008), human rights organizations accused Kagame’s government of torture, extra-judiciary executions and other crimes.[252]

Shortly after the totalitarian push of EU constitution, Germany’s most influential political think tank Bertelsmann Foundation demanded disempowerment of smaller EU members in foreign and security policy. Only the seven countries with the largest military budgets would be permanent members of “EU Security Council”. A comprehensive arms programs called for “concerted propaganda measures and determined leadership”, as Europeans are “more concerned about the fight against poverty than the development of global power”.[253]

Dissolving the separation of military, police and intelligence agency powers, Berlin legalized (6.10.2008) “military means” in domestic affairs. Blending of the branches of German repressive organs, on the domestic and foreign fronts makes a flexible combat of potential civil disorders around the world possible.[254] This resembles adaptation of US combat troops for domestic use in place of National Guard, and reminds of the US-Canadian agreement to let the neighbours’ military in, in case of “emergency”.


Judeocentrics identify Catholicism with Vatican in Rome, and Rome with Temple destruction and Diaspora exile, targeting Catholics and Vatican for: atrocities against Jews (Rome Ghetto, Inquisition); competition as God-chosen and obstruction to hegemony; and, the Crusades to Holy Land. Judeocentrics created Martin Luther’s Reformation, infiltrating the Church with Frankists to destroy and Judaize it. They have been infiltrating positions of authority in Poland and have influenced Poland’s adversaries since the 1700s. Since the early 1790s, Frankists caused Poland to suffer Russia’s tyrrany. Then they turned the Prussian and Austro-Hungarian empires against Poland until it ceased to exist. By the 1900s, Frankists dominated Poland’s structures and her Catholic Church. Some Jews used Masonry to convert Christians to Judaism. Crypto-Jews and Masons formulated the Jesuit movement and manufactured the Rupture myth to lull Christians into believing that they wouldn’t suffer the consequences of attacks on humanity. Rothschilds owned the pope and intended to make him King of Palestine. Rothschilds would become the King by proxy, and the pope – anti-Christ in the eyes of Protestants. Catholics gave their alms to the Rothschilds via popes, to finance own destruction through Protestants (Christians almost converted to Judaism), and to support anti-Christian press.[255]

To win converts, Judeocentrics in England fabricated prophecies to destroy Catholic Church and attack the pope and the Turks in a ploy to “restore Jews to Palestine”. In 1641, a pamphlet with prophecies of Ursula Shipton (Ursula Sontheil, 1488-1561) stated a few current facts purported to be from her lifetime. Numerous later editions appeared. In 1862, Charles Hindley added credibility to the hoax, but later admitted his forgery. A Cabalist Jew, Hindley conditioned Christians to welcome martyrdom for Jewish sake.[256]

Alignment with JPC explains Vatican’s support to Balkan wars. Veiled by diplomacy, ecumenism and other heresies, Vatican’s animosity towards Eastern Orthodoxy found an outlet in partitioning Yugoslavia – another opportunity to divide Orthodox lands. Vatican was the first to recognize Croat and Slovenian illegal secessions that instigated the Balkan wars, but cynically reassured Serbs that its anti-Serbian position wasn’t  “a hostile act” and pope’s representative would stay in Belgrade. In 20th century Vatican and Germany’s attempts to control Eastern Europe and the Balkans, Orthodox Serbs and Yugoslavia, “an obstacle in their way”, was associated with Russia, “a major antagonist of Germany and the Vatican”; “Serbia would play the role of a surrogate for Russia and be a […] target for Germany and the Vatican, who sought to destroy or weaken Russia”.[257] John Paul II followed “international community” from day one of Yugoslavia break-up. Vatican aimed to take over Orthodox Christian areas for Catholic dioceses in former republics of Croatia and BiH. Neo-Ustaša ultimatum “be Croat or leave” converted Orthodox Serbs to Catholicism, on a smaller scale than in WWII. The civil wars left mosques and Christian churches destroyed, damaged, desecrated and looted. Orthodox churches were converted to Catholic in Croatia. When Croats suffered defeat from Muslim and Bosnian Serb forces, the pope requested US-NATO intervention in Bosnia. But he was indifferent to the fate of more than 350,000 Orthodox Krajina Serbs.

Croat Catholic bishops issued an open letter (1.2.1991) that lied that Serb Orthodox Church had opposed Western values which Croats, the anti-communist democrats, embrace. Croat propaganda provided a driving force behind US policy, and set the scene for anti-Serb reporting. A month before the secession, president Tuđman met John Paul (25.5.1991), just as Pius XII received Pavelić (18.5.1941). Pope’s visits to Croatia (10-11.9.1994, 2-4.10.1998 and 5-9.6.2003 – his 100th trip abroad) legitimized Tuđman regime. The 1994 visit gave moral support to ethnic cleansing in Krajina. The pope neither critiqued nor condemned Tuđman, a Holocaust denier who called the Israelis “Judo-Nazis” commiting genocide in Palestine, but denied Ustaša genocide and planned to annex BiH into Greater Croatia.

