Expert opinion on Japanese meltdowns

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Date: March 14, 2011 11:31:59 AM PDT (CA)
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There is no way to know if auto shut down was successfully achieved.

The language of he press coverage and official releases sound like seawater and a neutron absorber (boric acid) are being poured directly into the cores (not into secondary containment or heat exchangers). That means a meltdown and catastrophic loss of containment already began.

When water is mixed with uranium the product is hydrogen.  Water and uranium are a prohibited mixture.

The problem: the core is melting, water is readily available and can keep the heat down.
But, water into a reactor core produces hydrogen
Venting an overheated reactor releases hydrogen gas
Also, water mixed with uranium lowers the geometric threshold for fission and accelerates criticality – increasing neutron production.
Zirconium and beryllium casings, reactor parts and reflectors are highly reactive to water as well
The chemical reactions of water with the various metals exacerbated by the heat produces explosions and reactions that will vaporize and compound several hundred artificial toxic chemical and radiological substances in and around the reactor core.

If the fuel rods and reflectors were not removed by the auto shutdown, fission will continue and it will accelerate.  Either we already had that explosion outcome and they are not telling us or there is a possiblity its about to happen.

The features of explosion 1 looks like it might have been a criticality event.  Explosion 2 looks like a hydrogen explosion.

Melting of components in the reactor means a fusing of metals and so the inability to remove the feed that is causing fission.

Water cannot put out a uranium or plutonium fire.  Fires of mixtures of titanium, zirconium, graphite, beryllium and uranium cannot be extinguished by water and do not need oxygen to burn.

No one will be allowed to release any comprehensive information about effluents getting into the environment; etc. Too much negative economic affect on nuclear establishment and nuclear geopolitics.

There is no “remedy” for effects caused by exposure via the inhalation pathway of the particulate (ie radioactive noble gases, cesium and DU for example).

Iodine pills after the fact are too late. Look to Chernobyl for the pattern of disease and illness.

Hear some of the alleged insiders speculate here:

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the language sounds belittling;
cesium isotope proves melting of rod protection;
the radioactive contaminants are being pump out with seawater and “vented”;
the world needs to know: what is the risk? Is there a remedy against transuranics and non-iodine isotopes?
On 14-Mar-11, at 9:50 AM, Richard Bramhall wrote:

I skimmed it, lacking time, and didn’t see any hint of apology – only the usual brass faced denial and reliance on ICRP.
I want to read it later. That particular community of bloggers tends to be well informed, so I’ll know more about the reactor design, when I’ve had time to digest it.
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Subject: apologetic or true?

Fukushima Nuclear Accident – a simple and accurate explanation

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