Kosovo a Precedent for Judeopolonia?

Kosovo a Precedent for Judeopolonia?

Piotr Bein, February 20, 2008

Albanians have a country, why must we support stealing a chunk of someone else’s  land? Another Albania and then Greater Albania across the Balkans sounds like Judeopolonia from the Baltic to the Black Sea – a concept aimed for, also with German  support, for over a century.
The Kosovo chutzpah is yet another in a series started with the “war on terror” following  the Hollywood-like spectacle of 9/11 – a “US” neocon inside job, starring Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Now as then, Israel – an essential part of the Zionist powerhouse – pretends that Jihad hasn’t been planted in Europe’s underbelly to weaken the Western civilization, by Zionist design and implementation.
Kosovo’s legal precedent would post-facto legitimize occupation and land grab in Palestine and would open a window of legal opportunity to create Judeopolonia within German Mitteleuropa idea. Should the Kosovo secession set an international legal precedent, the global Zionist Power Configuration [James Petras, The Power of Israel in the United States, Clarity Books, 2006. Review by Stephen Lendman, 29.10.2006] and the US pro-Israeli lobby [John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, The Israel Lobby, in: London Review of Books,  21.3.2006 ] would defend the right of Jews to both a Jewish state in Palestine and to ethnic enclaves in other countries, such as Poland where millions of Jews had lived before WWII.
A similar risk pose the increasing German claims to properties in Poland, left behind after Germany’s capitulation treaty with the WWII Allies. German media talk more and more about the return of Polish cities of Gdansk (Danzig) and Wroclaw (Breslau) to Germany.
Upon reaching an ethnic majority status locally, the Jewish and German enclaves could break away from the host entities, according to the Kosovo model, and could merge into a larger entity, as Kosovo eventually would with Albania.

Judeopolonia – a new Euroregion

The process has already started through an appropriation of the Jewish quarter of Cracow, called Kazimierz, and in a Zionist, giga-euro restitution fraud in Poland. The potential secessions for ultimate Judeopolonia from one sea to another would be easy because until WWII, millions of unassimilated Jews had separated themselves from the rest of multi-ethnic societies in thousands of cities, towns and villages of Poland, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Lithuania and Russia, leaving a legacy of pre-war properties that the extremist Zionists are now fraudulently claiming, starting with Poland. Stealthily, the international Jewish organizations have been seeking from the Polish government – fraudulently, illegally and immorally – rights to and restitutions for properties in Poland, to the tune of tens of billions of euros. Seeing the nation’s outrage, even ZPC’s Gazeta Wyborcza (1.3.2007) scolded the Jewish demands: “it isn’t clear, who actually authorized the Jewish organizations to represent Holocaust victims and by what right restitutions are demanded, even though there are no heirs.” A former Polish minister of foreign affairs Adam Daniel Rotfeld, a Jew, criticized the demands in the same paper (2.3.2007): “It’s hard  for me to shake off the feeling of moral discomfort and surprise every time I hear about claims of the US Jewish organizations against Poland“.
Ironically, many claimants in the restitution fraud are former Jewish criminals (or their offspring) who exterminated and imprisoned Polish patriots who fought the Nazis en masse, at home and on most of the WWII fronts, mendaciously earning the “fascist” label in post-WWII Communist Poland run by radical Jews for a decade. Which nations, beside the Serbs, can proudly say they have been such WWII “fascists”?
After a looming “return” to Poland of Jews driven out of Palestine, or Jews from Israel seeking a better life in Europe, a Euroregion Judeopolonia could be born. The Zionists have been aspiring to establish Judeopolonia in Eastern Europe since the birth of Zionism in partitioned Poland of the 19th century. As soon as the other target nations join the EU and have billions of dollars earmarked for infrastructure and social programs, the ZPC is likely to blackmail Ukraine, Byelorussia and Lithuania, and possibly Russia.
Over centuries of protection and granting of priviledges, “Jews in Poland were able to develop a modern national identity, out of which grew the full-blown Jewish nationalism, upon which the State of Israel was founded.” [Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski, Jews in Poland, Hippocrene Books, 1997, p 19]. Zionist precursors in Poland advocated the creation of Eretz Israel by buying land from Palestinians, or by championing folkism and autonomy after Israel Zangwill’s imperative,
Build Jerusalem in each particular country and in Palestine“. [Andrzej Leszek Szczesniak, Judeopolonia, in: Encyklopedia Bialych Plam”, Polskie Wydawnictwo Encyklopedyczne]

