German PsyOp

An article I found today in my archives,  date unknown.


The last sentence of the article is scary. I have little doubt that the article is one in a series produced by German special PsyOp forces, the “Psycho Truppen” (

An increased German militaristic and revisionist propaganda activity is taking place. In Slav countries on Germany’s Drang nach Osten map, a whining is heard of supposedly wronged Germans expelled from there after WW II by virtue of the 1945 Potsdam Agreement of the victorious Allies. These are the same Volksdeutsche who helped Hitler’s policy of irredentism, then sabotage, finally murder, plunder and ethnic cleansing of the host nations. This is the same Germany who have not paid EUR billions owed for the biological and material losses of those nations.

In Western power centres, more and more is heard about everything about WW II Germany and Germans except the naked truth: two world’s bloodiest wars of the 20th century. Millions of victims of senseless battles, exterminations, cities levelled, unheard of sufferings and ethnic cleansing – for German Lebensraum, all the way to the Ural Mountains.

A German video game was distributed in the months leading to the September 1st, anniversary of Hitler’s attack on Poland that started the bloodiest war in world’s history. The game, starts with a military order to counterattack on Polish troops who supposedly provoked Hitler by crossing the border.

No, it is not a video joke. The Polish soldiers are depicted as drunkards and cowards. Reportedly, half a million copies in German and English were sold to European youth. As the cinema, TV, colouring books, and video games became the teacher nowadays, these games will brainwash the youth about the WW II history and the Polish nation. The game won the top award in a summer month issue of a leading German computer magazine.

Not much differently, by shameful distortion of truth and outrageous lies, Serbs were demonized before the world opinion, in preparation for criminal wars of the “international community” and NATO in the Balkans.

German secret service, BND, who is a partner in the Psycho Truppen’s dangerous games, played an infamous role in the breakup of Yugoslavia as early as the 1960s. Later, Germany supplied arms, legionists and every possible support against the Serbs throughout the Balkan wars: to Slovenian separatists, to atrocious neo-Ustashe of Croatia, and the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army. In the Balkans, Germany aligned its goals with the most backward and destructive forces of contemporary world : the islamist expansionism and its Al Qaeda, Catholic Croatian nationalism and hatred, and Albanian terrorism.

With NATO, Germany attacked Yugoslavia on false pretenses (comparable only to Bush’s claim of WMD in Iraq), completely illegally in 1999. Luftwaffe participated in a total war attacks, on civil population and targets, reminiscent of Hitler’s attacks on Belgrade. Bundeswehr marched into Kosovo with KFOR. It was the first time since the end of WW II that German forces left their barracks for a war abroad.

In Kosovo, the good ears of BND went deaf to warnings by Serb intelligence about upcoming pogroms of Serbs in March 2004. German KFOR commanders’ eyes were blind to atrocities and crimes committed by the Albanian extremists on Serbs and their property in Kosovo.

How to reform German forces so they could better fight globalist wars? I would say, “Raus! Back to your barracks, eat your Sauerkraut and shut up.” Unless they want to start WW III. Putin made a suggestion today that the Russians should prepare for hardships like those during WW II. Observers say that re-organisation and strengthening of the Russian Army should be completed by 2005.

By piotrbein