ZAMG spins for nuclear lobby

ZAMG spins for nuclear lobby

Piotr Bein 26.3.2011

The public demands complete data from the CTBTO stations, and from national ones, like EPA in the USA, as well as timely forecasts of fallouts. The public also demands that concentration and distribution of radioactive particulate matter be shown for all the fallouts.

Failure to do so means the nuclear lobby is incapable of protecting global human health and is covering up grave consequences of the Daiichi disaster, as in previus accidents, nuclear tests and the effects of radiological uranium weapons.

In this spirit, CRIIRAD appeals (23.3.2011) to the world to first of all reveal all CTBTO data regarding Daiichi. Countries opposed should be identified. Every citizen should know, who withholds reliable information on the radioactivity level in the air everyone breaths.

The conduct of the nuclear lobby has been criminal so far regarding cover-up of emissions from Daiichi and global spread of the radioactive gasses and fine particulate matter from the troubled power plant. Austria-based ZAMG institute works on contract for IAEA, the core of the nuclear lobby, who are responsible for cover-ups of health effects of radiation and grossly underestimate (by a factor of 100 to 1000) radiation risks to human healrh.

ZAMG report (25.3.2011) refers to CTBTO’s extensive network of  sophisticated monitoring stations as source of its data for simulations of the global  spread of radioactive fallout from Daiichi. CTBTO also announced (18.3.2011) an agreement with IAEA, also with WHO, the UN agency forbidden by an agreement with IAEA to deal with radiation health affects issues.

In the newest ZAMG report, there is no mention of hundreds of isotopes, including uranium and plutonium  that, according to independent experts,  must have been emitted in this type of accident and rescue efforts. ZAMG only mentions the lobby’s deception established from the very beginning: I-131 and Cs-137. Insted of showing detailed data by the most dangerous isotopes at least, ZAMG shows nice maps in meaningless units, always behind timely forecasts.

A French simulation model shows quite a different picture of the radioactivity spread and forecasts well in advance of the risk, so populations can make protective decisions. It further proves the  nuclear lobby’s complicity of  in the mass crime unfolding before our eyes.

By piotrbein