A MUST see: Fullford at his best on 3/11 and the J complex

4 parts, every minute a treasure, don’t be taken aback by the grotesque appearances -PB


something for everyone and everyone has a stake in it – from the banksters and personal foe of Ben Fullford, to me and you, except we will not hang down from lamp-posts

– no doubt in the panel’s mind that the banksters have robbed Japan big and extorted billions yen additionally after 3/11

– no doubt HAARP an earthquake/tsunami weapon of choice, Pentagon docs and US-Russia treaties quoted

– 4/11 planned with Fuji volcano as a weapon?

– corruption of the Japanese by the Judeocentric Power Complex, as in the US, Poland, Britain and dozens of other Christian civilization countries

– utmost corruption and subservience of Japanese gov’t and media

– next dirty nuclear bomb from Kosovo?

– many more …


By piotrbein