10 years on, Serbs still don’t know who has bombed them

10 years on, Serbs still don’t know who has bombed them
by Piotr Bein, independent, Poland and Canada
April 16, 2009
“Anglo-Saxons”, “Americans”, “Anglo-Americans”, “imperialists”, “oligarchs” – speaker after speaker at Belgrade Forum conference on the 10th anniversary of NATO bombing of Yugoslavia blamed the bombers, echoing leftist-led demonstrations in Belgrade, as if Communism, socialism, capitalism and class struggle were not creations of the same power group that had masterminded the air raids and enabled demons against the Serbs: New World Order’s NATO, international Jihad, Balkan Muslim fundamentalism, Albanian mafia extremism and terrorism, neo-Ustashe racism, German expansionism…  In my analysis, it was a move to weaken Europe and pit Muslims against Christians and Western civilization, after creation of fundamentalist Muslim state of Bosnia and Albanian Muslim “independent” Kosovo, as if Albanians didn’t have a state already, and Jihad wasn’t a foe of the “US” globally.
My paper for the conference proves the culprit. Diana Johnstone, general Leonid Ivashov, Juergen Elsaesser and Dr. Akel Taqaz from Palestine, and perhaps others whom I missed due to the conference’s incomprehensible translations, mentioned Israel Lobby, Zionists etc. Nobody referred to the global Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC), even though the evidence is so obvious that high school students would reach the same conclusion. I have since switched to the JPC term, as Professor James Petras’ “Zionist Power Configuration” is inadequate, geographically and time-wise. JPC is a global threat to peace, stability and economy, as it has been for centuries.
Many “conspiracy theorists” write about the Bilderberg Group and the Illuminati as the shadow global power. According to my research, they are only about third level from the top – the Talmudic rabbinate that has been reigning for millenia. Since about WW2, at the top are the Lubavitch rabinnical sect, now headquartered in Brooklyn. Lubavitchers have a decisive influence on Israeli, US and other international politics. They also hold Jewish religious and secular masses in terrorist and fear-mongering check – as has been done since at least the Pharisees in Christ’s time (see e.g. Israel Shahak’s writings).
This Zionist, racist rabbinate is JPC’s head that provides the ideology-religion of Judeocentric superiority, uniqueness and exclusive right to salvation. Just below or on the same level in a strange symbiosis and sharing of apocalyptic-messianic ideas, are the international banksters. The Rothschilds are at the bankster helm, considering themselves the carrier of the seed of King David, therefore the Judaic Messiah.
Only under this level are the Bilderbergers. This is seen in the subordination of Rockefeller (mentioned with a whisper as Bilderberg boss) vs. Rothschild, whom Rockefeller addresses like a king. Another proof is in Rothschild’s 18th century plan of NWO, where Illuminati and Freemasonry are mentioned as disposable vehicles towards NWO. “Conspiracy theorists” are allowed to mention Bilderbergers, Illuminati and Masonry, but not the head of the JPC snake — just like anybody can criticize mafias, while Kosher Nostra remains a taboo.
At the conference, I did not have a chance to present this, and how the JPC had masterminded Yugoslavia break-up. Even well-meaning Serbian patriots shun the topic, as too hillarious, “anti-Semitic” and “controversial”, preferring the safety of media clichés of the reasons of Balkan wars: “Lewinsky affair”, “encircling Russia”, “pipeline corridors”… JPC’s brainwashing, cover-ups and conditioning give results.
Professor Michel Chossudovsky (with whom I “represented” Canada at the conference) indirectly confirmed I am on the right track about JPC. Asked for rules for submissions to Global Research, he said “You can criticize Israel Lobby and Israel’s policy, but none of the background stuff”. Following a smear of anti-Semitism by a media syndicate, he opted to keep “the background stuff” out of his website to save it from death. Sorry, nobody will understand JPC menace without the “background” on the history of Talmudic terror ideology, its penetration into power structures and the effects on non-Jews and Jews over millenia.
Perhaps the topic, not the conference’s poor organization, is to blame for omission of my abstract from a booklet distributed at the conference, even though I have submitted it on time. I had only 5 minutes, barely enough to introduce myself, while most speakers had 10 minutes, and some people talked for 40 minutes, repeating others. My talk was pushed to the end, when only about 1/4 of the audience remained.
I met a Belgrade Forum representative to get my message across. He looked blankly on my mentioning “Zionist Power Complex”, raising “I must hurry” when I kept returning to same. To him, present “economic crisis” was no problem; “It will end up with Swedish-type socialism”, he said thinking wishfully. Ignorance reigns also on the uranium issues; “The perpetrators will do something about it, as radioactivity also harms them”, said he, an aspirant to alternative Serbian leadership. He didn’t want to hear JPC elites are so fanatic, so immersed in the apocalyptic-messianic ideology that they don’t care if they get nuked, because they believe their salvation is guaranteed after inflicting maximum evil. Another member of Serbian alternative elites demanded that EU provide funding, expertise and equipment to deal with dramatically rising cancer rates, likely due to NATO uranium weapons used. Criminals don’t incriminate themselves… Why could not Russia, a declared friend of Serbs, help with the uranium contamination problem?
