Who is fouling Poland-Belarus relations

To the Nations of Europe,

To the European Authorities,

To European public opinion,

The Commonwealth of Poland and the Republic of Belarus – two neighborly states in the heart of Europe – and who have every chance to become a shining example of the cooperation between sovereign states and self-respecting nations.

They do so now naturally, due to the close ethnic ties between Poles and Belarusians by sharing a common Slavic origin, as well as sharing a closeness of culture and history, which has never led to any hostility on the part of one or the other, but rather the opposite – both have given their best native sons and daughters for their homelands, their cultures   serving other nations, and for the promotion of peaceful coexistence between them.

For this closeness of ethnicity and culture, Poles and Belarusians have often times paid the highest price – millions of innocent lives have fallen victim to acts of war, by armies that marched from west to east and east to west – forced into the rule of different empires, to “leaders of humanity”, to “promoters of progress, culture and racial superiority”.

The results of one common historical development, were catastrophically clear – Poles and Belarusians lost a great deal of the wealth made by the toil of the previous generations, only to have to repeatedly rebuild what they have lost – while the invaders and occupiers, and those that supported them, enriched themselves.

Another outcome of such historical developments, is that now, a small minority of Polish citizens of Belarusian nationality live within the territory of the Polish Commonwealth, and on the territory of the Republic of Belarus is a much larger crowd of Belarusian citizens of Polish nationality.

Each of these minorities do not have any difficulties to realize, and make possible their communal and cultural goals, and are also guaranteed the freedom of religion and of thought, in accordance with the Final Act of Helsinki under chapter I, article VIII.

These minorities also have the possibility of freely establishing organizations in various fields of public activity.  Obviously, these organizations must foremost respect the legal order in the country, and not to undermine its programs and activities, the constitutional rights of its competent institutions, as well as the political principles of the state authorities so long as they have been chosen and supported by the sovereign will of the nation.  This remains in accordance with article 20 and 21 in the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.

In light of what has been discussed above, one must marvel at the so-called advocacy activities of the Union of Poles in Belarus that is lead by Mrs. Andzelika Borys.  One also must reflect on the attempts of that splinter organization to label itself as “persecuted” and “discriminated against”. When in fact, it is in a situation where it not only functions, but has continued to maintain its organization and its programs for several decades, at least the legal Union of Poles in Belarus, which has legally and democratically elected representatives, which has been led since September 12, 2009, by Mr. Stanislaw Siemaszko.

The involvement of the highest constitutional institutions of the Polish state – the Sejm, the Senate, the presidency as well as the government of the Polish Commonwealth and the authorities of the European Union have supported a rather scandalous organization, which calls itself the Union of Poles, where many of its leaders are not even Polish, where purposeful political provocation is preformed by Mrs. Andzelika Borys and her associates, which abuses the power of international institutions as well as attempts to misinform European public opinion.

National minority rights cannot be used to weaken and dismantle the states in which they happen to reside.  Under the motto of minority rights one cannot carryout acts of arbitrary will or carryout corrupt practices in financial and legal matters.  Under any kind of motto, be it freedom or democracy, can simply be used to mask political terrorism and anarchy, and this should not be acceptable.

Poles living in Poland, with the above in mind, can easily differentiate – the intentions and the activities of the members of the legal Union of Poles under the leadership of Mr. Stanislaw Siemaszko, and the intentions of all those Belarusian citizens of Polish nationality, who behave in a loyal and responsible manner towards the Belarusian state, and who have a genuine will to preserve and to promote the Polish culture and identity – from the conduct and international provocation of the so called ZPB under the leadership of Mrs. Andzelika Borys.

This Union under the leadership of Mrs. Andzelika Borys is supported politically, in the media and is financed in an illegal manner by exterior sources, who, we’ve regretfully have found, are certain institutions of the Polish state as well as certain politicians who currently serve in the government of the Polish Commonwealth.

This is just one more example of how the activities of the Polish authorities fail to take into account facts or the actual progress of Polish communities in Belarus, as well as how far the views of the Polish authorities miss those of the vast majority of the Polish community on the subject of Polish – Belarusian relations, and those who wish to shape those relations based upon mutual respect and partnership for the mutual benefit of both countries and its peoples.

The use of media attacks, and the persistent molding of public opinion in Poland and Europe, by the false and one-sided interpretations of Mrs. Andzelika Borys and her supporters-  are unacceptable.  Polish public opinion, the Polish electorate and the tax-payer who finances state expenditures, specifically those that support Polish minorities abroad, have a right to know the truth about the activities taking place inside the ZPB as well as the issue of how minority rights of Poles in Belarus are respected, and not just to rely upon “the surest version of the truth” solely from the lips of Mrs. Andzelika Borys.

Since the tribunes of the Polish and European parliaments have been left open for Mrs. Andzelika Borys, then it is only fair that such a right not be denied to the legal ZPB, or its president, Mr. Stanislaw Siemaszko.  Poles living within the country demand this, and is also the inalienable right of European public opinion.

During a meeting in Kiev, the foreign minister of the Commonwealth of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski along with the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced the appointment of a joint Polish-Belarusian commission to clarify the issues regarding the Polish minority in Belarus.

Poles – against the one-sided and the extremely unobjective behavior of government agencies, of the Sejm and of the office of the Presidency of the Polish Commonwealth, as well as the representatives of the Delegation of the European Parliament – have a right to participate in this announced joint Polish-Belarusian commission to clarify the issues regarding the Polish minority in Belarus, so there be participation by Polish representatives from non-governmental organizations, who have no political ties or orientations and who do not share the ideology and manner of actions preferred by Mrs. Andzelika Borys and the members of the Delegation of the European Parliament to the Republic of Belarus.

The Board of the Association of the Faithful to Sovereign Poland

Dr. Pawel Zieminski   – President

Stanislaw Baj              – Vice President

Bohdan Poreba            – Auxiliary Vice President

Dariusz Kosiur            – Treasurer, member of the board

Tadeusz Dylak            – Secretary, member of the board

Andrzej Skorski          – Member of the board

Ryszard Nosinski        – Member of the board

By piotrbein