Hate is not such a bad thing

From:     Mark Jaworski

Subject:     Hate is not such a bad thing

Date:     September 12, 2010 9:29:54 PM PDT (CA)

To:     pawelkwiecien@otwarta.org

I admit, being an immigrant in Canada myself, that it is difficult to live as a minority in a country inhabited by others, who are very different, who belong to other than mine, that is Latin Civilization, speak different language and have strange set of values. It is hard to be black in US, white in Japan or Haiti as being Palestinian in Israel, Christian in Sudan or India, Falun Gong practitioner in China etc. One has to comply and be much better citizen of the new country to prevent being ridiculed or even discriminated.
I noticed that OPEN REPUBLIC (OTWARTA) <http://www.otwarta.org/english/about-association,1.html> is acting in defense of just one (allegedly oppressed minority), that is Polish citizens of Jewish extraction, regardless of their actual religion or political views.  Fact is that Polish Jews enjoy much higher standard of living and more rights than rest of the population of that state. It is however an honourable idea to defend your own kind, as long as you are not on the witch hunt for people who dare to criticize Jews, Judaism, Talmud, Zionism, Israeli politics, Madoff or any other criminal financial advisor. Your mission statement states that:   “xenophobic and anti-Semitic prejudice is reappearing in a Polish public life”  is an outright lie. What has happened before that reappearance? Did Bolsheviks of Trocki managed to eradicate it by murdering and deporting millions of Poles? I hope that you will be kind enough to give me some honest examples of life of the Jews becoming unbearable in Poland. Do they have any options like emigrating to the Promised Land? Do they risk losing sinecures, property and businesses? I know that  Jews who emigrated to Israel and renounced Polish citizenship, could easily obtain it back and come to Poland much easier than millions of Poles forcibly deported by the Soviets and living in Kazakhstan and other parts of Siberia.
I consider animosity of Jews against Poles to be completely unjustified since up to 80% of the world Jewry has been living in Poland since Middle Ages. If Poles were really hostile to Jews, they would have undoubtedly wandered elsewhere, as walking between Babylon, Egypt, Khazar Empire and Poland has been proven to be passable for them.
Being surrounded by the enemies is a “Red Herring”  illustrating  Orwell’s “1984” and “Animal Farm”  hypocritical behaviour of  more equal.
Few years ago Israeli Ambassador to Poland, Weiss when confronted with a well documented fact of Jews responsible for genocide perpetrated by the government of Soviet Union, publicly answered that: “Jews who helped Communists, ceased to be Jews!”.
I accept that, but I extrapolate to the Polish situation by adding that any Jews (or Poles) who helped criminal organizations like Soviet and Polish Communist Party, lost all the rights bestowed on Polish citizens. I do not presume to know what to do with them, but deporting somewhere, jailing, firing from civil service, forcing restitution of stolen property and public apology seem to be appropriate actions to consider. It has been used in other countries already. I do not know whether any country would accept them as bona fide refugees, but judging from the successful escapes of Solomon Morel, Mark Rich, Bagsik and Gąsiorowski, state of Israel may be an attractive alternative.
On the other hand, many Jews successfully living in Poland like Josolewicz, Antoni Słonimski, Julian Tuwim, Janusz Korczak,  or Marian Hemar, as well as many of my personal friends, were shining examples of being outstanding Polish patriots without losing their Jewish identity. We all have a tendency to exaggerate virtues of our own group and berating others. It is human and animalistic, but in a civilized society, people should control such behaviour. My favorite author David Friedman (son of Nobelist Milton) said that only small children and big world powers use violence to achieve their goals. You OPEN REPUBLIC (OTWARTA) do not qualify as neither small child or big USA. Using dirty hands of government and police to enforce your fantasies or religious goals is a case of usurping power and should be treated as a sedition. I feel that this is an universal principle and even Catholic Church must conform to it. Church may excommunicate abortionists or women who are irresponsible enough to undergo it, but suggesting to the legislators to prosecute doctors or their victims is completely ridiculous. There would not be enough doctors to deliver healthy babies and there are not enough cells in prisons. Any discussions about abortions or crosses in front of the Palace of the Tsar’s Deputy are just substitute subjects. Substituting real reforms like firing of all former spies of the Communist Party, former agents of Soviet and Polish military security forces, as they did in East Germany and former Czechoslovakia. It is a shame that thousands of those traitors are still working in Poland, some of them in senior management, banking and civil service. Do not kill them unless they committed serious crimes, just give them what they gave to their Polish victims — farm work or bread and water on social assistance, or let them emigrate to any country that would accept them.
I prefer to respect others and do not condemn people just for belonging to the other ethnic, religious or sexual diversity. As long as the “other” group is not hurting me personally I do not really care what they do in privacy of their homes or clubs. Only if they brake the law of the land, by committing crimes like grand larceny, murder, molesting minors and causing public mischief, I call the police and ask for immediate action. I agree that every group of people has a right to defend its interests and protect from unjustified attacks. The key word is unjustified. If Gypsies were expelled from India, for being thieves, later ended up in Europe and continued life of crime and violence, they brought it on themselves and should not be surprised if French are deporting them. Some honest Gypsies (or Roms, as they would rather be called since the name Gypsy or “Cygan” has become an archetype for a thief) will suffer, but they should only blame their compatriots, not French President, who acts according to wishes of the most of people living in France; including Muslims, who have their own problems with integration into civilized society.
I do not care about sexual choices of parents of people who are around me. I evaluate them by their deeds not words. Recently scientists have found some Semitic and Negroid genes in a bodies of Hitler’s relatives. Many people pretend to be somebody else, but they cannot escape influence of their family and friends. It takes courage to be better than others. Search for the truth is an upstream swim, only waste goes down with the flow.
American Indians form large percentage of prison population in Canada (as do Blacks in US jails), it is only partly because of prejudices of police and judges. They do not want to go to schools and get an honest job. Life of crime and drunken driving is very popular among them. They are treated like Holy Cows, by various do-gooders, but in fact they are their own worst enemies. I was living among them and I know it first hand. Of course, there are honest and honorable Indians, but they are in a despised minority. Their own leaders are tyrants, living of taxpayers handouts and persecuting their own subjects. Canadian taxpayers spent about 60 000 dollars a year on each Indian, but some of them live in poverty (!), as the money is misappropriated by civil servants and Indian’s own corrupted hereditary Chiefs. Absolute monarchy at its worst. Those little Kings are bribing politicians and media, using taxpayers money!
One more argument to use in silly discussions about hate. Some things are unpleasant for most people. Cockroaches, snakes, slaughter houses, (specially kosher kind), operating rooms and morgues. Most of us learned not to frequent them or turn another way. Hollywood movies, computer games and TV News desensitized most of us to the site of blood or freshly blown brains, making at least some of us to be a good material for soldiers and torturers.
Hate is a natural reaction to terrible deeds. Some people deserve to be hated; serial killers like Tamerlane, Ivan the Terrible, Henry the 8th, Jack the Ripper, Robespierre, Dr. Harold Shipman, Luis Garavito, Thug Behram, Clifford Olson, Darya Saltykova, David Parker Ray, Pedro Lopez, Ted Bundy, Yang Xinhai, Leib Trotsky, Władysław Mazurkiewicz, Che Guevara, Kaspars Petrovs, Beria, Dzierżyński, Carla Homolka with Paul Bernardo, Robert Pickton, deserve death penalty, not just hate. Many other names of serial killers of many ethnic origins are at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_serial_killers_by_country.

