Judeocentrics Behind Balkan Interventionism

Judeocentrics Behind Balkan Interventionism
Piotr Bein, independent, Canada and Poland
Paper prepared for the Belgrade Forum on 10th anniversary of the NATO bombing
Post-conference version incorporating comments, copyright Piotr Bein 2009

Abstract and Conclusions
This presentation abridges the author’s work for the International Comparative Genocide Research Project at the Hiroshima City University. Substantiations of present theses are found there.
Numerous power groups are responsible for 20th century wars and genocides, but New World Order-oriented, apocalyptic, messianic Judeocentrics seem to lead them all. They work through a global Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC) that, for example, has traded off a few hundred thousand new settlers in Israel for tens of millions dead in WWI and WWII, incl. Jewish masses opposed to Zionism. Judeocentrics disrespect human life, in accord with Talmudic loathing and fanaticism. This global web of extreme Judeocentrics and Gentile supporters are guided by “end time” ideology. Their policies create conflicts, threatening nuclear WWIII, with an old Judeocentric target, Russia and Slavs scapegoated, as seen in the “Polish missile crisis”. US legislation targets civil liberties in preparation for JPC messianic-apocalyptic plan, while EU constitution contains similar clauses. The two laws are a mass crimes warning reinforced by JPC politicians’ duplicity.
Judeocentrism threatens world peace, stability and economy. Global “war on terror” (GWOT) shows Judeocentric power, as do the Balkan conflicts. Historically, the Talmudic rabbinate (after WWII, the Hassidic Chabad Lubavitchers out of New York) maintains the ideology of terror and Judeocentric racism, influencing global policy and subduing Jewish and Gentile masses, while working with JPC bankers. Below this layer are the Bilderbergers, with Masons misleadingly exposed as NWO culprit.
JPC implementation core, US neocons bear primary responsibility for current policies of interventions and wars – a little known fact for the Balkan wars that have followed Judeocentric global script. Misleadingly termed “American”, “imperial” and “Anglo-Saxon”, these interventions pit Gentiles against each other. Anti-Gentile strategy wages economic/financial warfare via JPC banking system, infowar via JPC-controlled propaganda, and military action via Gentile armies and resources. Neocons have created and implemented Balkan intervention policy, years before neocon think-tank Project for New American Century applied similar strategy to GWOT, starting with 9/11. Russophobia (and by extension Serbophobia) was argued from alleged continuing Russian threat to global security and from pre-destined US-NATO role to lead into nation-less NWO. Zionism and “revived Islam” were identified as potential allies in JPC geostrategies decades earlier.
JPC media, covert operations, international banks, sanctions, tribunals and fifth-column NGOs have supported the Balkan interventions. IMF-World Bank prescriptions induced hyperinflation and harshened poverty, hightening Yugoslav inter-group tensions. Judeocentric-led “justice” and media coerced Serbs, who had defended their rights in ancestral homelands, into admission of alleged genocide. Media dehumanization of Serbs legitimized crimes under consent of Western public opinion. US and European governments, global Islam and Vatican helped agitate pent-up hatred and fuelled the confrontations, resembling death squad policy in other regions. They also provided covert military aid. Under neocons, US state department took off its list terrorist Hetzbollah and Kosovo Liberation Army, opening Jihadist supply to Bosnia. In 1992-1995, neocon “Turkey-Iran-Pakistan-Balkan” affair armed and trained Bosnian Muslims. With Turkey’s involvement, Iranian weapons pipeline led via Croatia. By late 1994, US arms supply went through a secretly constructed airport in Bosnia. The affair bore JPC fingerprints, just like in the Iran-Contra affair in which Israel and Turkey collaborated in arms sales to Iran. In Kosovo intervention, neocons again confronted Pentagon professionals and European leaders.
Post-crime propaganda reversed victim-villain roles, to cover up own crimes, escape responsibility, draw material and moral gains, and prepare for further crimes. The courts and media protect the interventionists. Enforced politically with disproportionate, tough laws, Holocaustian pretence slanders and ruins critics of JPC to subvert Western civilisation, also on non-Holocaustian themes, e.g. those concerning Islamism in “Srebrenica genocide”. JPC racists claim the moral high ground, and hatefully and falsely defame target peoples, while maintaining Holocaustian victimhood’s moral shield against persecuting the actual villain. Judeocentrics terrorize other Jews, but blame Gentiles, creating distrust and antagonisms. This tactics distract critics and justify JPC interventionism.
JPC-staged events (e.g. 9/11, London, and Madrid attacks, and Operations Danish Cartoons and Mumbai terror) pit Muslims against Christians. JPC’s exploitation of Islamism dates back to Mossad’s subversion of Middle Eastern Islamists. During Afghanistan-USSR war, Western intelligence, who by then worked with Mossad, created Al Qaeda from Jihadists. In the Balkans, too, JPC have been supporting Islamism and international Jihad opportunistically; declaration of Kosovo independence isn’t the end. Islamist Green Corridor from Western China to Europe invites exploitation, as does Turkey’s EU membership, and minority Islamism of Muslim immigrants. The Islamist Trojan Horse could be turned against the West to fulfil JPC’s apocalyptic goal of enslavement and destruction of Gentiles.
BND’s subversion of Yugoslavia since 1960s and German policy to weaken rump Serbia (e.g. looming “independent” Vojvodina) may be seen as a continuation of German-Zionist co-operation that, in case of Poland, dates back to partitions of Poland since the 18th century in thwarting Polish post-WWI independence efforts and establishing Judeopolonia in Eastern Europe. Today, JPC-German cooperation shares goals of covering up Nazi-Zionist crimes and deriving moral and material gains from reversing victim-villain roles. Major Jewish organisations have objected neither to JPC’s abuse of Holocaust symbols nor to WWII victim-villain role reversal for Serbs and Poles.
Aided by diplomatic, economic, and propagandist warfare, “humanitarian interventions” have displaced a million Serbs from ancestral lands under false humanitarian pretexts: death camps (Trnopolje) and mass rape, grossly inflated (Srebrenica) and falsified massacres (Goražde, Račak), non-existent ethnic cleansing (Kosovo Albanians), and alleged threat to own nationhood (ethnic cleansing of Krajina and Western Slavonia). Since the other hoaxes have collapsed, the Srebrenica “genocide” is the most abused case. International institutions for peace and justice participated: ICTY, ICJ, UN, OSCE, and NGOs – funded by JPC and vested interests. The propaganda brushed aside anti-Serb mass crimes: repeated ethnic cleansing in Croatia; expulsion from Sarajevo; Orić’s massacres around Srebrenica; bombing Serbia’s civilians and infrastructure; NATO use of radioactive and other illegal weapons; NATO-UN-EU-supported ethnic cleansing of Kosovo.
JPC’s Balkan divide-and-conquer strategy tested “Balkanization of the globe”, then tried it in the Caucasus, but Russia reacted decisively. Judeocentric Balkan policy and actions have harmed the Serbs and their Orthodoxy as much as Western Christianity and civilisation, threatening regional and continental stability. A vestige of Christianity still uncorrupted, Orthodoxy is a Judeocentric target since Bolsheviks’ genocide on Russians and Ukrainians, and Young Turks genocide on Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks, masterminded by crypto-Jewish Masons, Dönmeh. It mirrors the WWII Zionist hate of Judaic Orthodoxy they have helped annihilate in Shoah with Nazi hands. Obama’s “change” is deceptive. Judeocentrics and NWO proponents staff White House, Pentagon and intelligence leadership.

