Open Letter to Professor Emir Ramic

Open Letter to Professor Emir Ramic, President of the Congress of North American Bosniaks, Canadian Branch, and Director of the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada (IGRC)

Dear Professor Ramic

Regarding your Feb. 17, 2011, letter to the University of British Columbia’s President, you and your groups serve war mongers and endanger Canadian social harmony, by exploiting religion in a “nation” construct for inciting ethnic-religious discord. “Bosniak” is neither a nation nor an ethnic group. Bosnian Muslims are Southern Slavs, speak the same language as Croats and Serbs, and differ only by religion imposed by historic conquerors of the Balkans. Tito has created this “nationality” to statistically reduce the percentage of Serbs. Most nations are multi-religious and this does not give rise to secessions.

The new (radical) Muslim-dominated artificial states in the Balkans, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, are a brutal warning for the Europeans about what might divide and eventually destroy them with help of immigration and reversed discrimination imposed against their will. Kosovo itself has been made into an ethnically-cleansed “sovereign” state for Albanians, dotted with the ages-old churches and monasteries (which had been attacked and destroted by Albanian mobs!). Only a few states obeyed Bush-Cheney’s USA and recognized this Serbian craddle as an independent state of alien intruders. The EU states are split on this issue.

The claim of a Serbian genocide commited on Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica, fraudulently declared by the NATO victor‘s politicized, corrupt tribunal, evokes the bloody ethno-religious strife stirred by your masters in the war on terror, but tested in the Balkans before 9/11 in conjunction with Izetbegović‘s and int’l Jihad’s extremism, on behalf of a “chosen group” that you represent in Canada. I am very concerned that both in Bosnia and the Middle East, false-flag bombing and death squads were (are) used to artificially stir up the strife. Most of the Bosnian Muslims are moderate and have rejected Izetbegović‘s radicalism expressed e.g. in his Muslim National Council’s Declaration of Independent Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina thus: A good Serb is a living and obedient Serb or a dead, disobedient Serb [1]. In 2001 Bosnia, I heard from local Muslims: We want to live in peace and prosper, the politicians don’t let us.

You and the orgs you lead, serve the peace disturbers. The combination of your positions proves disastrous. Canadian authorities should look at it. In multi-ethnic Canada, institutions like yours must pursue the truth, or else we may be creating inter-etnic and inter-religious trouble. I demand that you step down.

The IRGC Management Board that you chair props itself with an International Team of Experts. Elie Wiesel will unleash not only Yaweh’s, but also Allah‘s wrath. I will also mention Cherif  Bassiouni and Marko Attila Hoare at the top of your list.

Sir Elie Wiesel, political activist, Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor stands accused of Holocaust frauds, while refusing to present his Auschwitz tatoo. His Legends of our Time admits about his stories: Some events do take place but are not true; others are – although they never occurred. His Night is questioned as to authenticity and veracity. A Hungarian witness says that Elie Wiesel stole actual Holocaust survior’s book published in Paris. The book was then rewritten for publication under Elie Wiesel’s name in 1958. He received a Nobel Peace prize for it in 1986, while the real author went missing. Wiesel confirms his idolatry and Judeocentrics‘ monopoly on the Holocaust [2].

Wiesel joins the Holo-hoax genre beside Jan T. Gross‘ libels Neighbours, Fear and recent Golden Harvest, Binjamin Wilkomirski’s fabrication Fragments, and anti-Polonism Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosiński, who wasn’t even fluent in English and had his original secretly translated into English and redacted after emigrating to the USA. Risking death penalty for hiding a Jew, a Polish family (who might perish anyway, in Generalplan Ost for Slavs) saved him. Yet he wrote anti-Polonisms about travelling in Eastern Europe at the time, and seing atrocities committed on Jews. Wiesel marveled at Kosiński‘s hoax:  one of the best […] deep sincerity and sensitivity. Wiesel also said: This is not a mere coincidence that camps of the worst annihilation were built among them, in Poland, and not elsewhere.

These are words of a descendant of a hostile group that has subdued the natives in Polin, the safe heaven that Jews, expelled from all over Europe, have enjoyed in Poland for centuries. Wiesel represents Zionism, whose extreme proponents annihilated Jews in Shoah, after whipping up anti-Semitism, helping Hitler to power, and since 1942 orchestrating the Endlösung into annihilation of assimilated and true-to-Torah Jews who refused emigration to Palestine. The German Zionist regime whipped up anti-Polonism and anti-Slavism, too, resulting in tens of millions of Slav victims. For secrecy and logistics of death transports, the Hitlerite Zionists built their death camps in occupied Poland. Their continuators call these Polish concentration camps, built owing to alleged hatred of Jews by Poles, Hitler’s willing helpers. A few years ago, I was personally insulted with this kind of statements from the staff of New York USHMM, to which your IGRC website links. This role reversal resembles Srebrenica: Orić‘s genocide swept under the carpet, the Serbian victim made into a genocidal villain.