Zionist Jews sided with Poland’s adversaries, contributing to a long-term suffering of Poles. Ever since partitions of Poland between Prussia, Russia and Austria started in the 18th century, the defeats of Polish independence struggle meant to Zionists that a Jewish state on Polish lands, Judeopolonia, would be feasible. [Jerzy Robert Nowak, Prawda o Judeo-Polonii,  and map of Judeopolonia, in: Jews in Poland, op. cit.,  p 296] In 1920, Polish parliament’s Jewish coalition proposed that Jewish parts of cities become “autonomous provinces”. Most of pre-WWII, unassimilated Jewry lived in what is now central-eastern Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine, Byelorussia, and Russia around today’s Kaliningrad – the joint area of Judeopolonia.
Until the attack on the USSR (22.6.1941), the Nazis in co-operation with the Zionist elites sought to cleanse Jews from the Reich and occupied lands to Palestine, including deportations and concentration of Jews in ghettos. Several mass murders were due to Jewish insubordination, but no planned extermination took place. On the contrary, in fall 1939, a plan existed for a Jewish quasi-state (with a capital in Lublin, as in the concept of Judeopolonia before) where Jews would enjoy cultural and economic privileges in exchange for fighting the Poles. The extermination of Jews only began when Germany attacked the USSR, becoming genocide (operation Reinhardt) upon official adoption of Endloesung at the Wansee conference (20.1.1942).

Only from that moment the Nazis in accord with the global Zionist elites began to  annihilate Jewish masses for refusal to emigrate to Palestine or for misfit to the secular Zionists’ specs. Rabbis Moshe Shonfeld in The Holocaust Victims Accuse [Neturei Karta: New York, 1977] and Michael Ber Wessmandl in Min Hametzar [From the Depths, published in New York in 1961 in Hebrew] have presented this unbelievable truth.

The ZPC extremists repeat the alliance with Germany against humanity – an alliance dating back to at least 18th century, according to Polish historians. While the nature and value of the Zionist claims remain fuzzy, restitution claims by WWII German expellees from Poland and the heirs have arrived before the European human rights tribunal. A large part of Poland could be affected – former German eastern lands when the WWII Allies gave Stalin former eastern Poland, forcing massive expulsions of Poles and Germans. To distract from the ZPC-German attack on Polish real estate, German secret service instigates claims against former Soviets who took pre-WWII eastern Poland. [Piotr Bein and Stefan Pągowski, Revisionism, Role Reversal and Restitutions, International Comparative Genocide Research, Hiroshima City University, 2007].

The game is not just Poles, but also the Serbian nation, as seen from the consistent march to “Kosovo independence”. Pristina’s sovereignty announcement is the most recent, but not necessarily the last event in the breakup of Yugoslavia. Serbian province Vojvodina, Serbia north and east of Kosovo, Rashka (Sandzhak) now divided between Serbia and Montenegro, or the northwest part of the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia may be next in line. The possibilities are endless all over the world, once Kosovo sets an international precedence.

That Serbs are the prime victim of the Balkan ZPC adventure, look at the aftermath. Since 1990, the civil wars have driven out a million Serbs from ancestral lands by terror supported by Germany and the international community: Slovenian nationalism, Croat neo-fascism, Bosnian Muslim fundamentalism, Albanian nationalistic Islamism, and international Jihad. The Serbs also experienced directly the West-ZPC fist in US-NATO bombing, kangaroo court warfare, infowar by ZPC-controlled media and public relations firms, Soros-funded NGOs, and other instruments of conquest.  The conflicts have divided millions of Serbs between new Serbophobic countries that have sprouted from the carcass of Yugoslavia, to the cheers of the international community. Many Serbs survive in Croatia only because they have converted to Catholicism.