Anti-Semitism: bigoted prejudice against Jews.
Anti-Zionism: opposition to Zionism on various grounds – from Judaic religious to secular Gentile opposition, to brutal colonization of Palestine and genocide (the latter issue is dealt with in this essay).
Dönmeh: crypto-Jewish converts to Islam in the Near East, followers of the 17th century Ottoman Jewish messiah Sabbatai Zevi.
Frankist: a follower of 18th century radical Jewish religious leader Jacob Frank, who claimed to be reincarnate of self-proclaimed messiah Sabbatai Zevi and of King David.
Holocaust: WWII genocide on more than twenty groups, Slavs being the most numerous.
Judeocentrism: serving narrow, often partisan and extreme pro-Israeli, pro-Judaic and/or pro-Zionist interest, without regard for the rights of others; also espoused by non-Jewish Christian Zionists.
Judeopolonia: 19th century concept of Jewish state on Baltic and Slav peoples lands, from the Baltic to the Black Sea.
Masonic: of or relating to the international secret order of Freemasons.
Messianism: belief in the promised deliverer of the Jewish nation prophesied in the Hebrew Bible.
Mossad: Israeli intelligence.
Neoconservative: neocon; an Israel-first, US political orientation of Judeocentric politicians and public servants. Essential part of JPC.
Shoah: WWII Holocaust of Jews.
Zionism: a movement for (originally) the reestablishment and (now) the development and protection of Jewish nation in Palestine or elsewhere.
Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC, also Judeocentrics): a global web of powerful individuals and organizations who advocate for, support and carry out radical Israel-first and Judeocentric policies; JPC includes Zionist Christians and moderate Jews.

Date convention: x.y.z, where x = day, y = month, z = year. Example: 24.3.1999 = March 24, 1999. Reference at paragraph’s end refers to the whole paragraph, unless other references occur in it.

9/11    September 11, 2001, attacks in the USA
BiH    Bosnia and Herzegovina
D&FA    Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy
DPG    “Defense Planning Guidance”
GWOT    global war on terror
ICTY    International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia
JPC    Judeocentric Power Complex
NGO    non-governmental organization
NWO    New World Order
NYT    New York Times
OSCE    Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
PNAC     Project for a New American Century
PR    Public Relations
WMD    weapons of mass destruction

Several often-invoked reasons for the Balkan wars don’t hold. World Bank estimates Kosovo’s mineral reserves at $19 billion, incl. Trepca metals, supposedly the reason for stealing Kosovo. Was it all worth the bloody, protracted terror, war and ethnic cleansing of a quarter million non-Albanians? The 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia inflicted material damage of comparable value – at what US-NATO military cost? “International investors” took over the bulk of Poland’s national assets without bombing. Neither is Serbia and its Kosovo on indispensable transportation routes, e.g. Via Egnatia from Turkish border through Greece and on to European freeways bypasses Serbia. US has prepared for next wars by moving military bases to Balkan countries outside Serbia, ostensibly to guard oil transport routes, but there is no evidence that Big Biz drives US imperialism. Friendly US-Saudi relations guarantee oil supply security, despite Saudi support to Wahabbi terror that GWOT supposedly fights. Russia has secured corridors in the Balkans without firing a shot. The US pipeline doesn’t even run close to Kosovo, while Camp Bonsdsteel, a base without an airport or harbour, thus highly inadequate to “encircle Russia”, transfers Afghan heroine and shelters Kosovo Albanian criminals. Others claim that Arab petrodollars grease US policy into supporting Balkan Islamists. In fact, US Federal Reserve in private Judeocentric hands has more abundant supply: printing money, as recent “economic crisis” shows.
In short, much misinformation is produced to cover-up the real Balkan agenda, of which explaining away Western appeasement of Balkan Jihad despite GWOT fought everywhere else is a sign of a mega cover-up. Independents expose internal (neo-Ustasha Croats, radical Bosnian Muslims, Albanian extremists) and external (the West, Jihad, German expansionism, Vatican) actors of Balkan interventions, but not the real culprit, the JPC. Perhaps fear of being accused of “anti-Semitism” has to do with it. Going beyond JPC puppets, this paper sums up the author’s work since 1999, recently within the International Comparative Genocide Research project of the Hiroshima City University. Due to space limitations, only parts of the papers are presented here.

Neocons and Christian Zionists
Under the umbrella of Judeocentric and Christian Zionist loyalty, thousands of politicians, pundits, media people, bankers and businessmen, professors and intellectuals, as well as PR firms, think tanks and organizations have influenced policy internationally. US critics call them the Israel Lobby, and a subset of the Lobby – neoconservatives (neocons). “The Congress, the Executive branch, state and local governments, and national and local media have all come under the influence of the Jewish “lobby’s” pro-Israel agenda to the point that none or few dare to criticize Israel or its US representatives.” The Lobby has created a “tyranny of Israel over the US” that threatens “world peace and stability, the global economy, and the very future of democracy in this country”. Globally, Professor James Petras calls the lobby the international Zionist Power Configuration, but more precise term, Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC) is adopted here, since Zionism has historical and geographical limits, while millennia-old Judeocentrism rapidly spreads its conquests globally.
JPC conquest of Palestine resembles Albanian conquest of Kosovo, where, after two centuries of terror and “demographic conquest” worsened by Tito and neocon policies, neo-fascist aliens overtook Serbs’ cradle, with majority UN disapproval. Before Israel was proclaimed (15.5.1948), Zionist forces had seized 75% of Palestine, expelling 780,000 out of 1,300,000 Palestinians. Koenig Report (1976) urged to “use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population” (Al Hamishmar (Israel) 7.9.1976). UN majority resolutions have condemned Israel, but Israel has been defying them. US-Israeli think-tank’s Clean Break (1996) advised the right-wing incoming Israeli president Netanyahu to “engage every possible energy on rebuilding Zionism” such as: the downfall of Syria and Iraq by exploiting Arab states’ internal and external tensions, Israel-Turkey-Jordan ousting of Hussein to foil Syria’s ambitions, and close ties with the US. Neocon Richard Perle, involved later in the Balkans, co-authored Clean Break (Washington Times 7.10.2002).
Being in power prior to and during Yugoslavia breakup, neocons bear primary responsibility for “US” Balkan policy. JPC pushed the US to intervene into preventable civil wars that weakened America’s greatest civilizational ally Europe, turned away the Slav sympathizer, and established Balkan Jihad against the West. The neocons will “remain an influential force well beyond Iraq.”
US neocons recruit Jews and non-Jews and have personal relationships with Israeli leaders and global Jewry. Their priorities, “are heavily influenced by the values, interests and collective historical memory of the Jewish people”. Neocons exploit the Jewish masses as well as tens of millions of Zionist Christians who believe Israel’s existence is necessary for Christ’s Second Coming. Zionists had funded pastor Scofield to add hundreds of pages of notes to the Authorized King James Version of the Bible by 1908, and transplanted their agenda into Christian denominations after the two world wars. Scofield continued subversion of Christianity through Bible forgery with mythologies by 16th century crypto-Jewish Jesuits. With “a few hundred of the most powerful conservatives in the country”, leading Christian Zionists and neocons are secret members in Council for National Policy, an umbrella organization with right-wing Christian agenda towards expediting Second Coming (NYT 28.8.2004). CNP includes Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Chertoff, Rumsfeld, former UN ambassador Bolton, and top DIA and CIA people.
Covert operations, terror and failed-by-design diplomacy and justice accompanied economic sanctions, while infowar matched ferocious US-NATO attacks on Yugoslav civilians in absence of military success. The “civil wars” supported separatists in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia, aiming at a “regime change”. The sanctions have contributed to Yugoslavia break-up, devastating the Serbs. Neocon Abramowitz outlined (January 1999) options towards Kosovo independence: arming and training the KLA, removing Milošević, bombing Serbia, and making Kosovo a NATO protectorate via ground forces (American Spectator, June 1999). A Jewess rescued by Serbs during WWII, Albright legitimized KLA to a representative in Ramboulliet “negotiations” that bullied the Serbs into NATO invasion under the bombing threat. US-NATO-sponsored KLA terror in Kosovo became US-NATO terror bombing of Yugoslav civilians and infrastructure, under command of gen. Clark, who, like Albright, “didn’t know” of his Jewishness till later in life.
Crypto-Jews of apparently Muslim (Dönmeh) and Christian (Frankists) faith have a history of subverting non-Jewish societies. The other JPC “secret” is that many top Nazis were Jewish Zionists, aided by the banker Jewry who also had financed the Bolsheviks,  most of whom were extreme Jews. International Zionist elites collaborated with the Nazis, and colluded in Shoah, once ghetto Jews proved unwanted in Palestine for their rejection of Zionist ideology.

