Poland against the “swine flu” vax

Blog www.grypa666.wordpress.com has been established by Marek Podlecki and Piotr Bein in early July 2009, following Jane Burgermeister’s criminal charges filed against the alleged perpetrators of the “pandemic” and looming mass vaccinations. The blog played a key role in educating Poles at home and abroad about the pro-vax propaganda peddled in official media. Knowing the realities of a corrupt system of governance and “democracy” in Poland, our main goal was education of the public at large first, criminal charges later.

The blog reached a total of 2 million visits recently. Daily visits vary between a few thousand (weekends and holidays in “low” season of no pandemic threat in the media) and over 30 k (Ukrainian epidemic outbrake).

By August, Jane admitted it was the right priority, although her choice had been determined by the formidable challenge of little time to inform in face of powerful adversary. Indeed, attempts by our partner group Swinska Sprawa and others to launch criminal cases in the Polish system of justice have led nowhere. Seemingly protecting Big Pharma interests, the system still sits impotent on the case of the homeless who have died following trials of vaccines on them.

Owing at least to some degree to efforts of Polish activists like our blog and partners, the Polish minister of health Ewa Kopacz, as the world’s first minister, declared the vax unfit for use. Several objective reasons have contributed to her decision: lack of testing, unwillingness of the suppliers to take responsibility for side- and after-effects and efficacy, secrecy of vax supply contracts, and Big Pharma’s requirements to keep quiet about any negativities surrounding the vax. Her decision became so popular in informed public circles in the West that many persons expressed interest in settling in Poland, at least until the “pandemic” was over.

Although to me the following TV programme leaves much to be desired on the information contents, objectivity and the use of subtle propaganda techniques, it nevertheless represents some progress from previous footages.  An earlier TVN Fakty airing has cut our logo and web address from our flyer and subtly suggested “use of children” in our campaign, echoing agent provocateurs’ suggestions of Bein’s pedophilia. The same program described our efforts as those of “half-educated intellectuals” who should be banned from public appearances. Hello, professor Brydak, the Polish vax pusher in high position paid by the Big Pharma. Hello citizen rights spokesman Kochanski, actually the Big Pharma’s terror promoter.

Hats off to Minister Kopacz. We look forward to battles she has strirred in the European Parliament where German MEP, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg has initiated an investigation against the World Health Organization and the Big Pharma, the actors of the “pandemic” on the ground:


Meanwhile, blogs like this one intensify their campaigns aiming at exposing the higher echelons behind the “pandemic” and other plans for depopulating the Planet. Educate first…

You can see some of the Polish professionals against the “pandemic” and vax, and some of the activists in action in this youtube movie:


By piotrbein