Cosy together

German elites and the rest of the “international community” stick with the Zionists today. The effects of the alliance make it a deja-vu of WWII Nazis. Among the top Zionist Nazi Jews were Bach-Zelewski, Eichmann, Frank, Globocnik, Goebbels, Goering, Hess, Heydrich, Himmler, Hitler, Ribbentrop, Strasser and many others, according to hard-to-find references, for example, German Jewish teacher Dietrich Bronder’s book, Before Hitler Came (1964). They were aided by the banker Jewry, as Antony Sutton lays out in Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, a repetition of aiding Bolsheviks, most of whom were extreme Jews [Sutton, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution].
Hitler, Himmler  and Bach-Zelewski discussed initial plans of the extermination of 30 million Slavs. Methods were being developed for the sterilization of thousands daily, with some three million Soviet POWs to be the first large-scale victims (Leon Poliakov, Harvest of Hate, Holocaust Library: New York, 1979). Globocnik dislodged  about 110,000 Poles from 297 villages, to begin the Judeopolonia experiment. They were sent to slave labour and concentration camps, 30,000 children among them.
Today, ZPC preys on another consequence of Zionist-Nazi atrocity: intellicide. The scarcity of Polish intelligentsia to respond and to organize the nation against ZPC attacks is due to planned Nazi-Soviet murder of the bulk of Polish intelligentsia and patriots. No other European nation suffered such a loss. Both invaders signed a secret provision (28.9.1939) on extermination of Polish leaders, the nation’s head and soul, and enforced it until Germany attacked the USSR in mid-1941. From 1939 to mid-1941, the Soviets murdered more Polish citizens than did the Nazis. Before WWII, ethnic Poles in Germany and the USSR were murdered and persecuted. Since the end of WWI, the Soviets murdered 1.5 million Poles living in the USSR. The Soviet genocide against Poles continued for years after WWII, both in Poland – by the Jewish Communist secret service UB, and in the USSR – by the NKVD terror, also dominated by Communist Jews. How many Poles perished, is not certain. Even less so are statistics for the other nations of pre-WWII Poland whom the USSR incorporated forcefully.
The intellicide started with ethnic Poles in Germany, according to a suppressed Polish historian Andrzej Leszek Szcześniak [Nasz Dziennik, 4.6.2001]. Operation Tannenberg (May 1939) listed over 61,000 names of Polish intelligentsia and activists. The murder began in August, on 2,000 activists of Polish Diaspora in Germany. Only in the first two months of Hitler’s attack on Poland, Einsatzgruppen and Wehrmacht carried out more than 760 mass murders, killing 20,100 Poles. Next, the Small General Plan East (GPO)  envisioned emptying Slav lands for colonization. Einsatzgruppen embarked on murders of intelligentsia (Intelligenzaktionen), “special actions” (Sonderaktionen) in cities, and pacifications (Ausseordentliche Befriedungsaktionen), killing 51,000 more Polish intellectuals, political and social activists, and suspects of colaboration with the resistance until mid-1941. By June 1942, the Small GPO became the Large GPO, a long-term Germanization plan of extermination, deportation to Siberia and enslaving 14 million Slavs (85% Poles in that number).

A return of Jews to Eastern Europe, like that of Germans, might have far-reaching impacts on the region. ZPC’s political, economic and social clout seems much greater than around WWII. Millenia-old history of hostility towards disobedient Jews and non-Jewish cohabitants and neighbours, re-settlement of Jews by terror, and continuing aggression towards the neighbours after re-settlement are legitimate Polish concerns against Judeopolonia. EU principles of regions, unrestricted movement of people and purchase of properties would help the Judeopolonia concept materialize, with Kosovo as a precedent for breaking off and merging. A year ago, an official German revisionist concept, a “tradition of similar German attempts to base demands for leading power status in Europe”, saw the Germans as “settlers and bearers of culture outside the present German-speaking areas”. By eliminating national boundaries in EU, Germany can revert to the power of ethnic Germans. [22.12.2006]

Less than a century ago, Zionist lobbying in Germany also emphasized that the Jews could be the “bearers of culture” for German civilization in Judeopolonia under German protection. Then as now the concept fits German Drang nach Osten, as the European Jews speak Yiddish, a German dialect. The Jewish settlers could spearhead German settlement, as was the idea a century ago. Jewish return to their own EU mega-region might be implemented on the basis of EU, German-led regionalism and economic centralism that undermine nation states, and bureaucratic centralism that overrides national parliaments – principles that Germany has pushed hard on the EU members.