Roadmap to NWO and NATO
Banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild wanted (1770) to modernize Lucifer worship (Illuminism) towards world domination, and to impose it “upon what would remain of the human race” after an orchestrated cataclysm. He presented (1773) a plan to, “Make the Goyim destroy each other so there will only be the proletariat left in the world, with a few millionaires devoted to our cause, and sufficient police and soldiers to protect our interest. Call it The New Order. Appoint a Dictator”. Freemasons were infiltrated to implement the satanic plan under the guise of “peace on earth” in which all existing governments and religions would be destroyed, by “dividing the masses into opposing camps in ever increasing numbers”; people would “fight and weaken themselves and gradually destroy national governments and religious institutions”. Masons, terror, media, demoralisation, corrupt politicians and economic manipulation were specified as tools for the NWO.
After Cold War, pre-neocons found a new enemy, the Islamic world, to wage GWOT for NWO. US geostrategist Robert Strausz-Hupe wrote in Geopolitics (1942): “Many nations will be locked in a few vast compartments. But in each of these one people, controlling a strategic area, will be master of the others.” He advocated “unitary world rule” antidote to “the explosive forces on the loose in Asia” and “a multiple balance of nuclear power”; US leadership against USSR and for NWO would require UN replacement by expanded NATO, “the nucleus of the world federation-in-the-making” (Orbis April 1957). From an alliance of 16 countries (1994), without partners, having never conducted a military operation, expanded NATO and partnerships assure military presence from Africa’s Atlantic coast, through Persian Gulf and Asia, to the Pacific region. Former Soviet and Yugoslav republics are in NATO Partnership for Peace, except Russia; 49 African not-yet-partner countries are targeted for NATO integration. Welcoming “operational cooperation in peacekeeping in the Balkans and Afghanistan”, UN and NATO declared (23.9.2008) “expanded consultation and cooperation”.
NWO wouldn’t arrive peacefully and Strausz-Hupe hinted Americans would do the dirty work. The most “retrogressive force of this century”, national power (“the school for violence and dictatorship […] narrowly parochial; it negates the promises and requirements of modern technology; it impedes the exchanges of goods and ideas […] stunts economic and cultural growth”), must be “checked by “superior political power”). In Protracted Conflict (1959), Strausz-Hupe painted a road to NWO via the benevolent American Empire, but Western Europe had to unite first. It did, swallowing the post-Soviet states that were lured by promises that turned into imposed sacrifices. Most EU nations oppose NWO measures, e.g. Poland wouldn’t petition for NATO and EU membership, wasn’t it for JPC-Masonic propaganda of quislings entrenched since the Judeo-Communist post-WWII times. USSR had to accept reunification of Germany, as Strausz-Hupe’s 1965 In My Time had predicted as essential to begin “European integration”, before uniting with North American Union where totalitarian measures are also being implemented on GWOT excuse. The ideas are similar to Marxist; Jews will “attain world dominion”, “everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship” and furnish “all the leaders without encountering opposition” in NWO. Then Jewish rulers will “abolish private property” and use all state resources: “when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands”.
Neocon mentor, former University of Chicago and RAND guru Wohlstetter also loathed USSR and Communism, believing USA had to win a nuclear war to deter USSR. Wohlstetter and Strausz-Hupe inspired Perle-Wolfowitz’s anti-Soviet, nuke-them doctrine. Perle and US ambassador to Turkey Strausz-Hupe fathered the US-Israel-Turkey nexus; instrumental were Jewish-US groups inside the US and Israeli defense establishments, supported by “conservative Jewish-American groups” working with Turkish diplomats in Washington and Turkish-US businessmen connected to Turkish and Israeli Jews. Using neo-fascists, ultra-rightists and mafia, the Turkish military, CIA and secret NATO army, Gladio, ran 1970s terror that killed tens of thousands and destabilized Turkey, confirming revelations on the rightists (and Islamists) in JPC state terror service. A pro-US military coup in Turkey (September 1980) precipitated jailing and torture of several hundred thousand leftists for years without trial. Turkey-Israel military pacts (18.9.1995, 23.2.1996) subject to a secrecy agreement (31.3.1994), prove deep Israel-Turkey relations, despite downplaying the significance of the accord and occasional thawing of the relations.
Turkey-Iran-Balkan affair arose in 1992-1995. Later, Perle said arming and training Bosnian Muslims was US “vital interest” and NATO member Turkey was “number one candidate for the job” (Daily News (Turkey) 22.1.1996). Israeli and Pakistani diplomats held secret meetings in Washington, arranged by Turkish ambassador (Haaretz 18.2.2005).  A broker of Israel-Pakistan arms deals for the Afghan War, was involved.  Pakistani ship with arms for Bosnia was intercepted in January 1993 (South Asia Tribune 23.12.2002). Pakistan airlifted guided missiles (March 1992 – May 1993) to Bosnian Muslims, according to Pakistan’s ISI head.  Iran, with Turkish involvement, opened a weapons pipeline to Bosnia via Croatia. US C-130 transport planes and AWACS were involved. In March 1992, a radical Bosnian Muslim mafioso tied to Bosnian intelligence, negotiated arms deals between Turkey and Bosnia. In collaboration with him, US special forces constructed an airfield in Bosnia for secret US arms pipeline (Scotsman 3.12.1995).
Against his condemnation of nationalism that stood in the way of NWO, Strausz-Hupe (whom Perle lauded) saw Zionism and Islam as potential allies in building NWO. Extreme Jews invented Communism, an ostensible solution to the exploitation of masses by “capitalists”, only to replace it with NWO concept, ostensibly to guard humankind against new threats. 9/11 and GWOT implemented this version of Judaic messianism, by inventing evidence of the “Asian threat” and WMD. US House speaker Gingrich coined “Islamic totalitarianism” (8.2.1995). Just as Zionist Nazis taught Germans to hate and fear Jews, “the killers of Christ”, neocons teach Westerners to fear and hate “Islamofascists”. The “Islamic totalitarianism” logo accompanies escalating GWOT, turning a billion moderate Muslims into a mortal enemy, although Muslim immigrant majority rejects radicalization. In a confrontational spiral of chaos and hate – Judeocentric modus operandi, Jihadist militancy supported by CIA, MI6 and Mossad was exploited in each GWOT and Balkan cases, in “Danish cartoons” scandal, and recently in Mumbai terror, using bogus accusations of harbouring al-Qaeda, WMD and nuclear capability of “an axis of evil” (a JPC term).
Years ahead of 9/11, GWOT, and the “liberation” of Iraq (but with similar genocide and mass murder allegations), US Balkan interventionism originated from an alliance of neocons and liberal “hawks” who with the US Right and Left supported the KLA under Clinton. Accordingly, neocons Kaplan and Kristol believe (The War Over Iraq 2003) that “American power, which had liberated the Balkans from Serbian aggression, should be redeployed against Iraq. Once again, morality was the key”. Liberal hawks adopted the rhetoric. Clintonians pushed for US power demonstration, an occasion to “crush Serb skulls”, while crying “Genocide! ” The bellicosity infected Hillary Clinton, who in March 1999, after eight months’ silence following Lewinsky affaire, demanded Bill bomb Yugoslavia. Coincidentally, a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto, Marek Edelman smelled “Albanian blood” and appealed to stop a genocide, inspiring two German Greens, Joschka Fischer and Daniel Cohn-Bendit. Hillary and Bill joined. The hysteria excused “collateral damage” of the “smart” bombs, and fired bellicosity up.
Hillary Clinton and JPC media still approve of Kosovo interventionism to stop genocide. As a nation-building and democracy-inspiring tool, the Clintonian version, though proportional to Kosovo’s smaller scale, has been as disastrous as the Republican version in Iraq. International community has accepted KLA’s ethnic cleansing as a fait accompli. As in ethnic cleansing of Serbs by the Croat army and neo-Nazi mercenaries in Western Slavonia and Krajina, JPC instructed editors to keep silent or be selectively anti-Serbian during March 2004, Kosovo pogroms. National Albanian American Council, a JPC tool like the other Balkan extremist lobbies in the US, blamed Belgrade. JPC propagandized for Albanians, their pawn in the destruction of Christians, saying that the violence reflected growing impatience of the Albanian majority. Abramowitz blamed Serbia, NATO and EU for delaying independence and thus causing the violence. Future US ambassador to Belgrade, Polt lied that thanks to KFOR intervention, the extremists hadn’t achieved the terror goal (Beta 27.3.2004; Washington Times 19.3.2004; NYT 18.3.2004; Reuters 18.3.2004). The West and the Islamist states have been supporting Kosovo and parts of Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece in future Greater Albania, against Serbs divided between US-NATO-EU vassals.

