Riposte to an “American” Polonophobe

Riposte to an “American” Polonophobe

Piotr Bein, June 10, 2010

Richard Cohen attempts to teach goyim history and other Judeocentric media follow suit. It’s not worth my time nor keyboard to educate their ilk hopelessly at odds with humanity. Interested reader can peruse my summary of “pogroms” and other anti-Polonisms. A scribe of the Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC), Cohen is not just another Jew manipulated by the Talmudic rabbinate of Lubavitchers (global HQ at Brooklyn). He sounds like one of those Talmudic terror rabbis, who have mastered the art of terrorizing  Jewish and goyim masses with hatred towards made-up Judeocentric foe. Cohen’s hatred-and-lies do nothing to correct falsified history but aggravates Polish-Jewish tensions already at their high since the “pogroms”.

Naïve readers take Cohen’s falsehood as Bible, e.g. this one: “I never knew about the ‘Holocaust after the Holocaust’ […] There is so much wrong in this world, we have to stop the petit hatred.”  The hatred is not so “petit” – look at the Talmudic-Zionist ideology, a foundation of too much evil throughout centuries.

Where from “pogroms”?

Fake threat to the “chosen ones” and “pogroms” figure big in the shabby kosher spin. Let’s start from the origin of the word. Crypto-Jewish Freemasons of Islamic faith in Ottoman Turkey (dönmeh) have overthrown empires, and instigated revolutions and wars. On behalf of world Zionism, they orchestrated the anti-Sultan coup and the genocide of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians – all Christians. They co-masterminded Balkan Wars, Bolshevik revolution and WWI, and were instrumental in establishing the League of Nations for Zionist control, similar to the UN (Christopher Bjerknes “The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians”).

Dönmeh recruited conspirators, revolutionaries and terrorists, e.g. Zhabotinsky and Helphand who inspired Bolshevik Lev Bronstein (Trotsky) to “permanent revolution”. Helphand brought Lenin (1917) to Russia. Zhabotinsky founded anti-Semitic Revisionist Zionist Movement, and Irgun to steal land from Nile to Euphrates. The J-terror succeeded in Tsarist Russia, too: “Whenever a desperate deed is committed it is always done by a Jew, and there is scarcely one loyal member of that race in the entire Empire […T]he massacres that have shocked the universe, and occurred so frequently that the name ‘pogrom’ was invented to describe them, were organized and managed by the exasperated police authorities in retaliation for crimes committed by the Jewish revolutionists” (National Geographic Magazine, May 1907).

Pogroms of Poles

“The second Holocaust”, i.e. alleged pogroms of Jews in post-WW2 Poland, are spin of the same kind as thousands of Jews murdered by Poles between the World Wars. To enlist Western support for autonomy while thwarting Polish post-WW1 independence (a neighbourly J-habit since the partitions of Poland in 18th century), int’l Zionists screamed “Pogroms!”.

Foreign governments launched Jew-led investigations. The 1919 US government reports by Morgenthau and by Jadwin and Johnson, as well Sir Stuart Samuel’s 1920 British government report had debunked the lies – see under Fundamental Docs. Jews sided with Bolsheviks, whom Poles hated, and Jewish victims were armed and died in combat. Had these “excesses” been organized, “the number of victims would have run into the thousands instead of amounting to about 280”, wrote Morgenthau.

Real pogroms in Ukraine killed thousands, but Jewish spin suppressed it. Had Poles been viciously anti-Semitic, Jews wouldn’t have fluorished. Just before WW2, 2.7 million Jews in Poland had 130 periodicals, 15 theatres, 266 elementary schools, 12 universities and 14 trade colleges. Jews had own political organizations, schools and publications “relatively free of outside interference” and could “present their cause to the Sejm [Poland’s Parliament] and before the court of public opinion” (Yisrael Gutman “The Jews of Poland”). Prejudices were mutual. Most Jews never supported Polish national goals. The 1939 Nazi defeat of Poland wasn’t a “Jewish matter”, either. Jews saw a chance of autonomy in ghettos and turned against Poles during Soviet occupation, too.

After WW2, the Jewish leadership majority in the Polish Communist Party have spoken better Yiddish than Polish. The Jewish Communists have killed tens of thousands and imprisoned and tortured hundreds of thousands Polish patriots and Catholic clergy. After purges of Communist Jews in 1950’s and later the fall of Communism, many criminal, Soviet bloc Jews emigrated, pretending to be victims of Communism. Their descendants in Israel seek Polish citizenship today.


