From Chernobyl to Daiichi: Gov’t of Japan and ICRP 4 times worse than Soviets

See minute about 34:00 of this documentary on Chernobyl:

Alla Yaroshinskaya, a deputy of the Supreme Soviet has discovered that the Soviet leadership raised the allowable radiation dose after Chernobyl by a factor of 5, disposing of the problem of irradiation of the population.

After the Fukushima-Daiichi disaster (likewise with downplaying and delay in announcing the severity of the catastrophe) the gov’t of Japan has raised the annual allowable from 1 mili-Sv to 20 mili-Sv! The boss of ICRP (the core of the global nuclear eugenist since 1940’s), Claire Cousins praises the decision as being within the limits for nuclear emergency situations!

Soviet and other Communist regimes “gone”, their totalitarian, genocidal mindeset survives in dozens of global orgs and govt’s plowing towards NWO…

By piotrbein