Covert action and economic sanctions
With neocons in CIA, DIA, state department, and National Security Council, the super-secret National Security Agency (NSA) “is ripe for penetration by Israeli intelligence”. JPC-influenced US security and intelligence engagement unfolded in support to Balkan secessions. In 1984, three years before Milošević came to power and six years before Yugoslavia’s breakup, White House issued “US Policy Towards Yugoslavia”, a blueprint for a new Balkan order.  Since 1986, Yugoslavia examined CIA exploitation of Slovenian youth’s nationalism to break the country up. Later, CIA intensified its activity. After US-NATO Kosovo campaign, CIA acted almost openly. US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) in 1990 referred to Balkan human rights, predicting Yugoslavia’s break-up within 18 months and civil war. “Prophetically” it had scapegoated president of Serbia Milošević as the instigator. NYT (28.11.1990) wrote that a law had barred US loans and credits for Yugoslavia, except for a republic “which has held free and fair elections and which is not engaged in systematic abuse of human rights.’“ The speculative time until Yugoslavia’s breakup later coincided with the military actions by the Croat extremists to initiate secession of Croatia.
As US military was aiding Croat and Muslim forces, US defence secretary Perry lied (June 1995) to congress about US impartiality in Bosnia. A month earlier, UAV were launched at Brac in Croatia, to spy on Serbian military. A Croat attack on Serb locations under UN protection in Sector West killed 5000 Serb civilians according to Serbian Orthodox Church, 1000 according to UN, including several UN soldiers. US was involved and issued no criticism.
IMF-World Bank prescriptions that invariably precipitate hyperinflation; “Yugoslavia’s federal fiscal structure collapsed in 1990 leading to mass poverty and heightened ethnic and social divisions. In December 1989, the IMF imposed draconian conditions on already troubled Yugoslavia. The World Bank dismantled the banking system, laid off over half a million employees in a year, then ordered the elimination of two-thirds of all jobs.”
IMF froze federal fund transfers in January 1990, leaving Yugoslav republics stranded financially and fuelling “secessionist tendencies that fed on economic factors as well as ethnic divisions, virtually ensuring the de facto secession of the republics.” US Congress resolution 101-513 (5.11.1990) threatened to cut off all aid, commerce, credits and loans to Yugoslavia, if each of its republics didn’t hold free elections within six months. The 1990 NIE “prophecy” and the money-for-democracy bill have guided US Balkan policy. The “economic warfare” unleashed extremism and nationalist hatreds among the leaders of the republics, whom the federal government could no longer finance and received Yugoslavs’ blame. The embargo was expanded during Bosnian civil war, after the Dayton accords and again after the 1999 bombing. To bolster the pro-US opposition, after a meeting with its leaders, Albright said free and fair elections in Serbia would end most of the sanctions (NYT 3.11.1999).
Albright blocked French and British efforts to embargo Croatia, and US defence and state departments approved (November 1994) MPRI contract with Croatia. “Retired” generals advised Croat ethnic cleansing in UN-protected Krajina. Operation Storm jammed Serbian communications with US equipment. US Navy planes out of Aviano knocked out Krajina Serb military facilities. NATO intelligence director confirmed US help with Storm. MPRI’s gen. Vuono met with Croat counterpart before Storm that used Desert Storm’s rapid attack on many fronts. Three state department sources told NYT’s David Binder that US envoy Holbrooke who flew to Zagreb to meet Tuđman (ostensibly to prevent Storm), gave green light for Storm. In his memoirs Holbrooke acknowledged he had encouraged it.
To expel Bosnian Serbs, Clinton administration fostered Storm-like Croat-Muslim military offensive, despite UN and European peace-making. Slated by Holbrooke, Bosnian Serb cities were attacked before Dayton. 90% of US financing aid went to Bosnian Muslims, while ICTY US-dominated staff prosecuted Serbs. US Information Agency reported (December 1995) that Serbs were most likely to have lost a family member.
Sarajevo marketplace (Markale) false-flag massacres fooled the West thrice, by declaring Serbs guilty for Izetbegović’s sacrifice of Muslims to secure Western support. Each Markale explosion happened before an important meeting to justify: anti-Serb embargo (1992), NATO bombing of Serb military and civilians (1994-1995), and a final US-NATO offensive (1995). US air force started to bomb Serbs. Bypassing UN Security Council, US command had already selected Bosnian Serb targets with Muslim help. Media created tolerance if not enthusiasm for the intervention. Holbrooke denied US involvement. The next explosion killed 68; Albright and senator Dole declared Serbs guilty, Dole visited Markale, but UN and NATO again obtained evidence of Muslim villainy. Two months after the massacre, Bosnian Muslims had NATO intervene in Goražde. With US advice, Muslim forces attacked Serb villages. To drive out 12,500 Goražde civilian Serbs, Muslims had faked ham radio reports that were broadcast by US TV. US media presented Serb response as an unprovoked attack on UN safe zone Goražde. Washington and Sarajevo urged UN to authorise air strike, but it was called off, as Muslims had manipulated casualty damage reports, eventually to 200,000, even though the fighting practically ceased. Former state department’s George Kenney criticized the media-inflated numbers, while International Red Cross counted 20-35,000 (1994), and US military 60-80,000. British intelligence accused CIA of anti-Serb bias. A CIA study limited to areas held by Bosnian Serbs, reported 90% of ethnic cleansing was by Serbs in Bosnia. Serbs cleansed from Bosnia and Croatia (voluntary refugees according to CIA) were excluded, while international agencies stated 40% of refugees were Serbs. Similarly, Sarajevo claims of 30-50,000 Muslim females raped by Serbs, dropped to 2400 raped on all sides of the conflict, according to UN. CIA was pressured to blame Bosnian Serbs for the ethnic cleansing. Its 1995 report on this proved distorted: PR firms in Bosnian employ, media pundits, and “sympathetic elements of the US State Department” had attacked anti-interventionists as pro-Serb or pro-Nazi.

