On UNMIK-KFOR Impotence

From my old files, for the record of UN-NATO crimes in Kosovo after Milosevic.


Mr. Lindmeier,

I will be as blunt as UNMIK’s cynicism in its “press release”, which reminds me of my pre-school times when, unable to deal with the message, kids told the staff on me. Not only children try to undermine the messenger. You must also be aware of the thief who, to detract attention from himself, shouts and points to bystanders, like UNMIK does to Serb officials. Please pass my comment on to your superiors for a more meaningful answer.

Unfortunately for the “international community”, many denizens of conscience agree with Mr. Dragan Rakic’s complaint. Whom is this “car registration before capturing war criminals” rubbish for? We are tired of UNMIK-KFOR “inability” and perpetual blaming “the Serbs” for own failures to accomplish resolution 1244.

Recently I travelled in Kosovo, stayed with Albanians for a few nights, and visited tightly guarded Serb Orthodox monasteries and enclaves. A vice gripped my throat every time I passed by burned out Serbian houses and Albanian mansions with driveways paved with rubble from Serbian houses. Tears rolled down my face when I saw Serb cemeteries and churches desecrated and ruined. I was terrified when I saw some of them surrounded by barbed wire and watchtowers of KFOR who abandoned the posts.

I met Albanians involved in arms trade and sex slavery. A pimp propositioned me to visit his establishment “full of girls from Moldavia”. Learning that I am unemployed, my hosts sincerely proposed that I participate in their arms trafficking. They told me they hate UNMIK and KFOR, and are preparing an uprising. I saw brand-new posters with a logo of the UCK (outlawed and supposedly disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army) in public offices and businesses, even on a road sign next to an UNMIK police station.

Kosovo is dotted with pretentious monuments to fallen UCK men – heroes to the Albanians, war criminals to the Serbs. More than a thousand Serbs are still missing since US-led KFOR marched in and looked through fingers at Albanian extremists’ “revenge crimes”. A Kosovo Serb friend of mine, in Poland since the beginning of NATO attack on Yugoslavia, necessarily stays there to date, otherwise he would risk his life, if he returned. UCK expelled his family to Serbia and Montenegro in 1999. They lost one member and everything they owned. I learned just before last Easter that the Hague “tribunal’s” quest for Albanian victims in Kosovo has unearthed the lost family member.

Most of my Albanian interlocutors (and many Moslems in Montenegro, too) absolutely hate the Serbs. No registration plates will change their hearts. Until the meddling of “humanitarian” West and Islamist states towards the end of the past century, Serbs had no problem living and sharing with Slovenes, Croats, Bosnian Moslems, Albanians and many other groups. Yet, the US-led “international community”, sponsored hate-driven ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Serbs from Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, and cynically accused “Milosevic and the Serbs” for doing it to the others. In these “humanitarian missions” Germany supplied arms, mercenaries, money and intelligence to the illegal secessionists in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. No amount of disinformation will obliterate the facts. They are all over to be found, except at the kangaroo court in Hague and in German official statements.

Among lighter “omissions”, UNMIK-KFOR obviously do not react to lies posing as authoritative publications. This is your basic obstacle to normal multi-etnicity declared in resolution 1244. At book stands on Prishtina’s main street I browsed through many books that present propaganda hoaxes against the Serbs (“death camps” in Bosnia and Racak “massacre”, for example) as indisputable facts years after they have been debunked. If anybody in the West tried to spread lies against the Jews, for example, they would not last a minute.

The Albanians I met resent the monthly expenses on Herr Steiner’s mansion in Kosovo no less than they do the salaries of the UNMIK policemen; men from developing countries earn a huge multiple of their domestic pay. We are getting a good value for our taxes: I saw UNMIK toyotas 4WD everywhere, parked by the dozen at every UNMIK post, driving to and fro on every road. What for?

All Serbian vehicles that I saw in Kosovo had Steiner’s plates for the safety of the owners and passengers. Why does he insist on Belgrade’s recognition of something that should have been implemented in June 1999? In Grachanica, one of a few remaining Kosovo Serb enclaves, I saw vendors selling fuel in pop bottles, even though there is a new gas station near the village and Serb prices in dinars are equivalent to euro, the official currency in Kosovo. Serbs would be attacked, if they ventured out – explained several Serbs and Albanians. Minutes from the gas station stands a fort of the Swedish battalion of KFOR.

Why should Belgrade recognize Steiner’s plates if UNMIK-KFOR has not even tried to remove the root of a fundamental personal safety problem of the Serbs in Kosovo? Nebojsa Covic did the right thing when he “disappointed” Herr Steiner.

Serbia has legal, historical and moral sovereignty over its ancient Kosovo. Hopefully Herr Steiner and German members of KFOR and UNMIK realize that they are occupiers in an illegally attacked state, while at the same time their government condemns an lawless attack and occupation of Iraq. When will UNMIK-KFOR bureaucrats get their act together? Not as long as they are the operatives of elites aspring to totalitarian government.

If Kosovo indicates official (overt and covert) German behaviour, I, a Slav and a Pole, am very concerned about Germans posing as benevolent “international community” representatives. Herr Steiner is tacitly implementing Austro-Hungarian empire’s “Serben muss sterben” adage.  Serbia is sovereign in Kosovo, like Poland is over its Western Lands re-gained after WW2. Once Poland joins European Union, revisionists may start taking over our land (see German whistle-blowing at www.freenations.freeuk.com for substantiation of this Polish “hysteria”). Then another Herr Steiner will justify this new “Drang nach Osten” cleansing with a bureaucratic gimmick to full the naive West.

If Slavs were as aggressive and cheeky as Albanians and other radical Balkan Moslems supported by radical Islam and the “international community”, they would be prevailing all the way to Hamburg and the Elbe River, never mind the Balkans. Herr Steiner is playing with fire. If he is oblivious to history, Slavs can be devastating when pressed to the wall. Seemingly mindless destruction by the employees of German-owned farms and businesses that sprout in Poland might be a forewarning, if Germans, hiding under “international community” and “humanitarian missions”, don’t change their social management approach. Until then, the likes of Herr Steiner can ask “dumm” questions – as at the end of his press release – till they drop.

Dr Piotr Bein, PEng
Vancouver, Canada and Szczecin (not “Stettin”), Poland

By piotrbein