Germans, too, eye Poland. Erica Steinbach’s advocacy for Germans “driven out” of Poland at the end of WWII, once tolerated as an “insignificant phenomenon”, today bears fruit in discussions about a new commemorative centre in the Polish city of Gdansk, while more and more German claims to properties in Poland are successful. Meantime, millions of Polish victims of Nazis and Soviets remain unaccounted for. Further millions forcefully relocated from Eastern Poland by Stalin at the end of WWII can’t even get an official acknowledgement, and hundreds of thousands of offspring of Poles deported by Soviet NKVD during WWII have no prospects for return to Poland.
German irredentism, at present increasingly bold in the Silesia city of Opole and environs, could pick up once the WWII German “driven-outs” return. While German media increasingly talk about Gdansk and Wroclaw return to Germany, Poles are told, again, that it is a marginal phenomenon.
Zionist and German expansionism converge again. German promise of Judeopolonia reciprocates ZPC favours. The ZPC has been supporting Germany in the Balkans. German Greens, Fischer and Cohn-Bendit, both Jews, have been instrumental in breaking through German reluctance to go to war. Amidst appeals “No Auschwitz again” German troops and Luftwaffe set off to the Balkans, going to war for the first time since WWII.
ZPC’s Holocaust Religion has taken much WWII guilt off German shoulders. Through mendacious revisionism and power over media, similar to the Serbophobic demonization campaign, the ZPC has deleted the qualifier “German” from “Nazi” and shifted it onto “Polish Nazis” who are “Hitler’s willing executioners” responsible for “Polish concentration camps“. For decades, the radical Zionists have been redirecting their guilt, by educating Israeli youth in hatred that lays the blame for collusion with the Nazis onto the Polish nation. The target is for the young generations around the world, who have to rely on falsified textbooks, Holocaust Museums and ZPC omnipresent media, vicious campaign of Polonophobia since about 1950’s has reversed the WWII roles of victim and villain on Poles.
The eminent Polish researcher of civilizations, professor Feliks Koneczny (1862-1949) has found that a civilisation must defend and promote itself to survive. This boils down to who educates whom. Koneczny found no historical evidence of survival of civilisational mixtures; they perish because they are inconsistent. Obviously, the Judeocentric civilisation represented by the ZPC can’t co-exist amidst any other civilization it had merged with throughout millenia. As a rule, the mergers had ended up in mayhem, expulsion, or shift to equally devilish ideology and conquest from within the host.
ZPC spin that Poles are the villains of WWII, contradicts history: “the contemporary view of Poland as a land endemically inhospitable to Jews runs sharply counter to much of historical experience”, according to rabbi Byron Sherwin’s book, Sparks Amidst the Ashes (Oxford University Press, 1997, p 55). Bewildered by the anti-Polonism, Israeli historian Moshe Zimmerman observes in Sueddeutsche Zeitung (3.4.2007) that young Israelis increasingly blame Poles for the Holocaust. Poland in them is “accursed“, “impure land“, and “the biggest Jewish cemetery in the world” where the concentration camps were located: “This relationship to the Polish territory leads to an over-simplified attitude to “the” Pole, and to a lack of distinction between past and present. Now we hear that the Polish army “capitulated without a fight”, while the Jews fought back against the Nazis. What else should an Israeli soldier imagine, if there’s no mention of the Polish Uprising of autumn 1944 [often confused with the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, in which Polish Underground took part, too] in the short history of Warsaw that’s been prepared for his benefit?”
Nowhere is rabid Polonophobia as obvious as in Auschwitz, a place of international martyrdom, when Israel’s young Pole-haters wave huge blue-and-white flags during Marches of the Living. The teenagers stay in local hotels, demolish things out of hate for everything Polish and, to make the point, defecate into sinks and waste baskets. Inside a sovereign country, armed Mossad agents seal the haters from the Poles, and menace and even assault anybody who tries to make social contact with the darlings. The coaches that bring the rascals run the engines for hours without regard to parking regulations or the neighbours. Fearful of accusations of “anti-semitism”, Polish authorities ignore Mossad’s unauthorised firearms, the illegal activities of these “tourists” and the complaints of local citizens and hotels. The local press reports on hotels’ refusal to take any more of these guests.
The Polono- and Serbophobia may be necessary for radical Jews to define themselves, justify their quest for statehood, and find a scapegoat for errors, failures and mass crimes by their predecessors in relations with Jewish and Slavic masses. But why should the next generations of those nations suffer in the process. The “Holocaust tours” resemble police-protected, state-sanctioned provocations, or the March 2004, Albanian pogroms that put women and children between their Serbian target and the NATO-UN forces in Kosovo. Will the Israeli darlings staff Marches of the Living Hell to pre-WWII places of Jewish residence in Judeopolonia, to put blue-and-white flags over them – under EU “anti-Semitic” security this time?
Meantime, the symbolism of Polish martyrs at Auschwitz have been obliterated in systematic, ugly confrontations with the ZPC over the years. Initially estimated at about equal the number of  the Jewish victims, the number of the Polish victims of Auschwitz  has dwindled from a million to tens of thousands. Doubtless, this service of ZPC’s  Holocaust Religion and Industry also helps Germans repair their WWII image, not to mention the tera-reparations, still due from Germany to Poland and other Slav victim nations of Nazi genocide and destruction.

