The Dark Continent: Hitler’s European Holocaust Helpers

Piotr Bein 27.05.2009

Will international independents also react to this, yet another manipulation of the Holocaust by the Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC)?  Spiegel’s article The Dark Continent: Hitler’s European Holocaust Helpers  looks like a large-scale, Judeocentric propaganda campaign, similar to one regarding Polish “co-reponsibility” for Shoah and pogroms around WW2.

Granted, the degree of willing participation in the Holocaust has differed between the nations, but Spiegel’s propagandist manipulation is obvious from the timing of the campaign — decades after the facts could and should have been exposed. JPC has adopted the same tactics in the “Polish” cases of Jedwabne and Kielce massacres of Jews. This time, group responsibilities of Ukrainians, Hungarians, Romanians, Slovaks and the Baltic peoples are sought, and a joint “European” (Christian?) responsibility is suggested. Europe is called the Dark Continent, as if JPC has not instigated both world wars, the hatreds and the Holocaust.

JPC’s anti-Polonisms, and concurrent demonization of Serbs in JPC media and by JPC-inclined politicians, have demonstrated that Judeocentric distortions of history and fact precede a major assault on a nation. The Serbian nation has been ethnically cleansed and partitioned between several new states, and Serbian ancestral lands have been taken over by force. For Poles, recent Judeocentric campaigns meant fraudulent, multi-billion dollar restitution claims by the Holocaust Industry, direct invasion of Israeli nationalism onto Polish sovereign soil (annual Marches of the Living at Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial), and major falsification of Polish national history and identity with loss of national self-esteem, further Judaization of the Polish society and severe undermining of patriotic-Catholic-nationalist centres as a result.

The strategy signaled in the Spiegel article would serve several Judeocentric goals:

– Keep Jewish suffering in focus while de-focusing from Zionist masterminding and carrying out of Shoah.
– Prepare world public opinion for Holocaust Industry’s restitution claims and possibly Judeopolonia-type re-colonization in the remaining Eastern European countries. For a century, Judeopolonia has been a concept of a Jewish state in Eastern Europe, from the Baltic to the Black Sea.
– Strengthen the case for European Union and against nation states.
– By spreading German nation’s co-responsibility on other nations, continue Judeocentric manipulation of appeasing German revisionism, expansionism and revanchism.
– Soften world public opinion before next, major Israeli assault on Arabs and/or Muslims.
– Further undermine Christianity by presenting it as the cause of anti-Semitism and foundation of hatred against Jews in the Holocaust.
– Control “the truth” on Holocaust in Eastern Europe, eyeing manipulation of the nations concerned to Judeocentric divisive and anti-Russian goals in the region.

The Spiegel article might thus signal a number of significant assaults of international significance, with potential negative effects on peace and security not only in Europe. Our independent, Polonia leadership (do we have one?) together with patriotic circles in the countries concerned should work out a strategy of response, e.g. counter-propaganda campaign in independent media internationally, comparative research and a symposium of independent international historians and genocide scholars. Perhaps a proven independent scientific body under the direction of Professor Christian Scherrer, the International Comparative Genocide Research (ICGR) project at the Hiroshima City University, could take a lead in the latter. ICGR’s primary goal is mass crime prevention. Despite clear signals in Judeocentric mainstream media who have been demonizing Serbs since the late 1980s, repeated waves of violent mass crimes on different ethnic groups have not been prevented in the Balkans. The mass crime of intimidation of the Polish nation and taking their real estate assets have not been prevented, either, despite obvious, easily identifiable demonizations in the JPC-led, global media.

For starters, our best researchers and historians (JR Nowak, IC Pogonowski, S Pagowski, J Peczkis…) could prepare a (joint?) counter-article to Spiegel’s on points relating to, or similar to the Polish case (falsification of history for material-moral gains, Judeocentric vs. national interests in war time, Jewish Zionists as enablers of the Nazis and willing executioners of Jewish masses, Jewish denouncers of Jews, Einzatzgruppen forcing locals to co-operate under a gun, Nazi camouflaging the mass murders as revenge of local populations on Jews who had collaborated with the Soviets, post-war Jewish Communist regime collusion and cover-ups…).