Former US state department official for Yugoslav affairs, who resigned in 1992 in protest of US Balkan policy, revealed that Vatican envoys urged for a military intervention in order to stop “the Serb agressor” whom they compared to WWII Nazis.[258] The approval of anti-Serb military actions by Croats and Muslims in Bosnia, and Vatican’s ambivalent statements on Kosovo indicate anti-Orthodox stance and acquiescence to Islamic conquest. Before secession, Croatia received (4.10.1990) a $2 billion loan from the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, a Roman Catholic order headquartered in Rome, likely directed from Germany. The loan, interest-free for 10 years, was conditional on its non-use for military purposes, but Croatia could re-shuffle funds and take military funding from social programmes. The Croat embassy in Washington denied the loan, but a copy of the agreement exists.[259]

Approval of the neo-fascist regime and cardinal Stepinac beatification (3.10.1998) signaled Vatican’s cover-ups of Ustaša crimes and colaboration with the neo-fascists. John Paul’s actions “exacerbated the animosity and conflict between Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christians. He did not want reconciliation, but conquest”.[260] A lawsuit Alperin vs. Vatican Bank in San Francisco Federal Court sued (November 1999) on behalf of Serb, Jewish, and Roma survivors of concentration camps, their relatives and organizations, representing over 800,000 Holocaust victims of WWII Croatia. Pope’s private attorney admitted Vatican’s involvement in the genocide, but justified it by international law.

Vatican’s charity Caritas smuggled weapons to KLA, incl. mortars stolen from NATO bases in Germany. The consignee was a parish priest in Italy. One of three drivers of the convoy arrested by Italian customs had links to BND.[261] Before Kosovo “inependence” declaration, pope Benedict stated that Vatican would heed the international community. While using extreme Albanians to break Serbian-Orthodox influence, as Berlin did, high-powered Catholic clergy declared, “a new phase” can begin “with the independence” of Kosovo.[262]

Polish pseudo-Catholic hierarchs and clergy, e.g. philosemitic archbishop Józef Życiński (Reiffstein) and father Adam Boniecki (Aaron Ajngold), symptomize the Judaization. Their colleague Jesuit Obirek left his cassock for a marriage with a Jewess from Israel embassy in Warsaw. In Warsaw archbishop Wielgus’ case, internationalized by NYT, JPC-dominated Polish state has violated Catholic Church sovereignty. JPC media and polls have contributed to curtailing Catholic media and eliminating parties representing Poland’s anti-JPC majority in elections 2007. On a global scale, Vatican’s Judaization is evident in a document (11-13.3.2007) by a joint committee of Vatican and the Israeli Chief Rabbinate that promotes the rabbi-fabricated “Noahide Laws”. Heretically suggesting a Biblical basis of these laws, the document appeals for their adoption by Christians.[263]


Numerous power groups are responsible for millions of fatalities in 20th century wars and genocides, but NWO-apocalyptic-messianic Judeocentrics seem to lead them all. Extreme Jews and Jewish bankers have instigated, supported and executed wars and revolutions. Judeocentrics had traded off a few hundred thousands new settlers in Israel for tens of millions dead in 20th century wars, incl. Jewish masses opposed to Zionism. Human life means nothing to them, in accord with Talmudic hatred and fanaticism. Shabbataian Frankists and Dönmeh, and Zionists are still at play in world’s power centres. They are the Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC), a global web of extreme Judeocentrics and Gentile supporters, not just the Zionists, all guided by “end time” ideology. Lubavitcher rabbinate leads, as the Talmudic rabbinate has done for millennia in terror against Jew and Gentile. The policies threaten war of Israel-NATO against Iran or India against Pakistan that might be nuclear WWIII, with an old Judeocentric target, Russia and Slavs scapegoated, as seen in the “Polish missile crisis”.

Extermination of Gentile and Jew could eclipse a nuclear genocide of troops and peoples in WWIII. JPC-linked Turkish elites resemble Dönmeh responsible for Armenian genocide, Turkish Empire downfall, WWI and co-developing Bolshevik Revolution that led to genocide of tens of millions of Orthodox Christians. JPC entrenched in Turkey and Pakistan is gaining influence in Iraq, Iran and among Kurds. JPC elite’s beliefs in total evil and destruction of Gentiles for redemption of Jews, have been driving Judeocentrics at the helm of global politics since the 17th century. The process manipulates global Jewry, including Orthodox Jews who oppose Zionism and NWO as contrary to Torah. Judeocentric policies follow Zionist, Bolshevik, Nazi and Communist traditions, coated in new phrases and rhetoric. JPC rhetoric, history, and recent developments point to advancement of the NWO ploy, e.g. 13.12.2008 constitution that robs EU members of sovereignty in preparation for totalitarian rule, and advanced work on NAU with an eye on merging the two Unions. US Patriot Act targets civil liberties in preparation for JPC’s apocalyptic plan, while the new EU constitution contains similar clauses. The two laws are a mass crimes warning reinforced by JPC politicians’ duplicity.