Wiesel‘s anti-Polonism also hark back to Judeo-Bolsheviks and Judeo-Communists who hit Slavs before, during and after WW2. Together with the Nazis under a secret pact, they have “decapitated“ the Polish nation, annihilating 80% of the elites, incl. assimilated Jews. They have imposed Communism on Poles, thwarting Poland‘s development by half a century and  have corrupted grassroots Solidarity movement into a tool of transformation to EU subjugation. Still not certain due to politics of genocide research (in which you readily engage), how many Polish citizens perished from Zionists‘ Holocaust and its Judeo-Soviet equivalent, Poles got neither an apology nor reparations from this genocidal group represented legally by Israel since 1948. Akin to radical Bosnian Muslims‘ failed attempt (assisted by human rights lawyer and professor of law Francis Boyle on your list) to extort compensations from the Serbs, the Holocaust Industry demands from Poland billions euro for properties that the Nazis (and Soviets) have looted and burnt. At the same time, the High Priests of Holocaust Religion insist that Poles come to terms with their past, a proposition similar to one posed (with Wiesel’s help) to the Turks for the Armenian genocide, so that the real history is fogged up and Judeocentric villains shed responsibility.

Holo-liers like Wiesel propagate revisionism, while the real villains remain unmentioned, the number of Holocaust non-Jewish victims shrinks, anti-Polonism accelerates, and other groups also face injustice (e.g. discrimination of the Palestinian cause due to Judeocentric corruption of Canadian human rights orgs).

Distinguished Research Professor and president of int‘l institutions for law, human rights and forensics, Cherif  Bassiouni has endorsed the overinflated number of casualties in Bosnia and the fake accusations of mass rape by the Serbs. Yet, he led a commission of ICTY experts investigating the “Serbian death camps in Bosnia”, a media stunt to demonize the Serbs and justify US interventions on behalf of Izetbegović‘s radical Muslims. A chairman of an expert group on Srebrenica report for the UNSC (27.5.1994), he has ignored genocidal raids of gen. Nasir Orić’s Bosnian Muslim forces from UN “safe zone” on surrounding Serbian population (over 3000 civilians atrociously killed, villages rased). Bassiouni has done so, even though he and the UN have received documentation on the atrocities. Thus Bassiouni bears a great responsibility for letting Orić‘s thugs off the hook prior to the Srebrenica “genocide”. Sanctioned by the “int‘l community”, the lapse of justice has undoubtedly contributed to Bosnian Serbian imperative to kill the thugs, which is propagandized as Srebrenica genocide in order to save the face of US-NATO Balkan humanitarian bombing, a prelude to unbridled interventionism, incl. war on terror and defending Israel in all-out nuclear war with Iran

A world renowned British historian of the Former Yugoslavia, Marko Attila Hoare wrote nonsense on the late Milošević: deliberately promoted the break-up of Yugoslavia […] waged wars against sovereign independent states without a mandate from the UNSC […] leader of a secessionist Serbian rebellion against a Titoist Yugoslavia that had kept Serbia in check. ICJ absolved Serbia from all counts of genocide in Bosnia. ICTY had to drop the charge of “Greater Serbianism” in 2005 for lack of proof. Bosnian Muslims indeed faced “disappearance” after Tito, the creator of their “nationality”, had died. He had drawn the republics‘ borders to divide the Serbs. Two illegal secessions in 1991 violated the right of Serbs to stay in the federation and their human rights, so Serb leaders sought consolidation. Hoare co-drafted ICTY indictment of Milošević. that published his misleading text is funded by Soros’ Open Trust and Rockefeller Foundation. In charge of OpenDemocracy are big business executives, a New York University warhawk professor, and a philosopher known for Advocating Tobacco, On the Payroll of Tobacco [3].

Your research group can’t truthfully solve the Srebrenica case. How could they tackle topics relevant to genocide survivors and their descendants in Canada: Zionist villainy in the Holocaust; the genocide called war on terror; and, protracted genocide through low-level nuclear radiation, vaccines, and other global agents? How could they objectively research, who has masterminded and carried out with whose hands: the Armenian-Greek-Assyrian genocide, the Bolshevik Red Terror, the Soviet Gulag, and the Communist state terrors of Eastern Europe; the Croat neo-Ustasha genocide that your Srebrenica genocide distracts from; and, the equally apalling mass crimes on non-Albanians in Serbian Kosovo? Thanks to “scholars” and propagandists like those in your group, over a million Serbs have been ethnically cleansed from their ancestral lands, while your handlers still eye Bosnia-Hercegovina’s Republika Srpska and other Serbian regions of former peaceful co-existence with Balkan Muslim Slavs.

Like an offshoot of the Holocaust Religion, you and your group heed con artist and Holocaust “highest priest” Wiesel, and seem bent on establishing Srebrenica genocide denial whip, by resolution, decree and dictat. Because of orgs and experts like yours, the public is duped into genocide mythology, the victim-villain roles are reversed, while villains go unpunished. This way, you and your groups are genocide deniers and forgers, and should stand trials. And these assorted hate-mongers, Serbo- Ruso- and Polonophobes, Holo-swindlers, genocide deniers, pseudo-scholars cum lackeys of the global war machine… demand from UBC to ban Dr. Trifković’s lecture?! A UBC alumnus, I am insulted as much as a Canadian, a Pole, a Slav, and a genocide researcher. Since when does the Canadian Parliament vote on historical truth? Shame on you and your groups for belittling (by calling war crimes committed on murderers – a genocide), the memory of millions of victims (incl. Jews) of pre-WW2 Poland, and significantly more Slavs in other countries, who perished in Nazi hands, incl. Yugoslavia.

Piotr Bein

non-Jewish Holocaust survivor, independent genocide researcher – Canada and Poland


[1] Bosnian Muslim magazine Vox October 1991, and a book The Eradication of Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992 – 1993, quoted here.

[2] Peter Novick The Holocaust in American Life 1999, p 211-212

[3] New York Times 23.3.2002

For unreferenced statements, please see my papers to the Hiroshima City University’s International Comparative Genocide Research project:

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By piotrbein