Tedd Weyman (25.3.2011) on Daiichi’s “grave situation”

On 25-Mar-11, at 8:20 AM, Tedd Weyman wrote:

Look at this wiki reference [from  Daiichi status note 110 – PB] and one can see how they “judge” the conditons of each core and containment structure over the course of the event.  Todays admission was a long time coming: “Grave Situation ….” and was necessary to admit now because of the radiation burns of the workers will be followed by public health effects.

The neutron, electron, and proton energy flying around there is not even fully monitored or measured.

How, if those workers were using electronic alarmed dosimeters and profession industrial grade G-M counters, how could they walk into radioactive water?  My field equipment for DU detects Beta emissions and my Identifyer has an alarm.  Beta emissions at the Daiichi intensity will activate hand held and chest worn detectors.

The soup of nuclides pooled in the water in the plants will be blasting out gamma as well. (i.e. The beta emitters are also causing gamma effects: called Bremsstrahlung.)

By piotrbein