Stratfor and Visegrad – Judeocentric Power Complex’s tools

Stratfor and Visegrad – Judeocentric Power Complex’s tools

Piotr Bein 17.5.2011

In my refereed, published research on the recent Balkan conflicts, I found Stratfor’s analyses believable when they unmasked NATO lie concoted to justify the “humanitarian intervention”: about 10 to 100k Kosovo Albanians murdered by the Serbs. But on the recent murder of Osama bin Laden, Stratfor writes as if the leader of CIA-Mosad creation has not died 10 times already!

Stratfor was founded by George Friedman, of a tribal loyalty defined by birth from Holocaust survivors. Today, I received his analysis of the Visegrad Military Agreement between Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary (W4, 12.5.2011). Friedman names strategic conducive factors, among others:

  • Russia’s rising power. The author recollects Russia’s military campaign (August 2008) against Georgia as the starting point of expanding Moskau’s influence on  countries of former Soviet block. In fact, Georgia under the tutelage of USA and Israel brutally attacked South Ossetia, and Russia responded in a military surprise. Friedman tries to refresh rusophobic memory and fears of the W4.
  • Russia as a priority for Germany over EU interests, which, in Friedman’s opinion, is cause of concern for W4.
  • Friedman suggests Belarus, too, is a threat connected to Russia: “Before the  Belarusian elections there was hope in Poland that pro-Western elements would defeat the least unreformed regime in the former Soviet Union. This didn’t happen. Moreover, pro-Western elements have done nothing to solidify in Moldova or break the now pro-Russian government in Ukraine.”

No need to have a doctorate in political science to smell hasbara. Since when are EU members allowed to decide on alliances without Judeocentric Power Complex’s (JPC) permission? The Visegrad Agreement is a camouflaged aggression against Russia, for NATO could not do it openly. I can’t see any reason, why the W4 should fear Russia if they are friendly towards her. Russia is trying to recover from multiple genocides of the nation by the JPC (Judeo-Bolshevism, WW2 attack by Zionist III Reich and Jewish bankers, recent plunder by Judeocentric oligarchs).

Friedman’s loyalty is plain when he depicts Russia’s defensive reaction to US-Israeli attempt to build “aircraft carrier” Georgia, as an aggression and initiation of Tsarist-like expansion. Friedman exploits here the hatred towards Russians, since long constructed by the JPC in the Visegrad nations. That hatred is meant to displace a well-deserved hatred of nations-victims in Central and Eastern Europe to their real butchers – Judeo-Bolsheviks, Judeo-Communists, and Judeo-masonry of EU.

It is also plain, where from learns Polish minister of foreign affairs, Sikorsky, who is as “pro-Western” and Russophobic as the late President Kaczynski.

I have no doubts,  whom the W4 serve, or who writes about it, putting into goyim’s heads, what they should think about a matter as clear as a crystal: Judeocentric politics, Judaized institutions of goy Slavs, indoctrination by Judeo-merdia… I am sending this comment to Strafor.

By piotrbein