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Dear Piotr,

The last few weeks – months, really – have been incredible, challenging, exciting and daunting for Jewish Voice for Peace.  I just can’t think of a time when your support and participation have mattered more to us. So, thank you – and thank you for continuing to stick with us in the months ahead.

The biggest news continues to be what happened in New Orleans last week and since. As you may already know, our Young, Jewish, and Proud leaders made headlines around the world when they disrupted Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the country’s largest gathering of Jewish leaders (watch the dramatic – and disturbing – video here). We knew that this action would be big, but the attention our young leaders and Jewish Voice for Peace have garnered has been overwhelming. We have struck a nerve among Jews everywhere and among people who care about human rights. Many who tried their best to ignore JVP before are paying attention now – and that attention brings unique challenges to our lean organization. You can help (and I hope you will) by signing our letter of support for our young leaders and/or by making a donation to support our work. Both actions matter.

We’ll keep you posted about what’s next, and thank you so much for making all this work possible.
In solidarity and gratitude, 

Rebecca Vilkomerson
Executive Director
Jewish Voice for Peace

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