Politicians and their civil (or uncivil servants) in some countries, abolished death penalty to make sure that they do not get it themselves when they are caught red-handed stealing taxpayers money and causing death of innocent people. When comrade Jaskiernia (Minister of Justice of Poland at that time) was asked by Polish Parliamentarian Mr. Janusz Korwin-Mikke how death penalty was abolished in Poland, he received an answer „it was impossible to establish that” (nie udało się ustalić).
If some Nazi signs, flags or memorabilia are unpleasant to look at, for people who may have encountered their atrocities, there may be other symbols or gestures which are grossly offensive to others. Symbol of the ✞ Cross, causes thousands of Christians to be killed by Hindus and Sudanese right now. Proponents of Red Flag, Hammer and Sickle, Red ✭ Star or even  ✡ Star of David  committed war crimes and caused mass murder of innocent people around the world. Japanese flag with a red ● circle in the middle was used in 1938 when 10 million Chinese were murdered by Japanese troops. Families of those who died in Cambodia, Poland or China detest those symbols of cruel occupants.
In some countries like Hungary, where Soviet Communists killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, the law was passed, stating that displaying red ★ star is a criminal offence. That caused some problems recently because red ★ star appears on banknote of €20 (Euros). I do not know how that problem was solved between Budapest and Brussels, but it shows that we cannot control speech or art, because some people may find it unpleasant. Should we ban all of them?
Around the world or just in selected countries?
Who would we appoint to be a world’s policeman to enforce all those silly dreams? Hopefully not  Germany, Japan or Korea which still require US troops stationed there to guarantee their peaceful behaviour after they started genocidal wars in the past.