JPC pits Muslims against Christians and other Gentiles, with events like 9/11, Operation Danish Cartoons and Mumbai terror. In the Balkans, JPC has been supporting Islamism and international Jihad to this end. Declaration of Kosovo independence isn’t the end. Islamist Green Corridor from Western China to Europe’s underbelly invites exploitation, as does Turkey’s EU membership, and immigrant Islamism. JPC exploits Middle East Islamists, too. The Islamist Trojan Horse could be turned against the West to fulfil JPC power brokers’ apocalyptic goal of destruction.

Extremists exploit Christian, Islamic and Judaic religions to whip up hatred and violence against an “enemy” or Jewish opposition. JPC terrorize Jews, but blame Gentiles. Against Catholic „love thy neighbour“, Croat killers and extremists with Vatican’s blessing have slaughtered Serbs, Roma and Jews and, recently, ethnically cleansed their Christian Orthodox, and Muslim Slav brethren. Some Islamic states have a set of laws based on Koranic traditions that discriminate against non-Muslim dhimmi. Judeocentrics believe they are God’s chosen and regard goyim (non-Jews) lower beings. With anti-Semitism, Nazi-Zionists pitted Germans against Jews unwilling to emigrate to Palestine, only to annihilate them with help of international Zionist elites when the ghettoized Jewish masses refused emigration. Likewise, anti-Slavism, anti-Communism and anti-Bolshevism pushed Germans into Nazi-Zionist plan for Slav extermination. European and North American neo-Nazi mercenaries joined recent Balkan wars – against “Communist” Serbs. Crypto-Jewish leaders and agents subvert Muslims with anti-Zionism for GWOT pretext. JPC creates sectarian divisions and strife among Muslims, Christians and between the two. JPC 9/11 ploy has deepened Christian-Muslim animosity, and primed violence against selected Muslim states and denial of civil rights, hastening Bolshevization of the USA. A US-Israeli citizen heads the DHS with former high KGB officers, alerting of possible genocide.

GWOT and JPC terror in Palestine show JPC power, as do the Balkan conflicts. US neocons bear primary responsibility for all these interventions, but the fact is little known for the Balkan wars that follow JPC’s global script, involving JPC media, covert actions, international banks, courts, sanctions, and NGOs (JPC fifth column globally). IMF-World Bank prescriptions induced hyperinflation and harshened poverty, hightening Yugoslav inter-group tensions. US and European governments, global Islam and Vatican helped agitate pent-up hatred and fuelled the confrontations, resembling death squad policy in other regions. They also provided covert military aid despite embargoes. Under neocons, US state department took off its list some terrorist organizations, opening Jihadist supply to Bosnia. In 1992-1995, neocon “Turkey-Iran-Pakistan-Balkan” affair armed and trained Bosnian Muslims. With Turkey’s involvement, Iranian weapons pipeline led via Croatia. By late 1994, a US arms supply went through a secretly constructed airport in Bosnia. The affair bore JPC fingerprints, just like the Iran-Contra affair in which Israel and Turkey collaborated in illegal arms sales to Iran. In Kosovo intervention, neocons confronted Pentagon professionals and European leaders. Neocons implemented unilateral Balkan intervention policy under false pretences, years before PNAC applied similar strategy to GWOT. Anti-Russism (and by extension anti-Serbism) was argued from alleged continuing Russian threat to global security and from pre-destined US-NATO role to lead into NWO, with Zionism and “revived Islam” as potential allies.

US-NATO Balkan divide-and-conquer strategy has tested “Balkanization of the globe”, then has tried it in the Caucasus where Russia reacts decisively. The West didn’t win the “humanitarian interventions”, but diplomatic, economic, and propagandist warfare were effective. Interventionism pretends humanitarian reasons: death camps and mass rape, inflated and falsified massacres presented as genocide, non-existent ethnic cleansing, and alleged threat to own nationhood. JPC-friendly courts and media protect JPC interventionists. “Anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia” legislation is invoked when JPC encounters opposition. Enforced politically with disproportionate, tough laws, JPC’s Holocaustian pretense slanders and ruins critics. JPC racists claim moral high ground, and hatefully and falsely defame target peoples and whistleblowers, while maintaining Holocaustian victimhood’s moral shield against prosecuting the villain. JPC expands this tactics to non-Holocaustian subjects such as Muslims to subvert the West with Islamism, distract critics from JPC mass crimes, e.g. Rwanda genocide, and justify JPC interventionism with events such as Srebrenica “massacre” and “Osama’s 9/11”. Major Jewish organisations have objected neither to Holocaustianity nor to WWII victim-villain role reversal.

Intelligence could have predicted that supporting Balkan Muslims to appease the Islamic world by offsetting the West’s harm to Muslims elsewhere, wouldn’t work. Muslims hold the West in greater contempt because of GWOT. They are convinced that their Allah is true since destruction of Balkan Christianity goes on in our forces presence, and we erect monuments to Jihadists on fraudulent claims that Muslim genocide has taken place. Obama’s “change” is deceptive. JPC cameleon has merely changed from neocon to “liberal” colours. Judeocentrics and NWO enthusiasts staff White House, Pentagon and intelligence leadership, and lead the banker elites responsible for recent “crises” and “bail-outs”. Some analysts fear this and other developments prove escalation towards a NWO plan that depends on annihilation of millions of people.

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