LLRC March 24, 2011

24th March 2011
Two half-hour videos on the health effects of major accidents
Three Mile Island in 1979 and Chernobyl in 1986 each released significant amounts of radioactivity. In each case the official view is that there was no observable impact on health. In each case there is a contrary view backed up by hard data. The first of these videos highlights the publication of a book on Chernobyl that we have already reviewed on this site. One of the book’s contributing editors, Dr Janette Sherman, speaking to interviewer Karl Grossman on 5th March, said that a new nuclear disaster was bound to happen soon. She also highlights the scandalous agreement that gives the pro-nuclear International Atomic Energy Agency the power to veto any radiation research by the World Health Organisation.
Three Mile Island Revisited dates from 1991 and features citizen epidemiology of a high order,
showing massive health impact that the US authorities deny.

By piotrbein