If the Jewish and German claims against Poland prove successful, small groups of outsiders may control a significant part of the Polish economy and public life. Meanwhile, the German and Zionist negative revisionist campaigns distort history. \Misleading of the international public opinion on Nazi and radical Zionists’ WWII crimes may threaten European stability, as Germany, cleansed of its WWII sins, leads the EU and presses eastwards, economically and demographically, while international radical Zionists approach Byelorussia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Russia with fraudulent restitution claims.
Black on white
The ZPC has been around the Balkan civil wars from the beginning. In 1984, three years before Slobodan Milosevic came to power and six years before the break up of Yugoslavia, the White House had issued US Policy Towards Yugoslavia, a blueprint for a new Balkan order, based on free market and spheres of influence. The 1990, US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) referred to Balkan human rights. It predicted Yugoslavia’s breakup within 18 months and likely civil war. The NIE had scape-goated president of Serbia, Milosevic, as the instigator of future human rights violations.  New York Times (28.11.1990) called the NIE unusually bold and contradictory to other analyses, and wrote that a recent law had barred US loans or credits for Yugoslavia, subject to holding free and fair elections and protection of human rights by Yugoslav  republics. The speculative time until Yugoslavia’s breakup later coincided with the military actions by the Croat extremists to initiate secession of Croatia.
Subsequent events proved that fairness of elections, the abuse of rights, and the culprits were judged to suit US “national interests” in the Balkans. The 1990 NIE prophecy and the money-for-democracy bill were like guidelines for US Balkan policy. Diplomacy failed (certainly not by Serbian fault), while the virulent infowar matched the ferocity of US-NATO attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure in the absence of military success. The economic sanctions, although not as genocidal as those in Iraq, have contributed to the ferment that broke up Yugoslavia and devastated the Serbs.

Given the authority and clout of the USA on the global stage, the primary responsibility for Balkan intervention failures rests with the power brokers of US policy prior to and throughout the wars – the neocons. Granted, Germany’s secret service Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) has played a key role in installing Franjo Tudjman’s right-wing secessionist government in Croatia and also has aided the secession of Slovenia. But since the early 1990s, Germany and the USA have co-operated to divide the Balkans. The task to create and finance the KLA was first given to Germany: “They used German uniforms, East German weapons and were financed, in part, with drug money“, and the CIA was subsequently instrumental in training and equipping the KLA in Albania (John Whitley quoted in: Truth in Media, 2.4.1999). The covert activities of BND were consistent with Bonn’s intent to expand into the Balkans.

US and Germany triggered national Islamic liberation movements in Bosnia and Kosovo, and supported international Jihad involvement. Thousands of mujahedin entered the Balkans and established bases. Like earlier in Bosnia, by mid-1990s, the CIA and the BND provided covert support to the KLA which  was receiving support from Al Qaeda. Renamed the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) in the wake of 1999 war, the KLA received a UN status that granted sources of funding, including direct US military aid. Using UN resources and equipment, KPC-KLA commanders were preparing the assaults into Southern Serbia and Macedonia, where the Islamist militants and NATO joined hands in 2000-2001, again contradicting the official claim that Jihad, the West’s “intelligence asset” got out of control in the Balkans: “US military advisers mingle with Mujahideen within the same paramilitary force, Western mercenaries from NATO countries fight alongside Mujahideen recruited in the Middle East and Central Asia. And the US media calls this a “blowback” where so-called “intelligence assets” have gone against their sponsors!” [Michel Chossudovsky, 20.1.2008].

