Expert Tedd Weyman on “remedies” against radiation

Supposed remedies abound, like this one:

I asked a nuclear medicine expert, Tedd Weyman of the Uranium Medical Research Centre, Toronto. He writes in an email 21.4.2011:

Anti-oxidants don’t have any effect on stopping the damage (i.e. ionization, superheating) of radiaton on the cell, but might mitigate the second stage of damage done by free radicals.  It has no effect on damaged DNA. Antioxidants are good to take (and many foods contain them) any time.

“In summary, following the physical principles of radiation protection and the guidelines of ALARA combined with the biological protection provided by multiple antioxidants, may further reduce the health risks of low doses of radiation no matter how small that risk might be.”

Looks like double talk to me: (1) follow rad protection rules, (2) minimize exposure and take (3) vitamins with antioxidants.

Prevent death from car accidents: (1) obey traffic rules, (2) drive as little as possible, and (3) go to a hospital if you have an accident.

By piotrbein