How to protect yourself against the gov’t indifference and cover-up of Daiichi fallout

A letter to a school principal and all levels above him

From: Piotr Bein
Date: April 13, 2011 1:22:25 PM PDT (CA)
Subject: radioactive cntamination of Canada

Dear Mr. Helland

I have sent you some warnings about the gravity of the contamination from Japan. New info, worse every day, is plenty, e.g.:

You are in charge of protecting students in your school during this crisis. Over the phone on Apr 11, 2011, I drew your attention to increased exposure in outdoor activities, consumption of tap water, fresh milk and other foods. To my knowledge, your students engage in strenuous 6 km running these days. I also spoke to Ms. Shonki on the same subject. She was attentive and concerned. You, however, displayed ignorance coupled with arrogance, questioning the motives of the whistleblowers.

May I ask, Mr. Helland, what your motive is in being tragically and criminally ignorant on one of the most vital subjects of our times, and what would be YOUR gain from colluding in the widespread, massive  cover-ups? The public does not need civil servants of this sort. What have you done to lessen the risk of students’ exposure?

Before a court of law, obeying orders from above while aware of  harm and still being complicit in a crime, is not an excuse – vide Nuremberg Trials. Dr Busby mentions this criminality in his video interview with Alex Jones.

Board Members in cc, please inform me promptly about the remedial actions you are introducing in all of the District’s schools and about the communication of the threat to school boars across the province and Canada-wide.
Canada’s Prime Minister’s Office, The Leader of the Opposition Office, the Hon. Russ Hiebert and Health Canada representatives receiving this email: please reply promptly on how your Offices change existing non-action and complicity in cover-ups, to protection of  Canadians from radioactive contamination growing steadily.

This letter goes to my blogs and e-lists, as an example of what the public could do, faced with the official cover-up and indifference at too many levels.

Piotr Bein
independent genocide researcher

By piotrbein