My paper with Stefan Pągowski on the Polish case, prepared for the ICGR project, has used research results from the above mentioned Polish researchers:

Revisionism, Role Reversal and Restitutions: The Polish-Jewish Case

Revisionism, Role Reversal and Restitutions

Starting on page 25, you can read about Judeocentric spin on Jedwabne and Kielce massacres, e.g. that Germany’s June 1941 invasion of Eastern Poland began mass murders of local Communists and Jews, being disguised as Polish acts of revenge for NKVD (Jewish-dominated Soviet internal security apparatus) killings aided by local Jews during Soviet occupation since September 17, 1939. The spin worked, because Poles despised Communism and many Jews collaborated with the Soviets.[Ben‑Cion Pinchuk “Shtetl Jews Under Soviet Rule” Blackwell Publishers 1990; Eva Hoffman “Shtetl” Mariner Books 1998]. You will also find in the paper how NKVD masterminded and commanded the July 1946 Kielce “pogrom”, how it served Zionist policy of driving Jews out of Europe to Palestine, and how post-WW2 Poland’s regime led by Jewish Communists participated in the pogroms and then covered them up as Polish acts of hatred.

Spiegel article reeks of Judeocentrism, for example:

– Total silence on the masterminds and enablers of Nazism and the Holocaust — the international Zionists, i.e. the core of JPC at the time, including the bankers. The JPC has  financed and manipulated governments to Judeocentric goals of pitting goyim nations against each other and creating Jewish martyrology (Shoah) as a moral foundation for Israel’s creation and existence in Palestine, in accord with earlier pronouncements of Zionist leaders such as Herzl, on using anti-Semitism to achieve Zionist goals at the price of Jewish lives. Instead, Spiegel gives the advance into USSR as the Nazi motivation for extermination of Jews starting two years after the war began.

– Restricting Holocaust to Jewish suffering, as designed by the new, Judeocentric religion, Holocaustianity, for the purpose of the Holocaust Industry, anti-goyim racist laws, consolidation of Jewish action under constant reminder of a threat (as in Talmudic rabbinism), and silencing critics.

– Trivializing the Jewish dominance in the Soviet totalitarian machine to “some areas of the Soviet bureaucracy”.

– Attributing between-war anti-Semitism solely to racism. In fact, all Jewish groups in Poland and international Zionists have opposed Polish independence after WW1. Do Jews expect Polish love for that? On top of it, Jews have dominated commerce, professions and other spheres in difficult economic times, so the Polish government took measures such as restriction of university quota to the proportion of Jews in the Polish society. Anything wrong with that? Yet, this fact is given as an example of Polish irrational, blind anti-Semitism.

– Equating Poles with pathological killers of Jews. Poles, as the only ones besides Serbs subject to death penalty for doing so, have risked lives of own families and whole villages to save hundreds of thousands Jews. But the article praises Danes who without any risk have transported their 5000 Jews to safety. So why are Poles the most numerous national group distinguished by the Israeli Yad Vashem memorial in Jerusalem for saving Jewish lives in WW2? And not all Polish rescuers have been, or have wished to be, identified.

– Emphasizing denouncement of Jews in Holland and France (obviously a marginal phenomenon), but silence on rescuers in those countries. In Poland, Zionist Jews themselves have denounced other Jews to the Nazis with whom they co-operated on the street, in Jewish ghetto councils and in Jewish police. Not a word about it in Spiegel.

– Painting alleged post-WW2 pogroms (staged by JPC to drive Jews out to Palestine) as a by-product of quests for national states. In fact, Judeocentric regimes (e.g. Poland, Hungary) have suppressed any national-patriotic tendencies in a ruthless systematic manner, while assuring implementation of parasitic Jewish interests.

– Foggy naming of “Balkan countries” as culprits. After recent demonization of Serbs, JPC media cannot point fingers at extreme Croats and Albanians only, leaving Serbs as obvious suspects in the mind of uneducated reader (the majority nowadays). Recent JPC’s anti-Serbian propaganda campaigns have white-washed Albanian extremists’ crimes against Jews and helped clean Croat nationalist conscience of the guilt for hundreds of thousands Serbs murdered in WW2 while keeping the number of Jews killed by Ustashe unchanged.

By piotrbein