Dr. Chris Busby: Fukushima-Daiichi “as serious as Chernobyl”

From Chris Busby; 1800GMT on 22/3/2011

Email to Piotr Bein 22.3.2011

The International Atomic Energy Agency website states: High levels of beta-gamma contamination have been measured between 16-58 km from the plant. Available results show contamination ranging from 0.2-0.9 MBq per square metre.

The comparable maps from Chernobyl are shown below for Cs-137

In the above map, the “hot spots” are defined as greater than 0.55MBq/sq:m. This the IAEA are saying that up to 60km from Fukuhima the activity is more than twice the level defined as a hotspot in the maps shown. These maps are from the European Commission (the lower) and the Soviet authorities (upper).

This means the following:.

  1. The explosions vapourised some or all of the spent fuel tanks on reactors number 1-3.
  2. The accident is as serious as Chernobyl, which is what I stated on Friday last and in various TV and radio interviews
  3. There is every likelihood that the pressure vessel of at least one reactor is open
  4. There is serious contamination of the sea which will extend the radioactivity to coastal dwellers for hundreds of kilometres through inhalation of sea-to-land transfer of radionuclides and seafood
  5. The health effects will be serious and we must consider that contamination will probably be global, though  the levels may not be apparent for a while
  6. Public within 150km should leave the area immediately.

By piotrbein