Arms and military support
Injustice to Palestinians and Muslims takes an exception in JPC support to Balkan Islamists. UN Resolution 713 (25.9.1991) suspended the delivery of all weapons and military equipment to Yugoslavia. Anti-Serb lifting the embargo for Muslims and Croats was in Clinton’s 1992 election campaign, and US entered the war after his inauguration. US allowed Iran to provide weapons and mujahedin, helping create an Islamist state and giving Iran greater influence in the Balkans. National security advisor Anthony Lake outlined US policy: “arms going to Bosnian Croats and Muslims and air power to stop Serbian interference with these shipments”. Saudi intelligence urged Clinton to lead military aid to Bosnia, and US ambassador to Germany, Holbrooke drew up covert plans. As assistant state secretary he persuaded (August 1994) his department to license MPRI to train the Croat army (Scotsman 2.3.2001). Urged by the US, Bosnian Muslims and Croats stopped fighting and formed their federation (13.3.1994). Key military personnel and UN staff previously stationed in Croatia and Bosnia went to Kosovo. MPRI was also on contract with the KLA. Gen. Jackson, while commanding IFOR in Croatia, had not rushed resettlement of Serbs, ostensibly to avoid conflicts with the Croats and the land mine threat (Jane’s Defence Weekly 14.2.1996). KFOR commander Jackson tolerated KLA terror that had the same “land mine” effect. War criminal from Croat bloody ethnic cleansing operations, gen. Çeku was later nominated KLA commander. NATO officials, Western heads of state and UN and ICTY officials knew of Çeku’s war crimes.
Iran started secret airlifts of arms to Bosnia via Croatia. Under US blind-eye policy, Iran and Turkey armed and equipped 30,000 BiH soldiers by late 1993. Conscious of Iran’s greater influence in the Balkans, but for the advantages of arming the Muslims, after Croat-Bosnian federation formed, US deputy secretary of state Talbott, national security advisor Lake and Clinton decided (27.4.1994), “to give a green light to the arms supplies from Iran to Croatia”. US administration was officially hostile to Iran then, often criticising it for “sponsoring radical political groups and terrorists around the world”, and for arming Hezbollah and Hamas, but by early 1995 “Iranian cargo landed in Zagreb three times a week”. “Turkey and Saudi Arabia were very willing to deliver weapons, but the Bosnian government leaned towards Iran.
UN observers and others reported (February-March 1995) frequent airlifts of arms to Bosnia, allegedly by Turkey with “the assent of parts of the US government”. Tim Ripley of Jane’s Intelligence Review blamed NSC and state department “covert warriors” and “freelance operatives” brought in by senior members of the Clinton administration. NATO’s admiral Leighton Smith was careful to only ambiguously deny US military involvement. US officers threatened a UN official to keep silent. On state department instructions, the US embassy pressured and threatened reporters. The administration’s duplicity staggered senior US military and CIA officials. According to Wiebes, CIA or DIA weren’t involved, and Pentagon special operations budget paid for the operation “with the complete assent of the White House”.
Western security and intelligence services supported secede-by-terror Bosnia and Kosovo; Serbs fought thousands mujahedin, who established Balkan bases. Iran, and other Muslim states brought mujahedin (1992 – January 1996), some suspected of links with al-Qaeda, from Afghanistan, Chechnya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Algeria. Training camps were set up “possibly for hundreds of volunteers.” Wiebes believes “everyone was aware” of mujahedin in Bosnia, “as they killed a British soldier early on”.
Albanians received support of Islamic states, Germany, US and UK, as Afghans did previously in USSR-Afghanistan war. BND played a key role in preparations for Yugoslavia’s breakup, but since the early 1990s, Germany has co-operated with US. JPC puppets US, Germany and UK triggered national Islamic liberation movements in Bosnia and Kosovo, and supported international Jihad there. German parliament’s overseer investigated media allegations that BND infiltrated EU monitoring that aimed at ceasefires and humanitarian aid. Head of the German EU monitors in Zagreb, Christoph von Bezold allegedly smuggled munitions across enemy lines to the Muslim-controlled Bihac pocket. US state department released terrorist organisations from its list, such as Hezbollah, to operate in Bosnia. This fact alone undermines the credibility of GWOT.
By mid-1990s, CIA, BND and MI6 provided covert support to al-Qaeda-supported KLA. In 1998, US state department removed KLA from an official list of terrorist groups, in violation of UN Security Council resolution 1160 (31.3.1998). US and NATO provided KLA with arms and training. By 1999, US and UK special forces and MPRI trained KLA in its Northern Albanian bases (Daily Telegraph 18.4.1999). Renamed Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) in the wake of 1999 war, KLA received UN status that granted sources of funding, including direct US military aid, and assaulted Southern Serbia and Macedonia, where the Islamist militants and NATO joined hands in 2000-2001, again contradicting the official claim that Western intelligence asset Jihad has “gone against their sponsors!” In June 2001, 500 KLA had captured Aracinovo in FYROM, but Macedonian forces cut them off and could kill them off. NATO brokered a deal under the threat of economic sanctions. NATO (incl. 16 MPRI members) evacuated the trapped KLA, only to release them to fight again. At an event for Kerry’s election campaign his senior foreign policy advisor by 2004, Holbrooke, and gen. Clark socialized with KLA gun-runner and fundraiser Florin Krasniqi, an illegal Albanian immigrant (Scotland on Sunday 24.10.2004; Washington Post 26.5.1998).

