IAEA and WMO cover up fallout from Japan

IAEA and WMO cover-up fallout from Japan

March 16, 2001, for world-wide dissemination

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The ZAMG (Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik) institute in Vienna, hired by the World Meteorological Organisation to support IAEA’s disinformation on the nuclear crisis in Japan, assures us that no „undiluted” fallout would reach Europe. ZAMG simulates the spread of radioactive cloud, by running its synoptic global model. The fallout is marked as being cesium-137 for unknown reason, while a cocktail of isotopes must have been released so far in the multiple „venting”, cooling and other desperate, so-far unsuccessful attempts at Fukushima to prevent meltdowns.

Most recent threat is self-ignition of spent fuel in the now-open storage pool at Fukushima Daiichi reactor 4. The heat might start chain reactions of the nuclear garbage. Radiation already hampers getting close to dump boric acid from helicopters in order to prevent the reaction. The New York Times has cited David A. Lochbaum, an engineer experienced with reactors of the Fukushima kind, as saying that fire of the used fuel might be a worse disaster than the meltdown itself.

IAEA is at odds with the French nuclear safety agency ASN, who have declared level 6 emergency (one level short of a major nuclear accident like Chernobyl), compared to level 4 (accident with local consequences) in IAEA’s opinion. Going further than the Japanese or any other government, the French Embassy in Tokyo warned that a low level of radioactive wind could reach the city, advising citizens to leave the city.

I am watching with amazement the repeat of 2009-2010 spin from „our” global orgs on the H1N1 „pandemic”. But I am not surprised, having de-coded the cover-ups of the tragic consequences of uranium weapons use – a product of the same industry that proliferates deadly nuclear power.

About a million Europeans have died up to year 2005, following the Chernobyl diaster. Compare this to the nuclear lobby spin.

Piotr Bein

Independent Researcher, Canada and Poland



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