Tedd Weyman: Huge radioactivity of water pooled

Tedd Weyman (Toronto, Canada) email 25.3.2011 22:45 PDT (Vancouver, Canada) to Piotr Bein

Earlier today I reported radiation levels of 3.9 million Bq/l at Daiichi. That number was wrongly reported on the news broadcast (low by 3 decimal points). They reported Bq’s without stating per quantity. As the conventional metric for reporting Bq in water is Bq/l, not Bq/cc, I assumed it was per litre.

The measurements were given tonight on the news from Japan, in Bq/cc.There are 1000 cc’s in 1 litre. Therefore ….

The reported measured radiation level at Daiichi is 3,900,000,000 becquerels/litre … in water pooled on the floor of reactor 3 … yes, an extrodinary 3.9 billion Bq/l

Bequerels are a measure of radioactivy (i.e. the count of emissions of radiation): 1 Bq is 1 nuclear decay per second.

… these are extraordinary levels of radiation in the water that flooded the workers shoes a day and half ago and sent them to the hospital with Beta radiation burns.

This is 1/10th of a Curie per litre. The Hiroshima bomb emissions and fallout value was 1.4 MCi (a Mega Curies is 1 Million Curies)

News reported here.

Reported Sat Mar 26

By piotrbein