ZAMG in retospect: I-131 coming to N. America 17.3.2011, from CTBTO data, after agreement with IAEA and WHO

Unfall im japanischen Kernkraftwerk Fukushima (Update: 23. März 2011 11:00)

Piotr Bein: Time delay and lack of other isotope data might indicate massaging data according to an agreement with IAEA and WHO. ZAMG would be able to, but have not done so presumably under contract with IAEA, to predict inm advance the spread of radioactivity, based on data from CTBTO stations on the Pacific and synoptic data. This could have warned the populations of N. America in advance but has not been done. Inefficiency or a cover-up? I bet on the latter one, given the nuclear lobby’s notorious hiding of bad publicity about nuclear issues and the millions of victims of the atomic era.

By piotrbein