Other Serb patriots are no better aware of what hit their nation. In an activists’ place, several intellectuals gather around computers to play the futures market, the cause of the current “economic crisis”. They “convinced” me the crisis is about a real estate bubble, not the derivates market, whose part is the futures speculation, from which they hope to derive profits for patriotic activities! A sister of one of them came; she had got a NATO grant for PhD on “Women in the media”. One can’t find a better case of subjugation to NWO designs. She reminds me of the widow who fell into NWO arms by taking a job with Soros’ NGO in Serbia to feed the family, after NATO bombing of the train at Grdelica had killed her husband.
Serbs are tired of “Milosevic’s” socialism and want to join EU that promises mobile phones for the whole family, cars better than zastava, huge flat tv screens, and more colorful life, as seen in Belgrade’s Western-brand stores. A couple thousand demonstrators on March 24, 2009, contrast with hundreds of thousands defending Belgrade bridges 10 years ago, wearing target signs. I have not found any solace at the Sunday morning liturgy in Serbia’s largest Orthodox Christian church of Saint Sava, the nation’s patron. There was only a handful of faithful in the cold interior that would accommodate thousands. Serbia is done, like Poland is today – as I predicted in “To Serbia via Poland”:
“Let post-communist Poland be a warning to Serbs and other nations who are entering the path to “democracy” and a “free-market” economy.” [www.aeronautics.ru/archive/yugoslavia/bein ; without photos www.antic.org/YU4NSP/Piotr/index.html]
Canadian-Serbian reporter John Bosnitch serviced the conference and afterwards videotaped speakers who were cut off. He has rescued chess master Fisher jailed in Japan for anti-Semitism.  We arranged for three recordings. I waited from 2 pm till midnight, 7 hours before my train was to leave for Poland. John couldn’t show up, because he was rescuing a man threatened with assassination, was looking for a bullet-proof vest for him. I was too tired to speak after midnight, so there is no record of my thesis to the conference.
In Poland, I got further proofs that the JPC thesis was unwanted …and indications of life-and-death dealings. My host, an experienced Polish patriot, informed me afterwards that on the day of my arrival in Cracow an armed Chechen assassin was apprehended in town. There is no proof of a connection with my presentation, but my host (a reporter who was to disseminate a series of videos from my talk and interviews), and other organizers of my visit, received threats. We were followed by an agent known to my host.
Belgrade conference format didn’t allow for discussions; misinformation will be going into the proceedings. I asked a Serbian academic what proofs she had that bombing Serbia was about encircling Russia with US military bases, since there are several hundred of them globally, many better positioned (Turkey, Poland, Iraq, Bulgaria, Romania, Central Asia…), while Camp Bondsteel doesn’t even have a railway, airport or harbour. She could not document her thesis, but Serbian folk sided with her, pointing out that my information was “from the media”. Helicopters will fly from Camp Bondsteel against Moscow? The base doesn’t need to guard American AMBO pipeline that bypasses Serbia and its stolen Kosovo; AMBO pipe runs straight from Bulgaria thru Macedonia to Albania, where there is plenty of “US” bases to guard not one but tens of pipelines.
I experienced similar clichés in irrational Polish Russophobia and Serbian belief in EU membership — JPC propaganda traps, similar to Commies-bad, EU-good cliché years ago in Poland (which now I observe operationalized on Serbs). In Poland, the former Commies became pro-EU Capitalists overnight, with a great deal of manipulation by JPC’s “Polish” media.  The Polish patriots I met seemed defeated, fragmented, helpless — their leaders in hiding from death threats, their solid Catholic media infiltrated and increasingly deviating from the national cause. They kept asking me for “a glimmer of hope”, “what could be done?”…
Both nations have been programmed to get blank eyes at the sound “Zionist”, an immensely misunderstood term. Uttering the “J” word also triggers “Anti-Semite!” reaction and a contemptuous impatient look, if not turning on the heel, particularly from the younger generation. Without understanding the “background stuff” on JPC, both nations are bound for NWO and can’t do much to resist, despite patriotic pride and heroic past. JPC Hydra’s tentacles have ensnared their minds, hearts and souls. Education on JPC is the “glimmer of hope” for survival, I believe, not only of Serbs and Poles. Educated on the real cause of the problems, people will quit being intimidated and afraid. This would be a start, one that JPC fears immensely, as they try so hard to suppress the truth.
For those who don’t think it’s too late, I attach a post-conference version of my paper.

By piotrbein