Sure we should control things in a bad taste; like used sanitary napkins or bed pans with  urine displayed by the taxpayers funded museums and art galleries, but the only penalty should be withdrawal of the grants from public funds. That what happened in Brooklyn when some enemies of Christianity displayed Madonna covered with camel’s excrements, and City withdrew the support. Those weird perverted people could display their profanities at their own home or private art galleries, as long as they do not spread the diseases and foul smell to the street.

I cannot understand why Nazi symbols are bad and Soviet are good. Swastika in India is a neutral symbol. I find Soviet symbol red ★ star to be much more repulsive. Nazis and Soviets were both Socialists, but Soviets, killed hundred times more people than Nazis.
Burden of proof of harm done during free exchange of opinions should be on the complainant. Even if after reading an article in a newspaper or on the internet, somebody actually becomes crazy or commits suicide it is still doubtful whether this was an only or even principal reason. We all have a possibility of switching to another radio station or TV Channel. I heard a story about two puritan women who called police to complain that neighbors in the next house walk stark naked with open curtains. Anxious policeman noticed that from their vantage point he does not even see the window of the nudists. One of the complainants responded by saying: “But Officer, if you put a chair on the table and stand on that chair, then you will see those obscene sinners!” It appears that many supporters of  OTWARTA site, will go to extraordinary lengths to get offended. I suggest to them to contact psychologists from one of your sponsors CHARAKTERY, to cure them from masochistic paranoia of being surrounded by enemies and threatened by the truth, to achieve a happy life, free of anxieties of the modern world.
Busy bodies like one Richard Warman in Canada, who lives off money extorted from people who allegedly offended him, should find themselves some other causes to rebel against like… illiteracy, corruption or laziness of policemen who prefer to chase innocent prostitutes than pimps, as the latter are armed and dangerous! Canadian policemen are keen to kill innocent Polish immigrant Robert Dziekański, but are unable to stop gangsters involved in human trafficking, which enslaves thousands of people right in front of their noses, in Canada. They do not seem to know that it is sufficient to find three of them to call it conspiracy and organized crime. Immigration consultant, smuggler and a pimp are the three. It is too bad that Canada does not have a RICO law,  confiscating from convicted gangsters all their worldly possessions (even what they have already paid to their lawyers) like they do in US. This is why they swarm to reside in Canada, gangsters from US, Japan, China, Russia, Colombia, Sri Lanka or Vietnam. There are about million undocumented illegals in Canada. As long as they do not try to get a job (why should they?), try to pay taxes or obtain Canadian passport, they may stay forever. They are able to buy a car, house or business, obtain Credit Card, Driver’s License and medical care. Recent naval invasion of Chinese and Tamils on rust buckets creates resentment of all law abiding Canadian citizens. That leads to real hate, not what anybody says or writes. I read that in Poland there are over 100 000 Chinese. They do not seem to die, it means that they either live forever or are buried in secret when their passport goes back to China or Vietnam.
Let’s direct our hate, to where it belongs. There is plenty of enemies of free speech, free enterprise and personal freedom. They deserve to be ridiculed by George Orwell, exposed by Jerzy Robert Nowak, Henry Makow, Henryk Pająk or Antoni Macierewicz and punished by the Courts of Law if they falsify the history. Make offenders pay for printing of the textbooks which may have to be recycled for a toilet paper (after thorough disinfection with chlorine) to avoid further mind poisoning of the vulnerable youth by hiding the truth about Katyń massacre and Warsaw Uprising.
Most famous Pole — Copernicus stated that to err is human, but to remain in error is stupid. I do not care if some people still believe in a myth that Earth is flat, but if they demand from the government to ban the airplanes, so they will not fall out — I tell them to go and fly a kite.
Mark Jaworski Vancouver BC Canada

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