Among Poles, Jews developed to their largest cluster in the world, enjoying the greatest autonomy. In years 300-1000, world Jewry dwindled from 3 to 0.5 million. Between granting of priviledges to Jews (1264) and the fall of Poland (1795), Jewish population on Polish lands grew a hundredfold (native Poles multiplied sixfold). By 1880, 80% of 8 million world Jewry lived on Polish territory. Therefore Jews call Poland by a Hebrew name “Polin” (a safe heaven).

Following the hateful Judeocentric anti-Polish campaign of recent decades, Poles have woken up to JPC’s enslavement and demonization. A nation is demonized before a major assault on her key assets. They wonder what’s in store this time… having lost 80% of their elites and intelligentsia in the hands of Zionist Nazis, Jew-dominated Soviet NKVD and post-WW2 Judeo-Communist regime (Żydokomuna). They have suffered Europe’s largest human and material losses due to Jew-instigated German anti-Slavism. As if it hasn’t been enough, Poles have been set back half a century by imposition of Jew-invented Communism since 1945.

For subversion by crypto-Jews Wałęsa (Lejba Kone), Geremek (Berele Lewartow), Mazowiecki (Icek Dikman), Kuroń (Izaak Cukerman or Icek Kordblum), Michnik (Aaaron Schechter) and others, the Solidarity movement has failed to shake the Communist yoke off. Instead, the banksters have gripped Polish economy, national assets, the banking and finances, relegating this, world’s 20-30th nation (by GDP and population), to a 80-90th place in well-being! (CIA country data). Election after election the Poles see a parade of Judeo-masonic puppets enter Poland’s highest offices and institutions. Seen by some patriots as trustworthy in the wake of April 10th catastrophe, the JPC-controlled media steer the presidential election campaign in a classical ploy of “alternative” candidates from the same, JPC-controlled camp.

Judeopolonia next?

From Europe’s most tolerant and sympathetic to Jews, Poles became the most bitter towards extreme Jews for what they have done to my Nation. And it has certainly nothing to do with anti-Semitism, Mr. Cohen. We would welcome back the Orthodox, true-to-Torah Jews of pre-war Poland and as valuable secular, assimilated Polish Jews. But both groups are extinct, by design of international Zionists, whose followers are Cohen’s sponsors. Poles don’t look forward to welcoming the children of killers of their elites, who in no time would create “Polish Palestine” – a Judeopolonia province of old designs.

I sense that Cohen’s follow-up on Helen Thomas’s seemingly accidental “anti-Israel” insult paves the way for returns to Polin. Poland’s busiest embassy (Tel Aviv) has been issuing thousands of passports annually for many years. There was much preparation in the JPC press: stories of “Poles” waking up to their Jewish roots (even one neo-Nazi!), returnees in temporary places in Poland, the value of Jewish culture and Yiddish in European history, new Lubavitcher Houses and menorahs growing like mushrooms all over Europe… while European Union has tightened laws against anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers.

In Poland, managed events re-assure hesitant Jews: “Polin is safe again”. Jewish culture festivals became as numerous as celebrations of Polishness. Polish presidents celebrate Chanukah (but not Christmas) and lit menorahs instead of Xmas trees, the symbol of bakwardness, as are Christian crosses removed by city sanitation departments in this Catholic nation. Jewish museums are funded, but not Polish ones. Waving Israeli flags under Mossad escort, Zionist Marches of Living youth from all over the world, pre-brainwashed in anti-Polonism based on fake accusations of anti-Semitism, occupy places of WW2 martyrdom (Auschwitz-Birkenau, Jedwabne…). Poles are forbidden to freely commemorate a million of Polish victims under Auschwitz Cross. The number has dwindled drastically to make way to the “uniqueness” of Shoah.

Following Holocaust Industrialists’ extortions, the “Polish” government hastily legislates tens of billions of euros in fraudulent restitutions to the heirs of those who have annihilated the Jews of Poland.

Rest assured, Mr. Cohen, Poles will not welcome “re-settlers” from Israel – out of sheer self-preservation. Besides, what for was all this ado about Israel, if Jews have to return to places they have left under Zionist coaxing, or escaped from into the safety of genocidal Israel as atrocious Zionist criminals with the blood of their Jewish brethren and goyim on their hands? They have failed to live neighbourly with the Arabs, so our hearts close to Judeocentrics’ self-imposed “fate”.

By piotrbein