Kosovar prime minister Hashim Thaci gave an interview for Israeli paper Haaretz [17.2.2008]. He admired Israel and described Sharon as a “great leader”. Haaretz called Thaci “the Ben Gurion of Kosovo“. Thaci assured that Kosovo wouldn’t be an Islamic state: “Kosovo is going to be a democratic and secular state of all its citizens, and the freedom to exercise religion without any hindrance is granted by the Kosovo Constitution.”
Under Thaci’s political leadership, the KLA has murdered Kosovo Serb civilians in order to terrorize hundreds of thousands of them and other minorities into leaving. He killed moderate Albanians to toe his party line, and murdered the leaders of political opposition. After “disarmament” by NATO and UN following occupation of Kosovo since June 1999, the KLA continued destroying churches and monasteries – more than 150 of them, some dating from the Middle Ages. Talking about freedom of religion! Even the Ottoman occupant had not done anything similar over their 500 year rule of Kosovo.
Haaretz explained that Thaci’s assertion was significant for those Israelis who feared that an independent Kosovo, or a potential “Greater Albania”, could be an Islamist outpost in southern Europe, reliant on Iranian and Saudi support, an argument that Thaci said “does not even deserve comment.” Yet, it was this concern that led Ariel Sharon to support Milosevic during the 1999, NATO bombing of Serbia [15.2.2008]. KLA ties to Al Qaeda, a CIA asset, for mujahedin supply and to Islamist states for money and weapons (with political and logistical support of the “international community”, i.e. the ZPC) is a secret only Haaretz and Thaci don’t know.
Enabling Jihad has been a tool of the ZPC to weaken Europe longer-term with the establishment of Islamic EU members, and to plant the Islamist Trojan Horse for future use globally. If indeed ZPC is behind all this, as it has been behind most of the 20th Century of Genocide and earlier, Americans who harbour the most destructive ZPC department, the neocons, will be punished, but not the ZPC people and their continuators.
Haaretz editorial [18.2.2008] pretends that Jihad wasn’t planted in Europe’s underbelly to weaken the Western civilization, by ZPC design and implementation. This is merely a continuation of anti-goyim policy of destroying from within, using war-of-ideas and universalist instruments such as immigration, multi-culturalism and neo-liberalism. Professor Kevin MacDonald has researched this in depth. On the second anniversary of the “Danish cartoons” affair, ostensibly a battle of freedom-of-speech versus Muslim sensitivities, it is clearly a ZPC job, too [19.2.2006  and here]. ZPC’s Trojan Horse relies on stirring up Islamist radicals against the West, only to “prove” to us that the threat is not the Judeocentric civilization, but the Islamic one.
Kosovo’s legal precedent would post-facto legitimize occupation and land grab in Palestine and would open a window of legal opportunity to create Judeopolonia within German Mitteleuropa idea. Haaretz conveys the official mantra about the lack in the Balkans of Islamist threat, something that Israel would sense on another planet. The paper reveals: “Jerusalem’s special relations with the U.S., its major ally, always have been a central factor in Israeli diplomacy”, which is another way to say Israel is in the ZPC. This fact explains why the troubled Israeli and Kosovar sovereignty have a common, but seemingly contradictory terrorist thread — one Zionist, the other Albanian Islamist: “Israel, which was established in the wake of the Jewish people’s struggle for a national home, should stretch out a hand to other nations seeking self-determination.”
Was Kosovo in Palestine, the IDF would be fighting Albanian terrorism. Because it is in Europe, as per ZPC Trojan Horse schematic, it is a friend in need.
Quo vadis?
There is also a global elitist aspect of the ZPC-German co-operation. In December 2007, the European Parliament has been forced by the European Council – an elitist body that meets behind closed doors – to accept a constitution that effectively replaces sovereignty of EU nation-states with a totalitarian rule from Brussels. French president and ZPC asset [3.11.2007], Sarkozy remarked that national referenda on the subject would be undesirable. His German colleague, Merkel pushed the constitution through, amidst parliamentarian demands “Referendum!”. Work is advanced towards an economic community of the US, Canada and Mexico, like the EEC prelude to the EU, followed by a merger with the EU, accompanied by legalistic and political transformations towards One World government.
If nations lose sovereignty faster than phony statelets are born, while the one repeatedly deprived of the newly “independent” territory is cajoled into joining the EU, a question arises: What for this rush to slavery in totalitarian Euro- or Amero-kolkhoz to be united into World Soviet?
God has protected the Serbs again, by rushing them into Russian hands. It seems they will stand together in an Orthodox bastion, the last defenders of the Christian civilization. When Christ comes for the Second Time, He will be pleased with His Balkan creation who write and read both Cyrillic and Latin, the latter one in vain.
An independent researcher, Bein travels in various cultural regions. The International Comparative Genocide Research project at the Hiroshima City University has commissioned two research papers from Bein – one on the Balkan conflict and one on Polish-Jewish relations.

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