Exploit Islamism
The neocons and their German and British colleagues have been supporting local and external Islamists in ethnic cleansing and exterminations of Bosnian and Kosovo Serbs, proving Gingrich’s “Islamic totalitarianism” is JPC ploy. Their intervention in Bosnia on behalf of Islamist minority (opposed by the Muslim majority) violated UN rules and international law, but the world accepted it because, ostensibly, it stopped the bloodshed. With US blessings, Iran-led pan-Islamic coalition financed by petrodollar countries launched Izetbegović’s Jihad, following like later anti-Serb Kosovo policy, the Organization for the Islamic Conference plan  (1-2.2.1992): recognize independent Bosnia and Herzegovina, assist Kosovo Albanians into independence, recognize political autonomy of Sandžak, and steer FYROM into shared Muslim-Macedonian sovereignty. The plan aims at forming the European Green Corridor, a zone of Islamist states from Turkey to Albania and Bosnia.
Following international experts’ investigation into war crimes against Bosnian Serbs and Croats, Republika Srpska produced a chart linking Islamic extremists and terrorists in the Balkans. Kyrgyzstan National Intelligence Service found that a trans-national Islamist extremist group in former Soviet republics and in the Chinese Xinjiang province had been trying to form al-Qaeda-sponsored, Central Asian Green Corridor. Once merged, the Islamist Corridors would span from Xinjiang to Albania and Bosnia. No-one in Bosnia had identified al-Qaeda members and no-one answered why six of them took part in 9/11, because international officials concealed the “war crimes against Serbs and Croats in the name of Allah” and the real reasons behind Bosnia war. Intelligence from a Wahabbi terrorist group in Bosnia showed Saudi-Iranian, anti-Russian government support in Chechnya and building a base for future operations in Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus (D&FA October 2004). Former British politician and MI6 official, Ashdown has been denying that terrorist, or terrorist support organizations, exist in Bosnia, while supporting Islamist agendas and pursuing only alleged Serbian war criminals. MI6 exploits Islamist terrorist network “to recruit Islamist militants with British passports for the war against the Serbs in Kosovo”, protecting these assets from Scotland Yard investigations (Guardian 10.9.2005).
JPC’s Balkan Islamophilia contrasts with ant-Islamism in GWOT terror. Zionists have been exploiting Islamism and Islamophobia for state terror, just as they have used Nazism and anti-Semitism to establish and maintain Israel; “Just as Zionist Jews subverted German society with crypto-Jewish leaders, who rose to power on a platform of anti-Semitism, Zionist Jews are subverting Moslem nations with crypto-Jewish leaders and Jewish agents, who rise to power on an anti-Zionist platform […] Jews also commit acts of terrorism against various Moslem sects in order to artificially create sectarian strife and divisions among Moslem Peoples.” Israel’s right-wing had supported Hamas to counterbalance PLO with a competing religious alternative, believing that “Hamas and the other groups, if they gained control, would refuse to have anything to do with the peace process and would torpedo any agreements”. US state department counterterrorism official stated that the Israelis “do more to incite and sustain terrorism than curb it”. In a journal for Judaism and Zionism (Kivunim, February 1982), Oded Yinon’s “Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties” advocated exploitation of Arab states’ internal tensions rather than striving for peace. A Mossad agent ran (1984-1989) an Israeli arms network, supplying weapons to Iranian Islamist regime for the Iran-Iraq war; funneled to the right-wing Likud, the money went to Mossad-controlled Palestinian terrorists “who would commit crimes in the name of the Palestinian revolution” but usually unwittingly.
After the war, mujahedin were seen as a threat to NATO troops and the West, and US demanded withdrawal. By late 1990s, Clinton administration ostensibly found it difficult to restrain them, but thousands were allowed to come and go between the Balkans and the West. Hundreds Jihadists with Bosnian passports and 1,000 native Bosnians have terrorist links. CIA and MI6 pressured Izetbegović to force them out. He complied reluctantly, so SAS raided mujahedin camps, killing many. In Kosovo, al-Qaeda was again involved. Milošević testified before ICTY that Holbrooke was informed during his 1998 visit about bin Laden’s arming, training, and preparing KLA in Northern Albania: “However, they decided to cooperate with the KLA and indirectly, therefore, with bin Laden, although before that he had bombed the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania [and] had already declared war.” Balkan Jihad bases proved instrumental in 9/11, and then in London and Madrid attacks (D&FA 2.5.2005, 20.6.2005, 11.7.2005; D&FA Special Report July 2005).
Why support Islamism in the Balkans, while fighting it elsewhere? Purportedly, US intervened to appease the Islamic world with an objectivity towards Balkan Muslim democracy as opposed to backward, tribal Serbian values, offsetting negative perceptions of GWOT and Israel’s conquest of Palestine. The leading Democrat in Foreign Policy Committee, Biden expressed the policy: “If we get Kosovo right, Muslims around the world will be reminded how the United States came to the aid of Kosovo’s Muslim population and helped them build a strong, independent, multi-ethnic democracy” (Voice of America 8.11.2005). If neocons didn’t wish Islamists to get ahead in the Balkans, they wouldn’t have orchestrated the support of Balkan Jihadists. Intelligence agencies could have predicted a failure of the appeasement policy; Muslims hold the West in greater contempt because of GWOT, and are more convinced that their Allah is true and our God is false, since Albanian Muslims are allowed to destroy our God’s temples while our soldiers in Kosovo don’t react. The Islamic Lobby has exploited this for Islam to advance into the Western world, to JPC advantage. To Muslims around the world, it proves Western inferiority and decadence.
USSR-Afghanistan war also exploited Muslim militants. Carter’s national security advisor, geostrategist Brzezinski favored a “de facto alliance with the forces of Islamic resurgence, and with the Republic of Iran” after Shah’s 1978 fall. The idea came to fruition in Brzezinski’s American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (the latter changed to “Caucasus”) that was set up to promote a “peaceful resolution of the Russo-Chechen war” (Guardian 8.9.2004). Pro-Jihadist ACPC included neocon associates and promoted support for the Chechen rebellion viewed as national liberation rather than a terrorist movement linked to international Jihad and deservedly resented by Russia. US has been supporting KLA terror in Kosovo, and then in FYROM from March 2001. Western support to Izetbegović and KLA resembled Brzezinski’s anti-Soviet “Afghanistan trap”.
Islamists helped defeat USSR, only to replace the Cold War “Communist threat”. The duplicity was obvious in the Balkans, where neocons were pro-Islamist while fighting “Jihad” elsewhere. The war against Saddam became war on Islamist terror nine days after 9/11. Neocon think-tank Project for a New American Century (PNAC) urged US president: “any strategy aiming at the eradication of terrorism and its sponsors must include a determined effort to remove Saddam Hussein from power”. JPC “proved” Saddam-Osama link and Iran’s nuclear weapons. Michael Ledeen (Al Jazeera 12.4.2005), a hardcore Zionist, passed on “evidence” on Iran’s nuclear program via Iraqi terrorists whom Mossad trains for attacks on Iran. Ledeen, an associate of Ahmed Chalabi (Saddam’s political opponent with ties to PNAC neocons, provided “proves” for Saddam’s WMD and ties to al-Qaeda), is implicated in other covert operations for wars (Iran-Contra affair, Niger yellow cake forged documents). Ledeen, a believer in fascism without anti-Semitism, was associated with Italian fascist Gladio terror that manipulated public opinion. Ledeen is a “prime candidate as one of the principle organizers of the 9/11 parallel attack operation”. Former defense secretary Caspar Weinberger has named Ledeen, Wolfowitz, Feith and Perle in the X Committee that allegedly passed top secret intelligence to Israeli spy, Pollard.
By 1999, US-NATO bombing of Yugoslavia began propelling Putin to power. To deter Kosovo independence, he pointed to South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Transnistria that had similar ambitions. Invoking Pentagon memo “Defense Planning Guidance” (DPG 1992) by neocons Wolfowitz and Libby, Holbrooke revealed Russo- and Serbophobia, when he accused Putin of seeking “to reassert Russia’s role as a regional hegemon” and refuted that Kosovo status affects other disputes (NYT 6.12.2007). Haaretz editorial (18.2.2008 ) pretended that Jihad hadn’t been planted in Europe’s underbelly. This merely continues civilisational destruction-from-within, using war-of-ideas and universalist instruments of immigration, multiculturalism and neo-liberalism. Revealing Jerusalem-Washington concord, Haaretz states the absence of Balkan Islamism, something that JPC would sense right away. Troubled Israeli and Kosovar sovereignties have a common terror thread: “Israel […] should stretch out a hand to other nations seeking self-determination.” Was Kosovo in Palestine, the IDF and Mossad would be fighting Albanian terrorism. Because Kosovo is in Europe, it is a friend in need.

Opportunistic hatred
Crypto-Jewish Nazis fuelled German hate for Jews, fulfilling Zionist sub-ordination of Jewish suffering to building a Zionist state: “I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. The anti-Semites […] will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews”. Riding on anti-Semitism, the Zionist Nazis ascended to power and ruined Germans by promising a 1000-year Reich with Hitler as the Messiah, via self-destructive unending wars. Today, Judeocentrics focus on the Zionist state and promise NWO, a perpetual bliss through “wars without an end” that exploit Gentile soldiers and resources and target Gentiles for self-destruction, by pitting Christians against Muslims. Radical “Jewish God” mega actors have infiltrated the full spectrum of US politics, aiming to defeat America, by opportunistic manipulation of phobias, a precursor of interventions and mass crimes.
After 2008 elections US policy will wave the flag of anti-Russism and anti-Serbism. Former chief US negotiator at Dayton, slated for a key role in Hillary Clinton’s state department, Holbrooke hinted this with former Bosnian high representative Ashdown in “The Bosnian Powder Keg” (22.10.2008). Anticipating Obama’s victory, it pleaded that US renew its commitment to “Bosnia’s survival as a state, by maintaining an effective troop presence and […] finding ways to untie Bosnia’s constitutional knot”, i.e. liquidating Serbian Republic. The interventionist narrative continues to dominate the discourse, as in NYT (13.12.2008) analysis “Fears of new ethnic conflict in Bosnia”, actually a pro-Muslim plea for more US intervention to “unify” BiH in order to avoid another war. Claiming that “leaders across Bosnia” hoped for more US engagement, NYT is preparing the political and ideological ground for exclusively radical Muslim expectations. US feed fact-free stories: “Bosnia is in deep crisis, with tensions running high […] There is even talk of a new war” (Time 22.12.2008). Albright defeated Serbs with infowar, “diplomacy”, covert action and ICTY. Hillary Clinton follows suit. Serb-hater, vice-president Biden is also committed to Muslim-dominated BiH. Mladić and Karađić will replace Milošević in ICTY dock, and Serbs’-genocide-in-Bosnia mantra will become “Serbian Republic’s genocide on Srebrenica Muslims”. Yet, since the signing of the Dayton Accords, the JPC-steered West has been questioning Serbian Republic legitimacy and striving to reduce authority of this “genocidal creation”” unworthy of existence, “a product of a Serbian ethnic cleansing campaign”.
Despite Russia’s weakness after Soviet disintegration, DPG advocated total US-NATO war against Russia, should Moscow threaten US security and nascent democracies in former Soviet bloc. Neocons regard Serbia as Russia’s appendage, to be broken apart for US hegemony in Europe. Anti-Russism has been reverberating in neocon rhetoric for Kosovo secession, and shortly after in their condemnation of Russia’s defence of Caucasus sovereignties. Jews deeply hate Russians whose forefathers had destroyed the Khazar empire, the fatherland of ancestors of many neocons. The Jew-hated Russian tsars controlled most of the lands on which Jews lived in Europe, including tsarist annexations of Poland. Zionists in Russia wanted to appropriate Russia’s riches and force Russian Jews out to Palestine.
Bolsheviks killed Christian Slavs, mostly Russians, out of hate for Christianity. Jewish Bolsheviks replaced the divine with Communist state authority. Extreme Jews were prominent among the Bolsheviks, and the majority of Jews in the USSR participated and sympathized with the Revolution. Bolshevik 1917-1921 press documents that out of 514 posts in the Bolshevik state, Jews held 437 (85%) and Russians only 21. Alexander Solzhenitsyn was branded anti-Semite and liar for exposing the Jewish role in the revolution and in the Soviet purges (Guardian 24.1.2003). In the 1930s, the secret police NKVD “was one of the most Jewish of all Soviet institutions”. Jews directed the Gulag in the worst period of the Soviet terror (1930-1938) that claimed millions of lives. Stalin was a disposable facade behind Khazar Jew: his deputy in the Communist party, Kaganovich, and his cousin Beria, the head of the secret service. Kaganovich ordered the destruction of the majestic Church of Christ the Saviour in Moscow (NYT 26.9.1995), and the 1932-1933 genocide by starvation of 5 million people in Ukraine. The systematic destruction of Russia’s (and later Eastern Europe’s Christians) by the Bolshevik terror killed 600 bishops, 40,000 priests, 120,000 monks and nuns, and millions of lay people in five decades after 1918. In 1918–1938, the number of churches in the USSR dwindled from 54,000 to under 500.
Jewish bankers have financed Bolshevik Revolution and Soviet economy. Today, they orchestrate US and global affairs through the US Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank and scores of investment banks. Old hatred destroyed the Russian Empire, the tsar (anti-Christ for Jews), and Russian Orthodox Christians. Jews have for centuries pitted Western and Orthodox Christians, to weaken them and prepare for Jewish domination: “crypto-Jews work with the Israeli Government to promote religious hatred of the Russians in America and are indoctrinating American Evangelical Christians with the false belief that Russia is the “Gog and Magog” of the Jewish book of Ezekiel […] teaching American Christians that America must wage nuclear war against Russia in order for Jesus to return, though these Jews hate Jesus and Russian Christians.” Zionist Jews have “subverted the Christian churches of America in order to breed hatred of Moslems” and wars against Moslem nations, and use “their control over these churches to foment a nuclear war against Russia”.

