A State of Lies (not Emergency) is declared

Email from Tedd Weyman (UMRC) to Piotr Bein 21.3.2011

I think keeping kids indoors, and keeping the indoor environment of the house isolated is wise. Increase iodized salt intake (for those without hypertension). No outdoor activity. Rain and snow participates out the nuclear fall-out but it also washes the surfaces and rinses the contaminants into the storm sewers.

Astonishingly, there remains no official public statement about the risk to Canadians of inhaling the Daiichi nuclear reactors’ radioactive  contaminants. We know the plume has reached North America, so why are officials silent?  Radioactive iodine, caesium, strontium, and plutonium are Class 1 Carcinogens (see International Agency for Research in Cancer, World Health Organization).  This failure to warn and advise Canadians demonstrates abject professional and moral negligence by Health Canada, CNSC and the public health agencies as the fall-out  concentrates in Canadians bodies from inhalation of the air-borne particles into our lungs and from there into our bloodstream.

CNSC is still talking about “ingestion” when inhalation is the primary issue for human health. This is the same misinformation CNSC perpetrates in Port Hope, Peterborough and Toronto where Canada’s nuclear fuel is processed.

We woke up this morning to a new situation:

Daiichi liquidators were ordered off site due to the cooling pond’s releasing a new plume (smoke? steam?). Its “grey”, probably indicating both steam and oxides. And the #3 core appears to be over-pressurized.

The official statement in Japan says no changes in radioactivity coinciding with the new steam/smoke plume. That statement proves either (1) officially sanctioned lie or (2) incompetent equipment/monitoring. It is not possible for an increase in oxide and steam release to not carry increases in radioactive materials. If the plume indicates increased activity inside the pools or core, the neutron and gamma production will also read as increased in the immediate vicinity of the facility.

Several metals and ceramics in nuclear reactors, when exposed to water, experience chemical interactions called hydrolysis and radiolysis. One of the most dangerous non-nuclear kinetic energy products of these reactions the formation of hydrides and the explosive gas, hydrogen.  The raw or new fuel rods (MOX fuel made of plutonium and urnaium) as well as the spent fuel rods both produce hydrogen.

Scroll down this page to UStream Live for Japanese news.

The extent of lies are outstanding in the US and Canada

I am at a loss to imagine any scenario where airport scintillation detectors can go into an alarm condition for “low level radiation”.  No one is using stationary alpha or beta detectors: they are only using gamma scintillation panels (in North America made mostly by Exploranium – a Canadian company acquired by SAIC to supply the US Dept of Homeland Security).  These are used to detect Gamma and Neutron emissions for WMD and weapons grade materials (Pu, EU, DU).

The fission products released from Daiichi are mostly Beta emitters; the fuel sources (Pu and U) will be found with gamma detectors.

By definition only high level radiation emitters can activate the airport detectors. I am surprised they are not even trying to be careful in their lies: “low quantities of radiation” would be accurate, not “low level radiation”.  Also, by definition, the emissions of fission products and nuclear fuel are “high level radiation”. It used to be that if these materials were found in the wind, a state of emergency was declared. Now a State of Lies is declared.

By piotrbein