LLRC 20.3.2011

Sunday 20th March 2011
European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR) advises on estimating the health impact
Two years ago the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) admitted that its risk estimates cannot be applied to accidents. To fill this regulatory vacuum, the European Committee on Radiation Risk formulated its recommendations specifically with a view to the health impact of accidents and other scenarios where radiation becomes dispersed into the environment. ECRR, unlike ICRP, takes account of all relevant epidemiology, new science, scientific uncertainties and knowledge gaps. The ECRR Recommendations are therefore substantially different from ICRP’s. ECRR has issued a statement which applies the Committee’s risk model to fragmentary radiation dose data the Japanese government has released and comments from Japanese chief cabinet secretary Yukio Edano. ECRR statement html, ECRR statement PDF
More information on the scientific invalidity of ICRP advice

Reports from CRIIRAD in France show that they have the data on contaminated food. It’s in French. Neither CRIIRAD nor LLRC has the time to translate. Among other data, levels of Iodine 131 in milk are 3 to 5 times above normal. Here’s the CRIIRAD report

By piotrbein