Perle and Wolfowitz enthusiastically supported US interventions on behalf of two radical Balkan Islamic groups: Bosnian Muslims and Kosovo Albanians. After Perle’s complaint that Izetbegović was underfunded, US with 13 other states collected contributions for a “train and equip” program (Arms Trade News 10.2.1997). Former NSA collaborator reported that Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, Brunei, Jordan, and Egypt “deposited millions of dollars into US coffers to buy weapons for the Bosnians”. The fund’s law firm “was none other than Feith and Zell, the firm of current Pentagon official and leading neo-con Douglas Feith”. His one-time boss and current member of Rumsfeld’s Defense Policy Board, Perle assisted the operation (Counterpuch 18.9.2003).
JPC Balkan engagement stems from intervention ideology, asserted in DPG: US right to “retain the preeminent responsibility for addressing selectively” threats to own and allies’ interests, or which could “seriously unsettle international relations”, especially in the former Soviet bloc. DPG expected ad hoc coalitions, “carrying only general agreement over the objectives to be accomplished […T]he sense that the world order is ultimately backed by the U.S. will be an important stabilizing factor”. To Wolfowitz, Serbia was “Russia’s potential asset that can and should be brutalized and fragmented” to assert US hegemony in Europe. In mid-1990s Wolfowitz with Abramowitz set up a Soros-funded, Serbophobic think-tank Action Council that criticized US administration for not arming the Muslims and striking the Serbs in Bosnia, not bombing Serbia in 1998 (as neocons demanded in a full-page NYT ad), and for not pursuing a victory in Kosovo once the bombing had started. Neocons’ unrealistic demands frustrated Pentagon experts. Land invasion would spell a disaster for NATO troops. Surface-to-air missiles and pre-emptive Yugoslav air raid on Rinas airport destroyed Apache helicopters sent to the theatre against expert advice.
An open letter (11.9.1998) by 33 PNAC members urged Clinton to “actively support in every way possible [Milošević] replacement by a democratic government committed to ending ethnic violence”, after “seven years of aggression and genocide in the Balkans”, incl. Kosovo Albanians, “many thousands of whom, having been driven from their homes and farms by the latest Serbian offensive, now face the possibility of a winter of starvation. Over 15 percent of the Kosovo population is already homeless.” The urgent need to stop “the carnage in Kosovo” led PNAC to an “inescapable conclusion”: “There can be no peace and stability in the Balkans so long as Slobodan Milosevic remains in power. He started the Balkan conflict, and he continues it in Kosovo. He has caused untold suffering to millions; he has severely damaged his own country.” At a minimum, PNAC urged US-led “international effort” towards “an agreement on a new political status for Kosovo” with “massive Western pressure on Milosevic”, “substantial increase in funds for supporting the democratic opposition within Serbia” and tightening “the economic sanctions on Serbia”. Diplomatic and legalistic sanctions should accompany the economic ones; “the administration should cease attempting to strike diplomatic bargains with Milosevic” and US should “vigorously support The Hague tribunal’s investigation of Milosevic as a war criminal”.
Considering Strausz-Hupe’s NWO via US-NATO, and Wohlstetter’s nuke-them anti-Slavism, PNAC letter indirectly revealed the ideology of targeting millions of Gentiles and scapegoating the victims. It named the Judeocentric tools of conquest: harnessing “Western” and “international” Gentile forces against Gentiles, applying the bankers’ “economic sanctions”, letting the JPC “diplomats” apply conniving pressure (while “democratic forces” of NGO fifth column and Soros-paid “opposition” and media did their bit), and institutionalizing a Holocaustian tribunal to rubber-stamp the scapegoating of the “war criminal” (all Serbs by extension). The letter underscored Kosovo “independence”, a key element in Balkan Islamization as a prelude to destabilizing Europe.
In 1991-1997, to guide post-Cold War US policy, president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP), Abramowitz established commissions headed by policy elite, including Albright, Holbrooke, Perle and Schlesinger. The latter two resigned. Counterterrorism “tsar” Richard Clarke considered Abramowitz his “boss and mentor” at the state department. Under Abramowitz’s instructions, former Reagan appointee developed a public support campaign for CEIP work. Candidate Clinton supported US engagement in Bosnia (American Spectator June 1999), heeding CEIP’s “Self-Determination in the New World Order” by Halperin (state department official under Albright) and Scheffer (Albright’s envoy for war crimes issues), who proposed unilateral humanitarian interventionism in the wake of Soviet break-up. CEIP’s Changing Our Ways’ Role in the New World asserted that “the destruction or displacement of groups of people within states can justify international intervention” and the US should “realign” NATO and OSCE accordingly.
Bush administration was split over military intervention in Bosnia, an idea of neocons, headed by Perle and Wohlstetter, and “liberal humanitarianists”. Opponents agreed to interventions only where US strategic interests were directly threatened (International Security July/August 1999). By November 1994, US pressure for NATO air strikes in Bosnia led to the worst crisis within the Pact since 1956, according to NSC Bosnia policy coordinator Ivo Daalder’s Getting to Dayton. The differences between Albright, Lake, and Holbrooke on the one hand, and Pentagon on the other, were aired on 7.8.1995. Shadowing Strausz-Hupe’s doctrine of NWO through US leadership of NATO, Albright’s group wanted a firm commitment to military intervention, since “the issue was US credibility” as a world leader. Pentagon wanted to avoid a sustained military involvement, but Clinton was for it. Holbrooke’s To End a War recalls: “Press and public reaction was highly positive” to the bombing of Bosnian Serbs.

