Pics from Fukushima-Daiichi prove “tsunami” not the cause of meltdowns

“Tsunami” pics from Fukushima-Daiichi — further proof of Stuxnet?

More than 2 months after the onset of the largest nuclear plant catatsrophe in history, TEPCO publishes pics of tsunami attack on the Daiichi NPS.

  1. Why such a long delay in publication?
  2. We need to verify, if flooding in the passage between buildings at the foot of a stack depicts a scene from Daiichi, and not from Daiini. In any case, if the clock is correct, the flooding lasted ONLY TWO MINUTES (15:42 – 15:43) and quickly receded. This would indicate a relatively small depth (the top of tsunami wave, much smaller than the 10 m publicized with a great media noise)
  3. The pics prove a low height of the tsunami, a possibility that Andrzej Szubert and I discuss at some length.  The actual wave has barely topped  the breakwaters and has had a relatively low destruction power, concentrated on the lower parts of the NPS’s foreshore, as the pics show on the south side with 3 sizeable tanks. The tanks seem to withstand the attack quite well. Tsunami’s top might have penetrated further into the NPS flat terrain (as the other pics show).
  4. It is unlikely that a couple minutes’ flooding would knock out ALL of the emergency generators in the NPS. Indeed, they did work for about half an hour after the tsunami attack. Even if it was true, units 5-6 are located at least couple of metres above units 1-4 elevation, thus excluding the possibility even of the flooding shown allegedly for Daiichi.

With each new, awfully delayed announcement, from the beginning TEPCO and the Japanese authorities cover up and pretend everything is OK. The force of the tsunami, on the other hand, has been highlighted over and over, underlined, and exagerated, casting an ever increasing suspicion.

Blackmailing the operator and the authorities to cover up Stuxnet, requires the same mechanisms that are responsible to cover up the true extent and consequences of any nuclear disaster, not just Daiiczi. Chernobyl, Three Miles Island, Sellafield and virtually every former nuclear disaster proves it. In the misinformation system, organisational ties of the nuclear lobby with the Judeocentric Power Complex would assure an effective cover-up of the true cause of Daiichi catastrophe — the Stuxnet virus.

By piotrbein