JPC propaganda obscures any connection of Zionism with Nazism, and ignores genocides other than Shoah, presenting the Holocaust of the Chosen People as unique and exceptional. “Anti-Semite”, “hater”, and “Nazi sympathizer” labels, personal ruin and imprisonment, guard JPC’s Holocaustian dogmas. Many Orthodox and secular Jews reject Holocaustianity, as Holocaust Industry’s corrupt base.
To further JPC support to Kosovo secession by terrorism (that JPC abhors in Palestinian “Islamofascists”), a Polish-American Jew, Sarner has used the Albanians-rescued-all-Jews spin in Rescue in Albania (1997), endorsed by a famous Holocaust survivor from Hungary, US congressman Lantos. The book doesn’t tell about Kosovo in racially pure Greater Albania that Nazis have implemented in 1943, liquidation of thousands of Serbs, Gypsies and Jews, and expulsion of at least 100,000 Kosovo Serbs by Albanian SS. The “rescue of Jews” had to do with a small number of Jews and a refusal of the Italian occupant to implement genocide. Hundreds of thousands of Poles, including children and Catholic clergy, saved thousands of Jews, despite Nazi death penalty for doing so, while themselves facing terror, hunger and annihilation. In “gratitude”, JPC demonizes Poles as WWII co-villains. Lantos hid behind Holocaustianity, while destroying and killing with others’ hands. Before and during WWII, the Zionist elites destroyed nations, including their own, with Nazi German hands. Unlike the Nazis, Lantos had at his disposal Holocaust Religion. In 1992 after Enver Hoxha’s Communism collapsed and all Jews from Albania emigrated to Israel, Sarner published a broshure, a “thank you” note for Albania for 300 Jewish immigrants, and played a significant role in Jewish emigration.
By 1997, DioGuardi’s Albanian American Civic League (AACL) began to use Sarner’s propaganda before terrorizing Kosovo. Rejected by US voters in 1988 re-nomination bid for US Congress, DioGuardi turned to foreign citizens, Kosovo Albanians. Founded in 1989, AACL aims to revive the 19th century idea of Greater Albania. AACL supports this campaign “to liberate the seven million Albanian people in the Balkans from hostile Slavic domination”. What Hitler and Albanian SS have started, JPC and KLA will finish. In the Balkan fascist mafia connection, “against Serbia and Serbs are those receiving money from DioGuardi’s PAC […] mostly members of the House or Senate foreign relations committees: Joseph Lieberman and Jesse Helms, Benjamin Gillman and Tom Lantos”. At AACL request, Gillman and Lantos endorsed Rescue in Albania, thereby denigrating hundreds of thousands of real rescuers, and trampling the memory of Kosovo Jews and millions of other Holocaust victims. This made Lantos’ pretentious Holocaust survivorship and monopoly on human rights advocacy a joke. Zionist elites helped Nazis annihilate Lantos’ brethren. AACL distributed 10,000 copies of Sarner’s propaganda to influential US Jews. Congressman Gillman and James Traficant sent copies of the book with a cover letter to all congressmen, but with personal letters to each Jewish one. Traficant was later found guilty of bribery and corruption; House of Representatives panel voted to expel him from the Congress; “the Albanian apologists will say and do anything to support Greater Albania, even break the law […] Bribes can buy a lot of propaganda, or PR or spin. And the goal is to get people to kill other people and to take their land. Wars come and go, but propaganda methods do not change.”
DioGuardi announced that in 1998, “when we had problems with Milosevic”, John McCain, the 2008 presidential candidate and recipient of AACL “Balkan Award for Peace”, must get support, as “he did everything we asked of him”, i.e. supporting KLA and Kosovo secession. In a draft Senate resolution written by McCain, he thanked the Albanians for “saving all the Jews who lived in Albania or who sought shelter there during the Nazi Holocaust”.
Three weeks into the 1999 bombing, he announced US was in danger of losing the war to Serbian army (which had “antiquated machinery” and “absolutely no military air power”), unless infrastructure was massively attacked (“We all regret civilian losses, as well as our own, but they cannot be avoided”). MacCain, a JPC pawn in 2008 elections, advocated nuclear war with Iran. Would a gain of a few hundred Israelis be worth the JPC congressmen’s support to bloody Balkan wars? The Albanians “have bought” propaganda and spin, prompting Julia Gorin (Front Page Magazine 31.1.2008) to cover for the neocons, as before. She complained unconvincingly, Holocaustian-style, “Jews used again!”. The Albanians “learned early on—starting with the Bosnian and Croatian wars followed by the Kosovo war—that selling the Jews on your version of an ethnic rivalry can open doors”. Not even Balkan Islamists could “sell the Jews”. Israel is an accomplice in the case Gorin complains about. Wikipedia says Yad Vashem is “Israel’s official memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust”. The Albanian Lobby and Yad Vashem seek to revise history by proclaiming that all Jews were rescued from WWII Albania.
For a nominal fee, US PR firm Ruder Finn demonized the Serbs, with the “death camp” hoax. The firm flooded the media with fabrications on Serbs’ genocide and mass crimes. US intervention after Iraqi invasion of Kuwait employed a PR firm Hill and Knowlton’s “Kuwaiti baby” fraud (USA Today 16.6.1992) with which Bush got public support for Gulf War 1, before CBS exposed the fraud. Lantos prepared this hoax (CounterPunch 15.2.2003) with Citizens for a Free Kuwait and the Congressional Human Rights Foundation that he chaired. Both organizations were set up by Hill and Knowlton, the agents of Indonesia’s and Turkey’s cruel dictators. Later the firm worked for the Saudis to neutralize criticism of Osama bin Laden’s sponsors. Ruder Finn used the Trnopolje hoax to “sell” the Bosnia story to major US Jewish organizations, whom the firm advised to advertise in NYT and demonstrate outside the UN; “the engagement of the Jewish organizations […] was a superb poker play […] we were able to associate the Serbs with the Nazis in the public opinion[,] offer a simple story of the good guys and the bad guys […] no one could go against it without being accused of revisionism.” There was no proof of the death camps at the time (or any time after). Atlanta Journal wrote that according to a report submitted to the justice department, Rudder Finn campaign “served to heavily misinform the Bush administration”. For tribalism, money, or for both, Ruder Finn’s Jewish (National Post 23.11.1998) president David Finn aided JPC warmongering via Holocaustianity.
When the hoax was exposed, the US Jewish community refused to straighten the record. University of Florida activist against anti-Serb propaganda unsuccessfully sought ADL‘s support in fighting an anti-Serb book. A US professor of political science observed: “Using the Jewish Holocaust as their exclusive domain and forgetting the holocaust of the Serbs, the American Jewish Congress has gone overboard in their calls to bomb the Serbs.” By the time the hoax was exposed, the Jewish community refused to stop supporting a false cause. It is unlikely JPC couldn’t have known the truth. During the 1995, US-NATO bombing of Republika Srpska, Yugoslavia’s chief rabbi Cadik Danon co-wrote an open letter to the American Jewish Committee about “unrestrained anti-Serbian propaganda”: “Even American Jews were not able to withstand this propagandistic poison […nor] recognize the Nazis and racist nature of the Serbophobic dogma […nor] identify Serbophobia as a twin sister of anti-semitism.”
Several years on, German imperative to prevent a new “Auschwitz” and “Holocaust of Albanians” accompanied the release of Bundeswehr for the Kosovo war – its first military engagement since WWII. Under German presidency, a proposal for EU directive outlawed denial of mass crimes (Telegraph 2.2.2007). Hinting German stakes, the draft referred to crimes of the last 20 years, including war crimes and alleged genocides in Yugoslavia and Rwanda, and extended the idea of Holocaust denial to “gross minimisation of genocide out of racist and xenophobic motives”. The crime of abusing the term and the interventionist demonization based on it, are not mentioned. Anti-war lawyer Christopher Black likened the Rwanda and Yugoslavia tribunals:  “The leaders of the former [Hutu] regime are labelled as war criminals so that they can justify Tutsi dictatorial rule and to cover up the real role of the United States, Britain, Belgium and Uganda […] the events in Rwanda make Yugoslavia look like small potatoes ([…] possibly millions of dead and control of a whole continent).”

By piotrbein



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