Freedom of research and thought must be defended

Freedom of research and thought must be defended

From: Piotr Bein
Date: June 15, 2011 12:52:31 PM PDT (CA)
To: “Christian Scherrer”
Subject: Re: freedom of research and thought must be defended

Dear Chris,

Please forward to  the recipients of your letter.

I am very proud that my work is in the sabotaged publications.
It proves that we write the truth.
Our response should be publication of our contributions, on blogs for example.
Further volumes, explaining who the saboteurs are, would likely not be published, either.

Anticipating problems, I have assembled all my contributions to your great project here:

Judeocentrics and Mass Crimes

Mass Deception on Mass Violence: The Case of Serbs

Revisionism, Role Reversal and Restitutions

Dirty Uranium Weapons Cover-ups

and related

Operation Danish Cartoons

Judeocentrics Behind Balkan Interventionism

Kosovo a Precedent for Judeopolonia?

I am in the process of publishing on my blog a collection of short essays “Zionist fears” with material for which there was no room in my contributions to your International Comparative Genocide Research Project.

The subject violation of scientific research proves that the covert powers exposed in my papers are working, destructively.

I appeal to all authors concerned to publish independently, by whatever means they can, inserting a copy of Prof. Scherrer’s letter as a reason for doing so.

Piotr Bein
independent genocide researcher
Canada and Poland

PS: Also on the subject of nuclear genocide, Stuxnet seems to be a global threat, as in the current developments at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant in Nebraska.
If you wish to join an investigation on possible Stuxnet causation of the Fukushima catastrophe, see:
On 15-Jun-11, at 9:58 AM, Christian Scherrer wrote:

To:  Professor Dzulkifli Abdul Razak
University Sains Malaysia, USM
Penang, Malaysia

CC To Prof. Salleh, head Penerbit, and to Ms. A’watif

CC to the most respected endorsers of the two books: Prof. Johan Galtung, Prof. Noam Chomsky and Mme Felicity Arbuthnot

Dear Vice-Chancellor Prof. Razak,

It is over five years ago we first met in Hiroshima in March of 2006, when my colleague Prof. Omar Faruk introduced me to you, while you met with the participants of an international conference on the Iraq calamity at the Nazimi restaurant in Hiroshima, among them the doyen, Prof. Ernest Sternglass over 80 years old, the legendary US author of books on the nuclear threat, as well as his colleagues Souad al-Azzawi (Iraq), Leuren Moret, the former heads of UN operation in Iraq, Count von Sponeck (Denis Halliday joined later), the doctors who researched the impact of sanctions on the ground (Profs. Peter Pellett and Richard Garfield), Tom Nagy, who found the initial proof for the US genocidal aim in released documents on the systematic destruction of Iraq’s civilian infrastructure from 1991 onwards, and many other authors who joined in 2007 and 2008.

We met again three years ago in summer of 2008, when I was invited to the 1st Regional Conference on Sustainable Development: Local Solutions for Global Problems, where I spoke about Sustainable Energy Options: A Matter of Survival in Times of Rapid Climate Change.

People and subjects mentioned above came soon together. During the August 2008 conference at your university, I met with Prof. Salleh Yaapar, Director of Publications at USM, to discuss the possibility of publishing my two books on Iraq, titled Genocide by Sanctions and Silent Death, the later on the health impacts of Uranium weapons), which came out of three international conferences, the last of which was held at Colombia university in New York. When I left Penang back to France, I was very happy to have found a dedicated publisher for these two important books.

It took a lot of effort and work to bring the two books on line for publication and delivery in April this year. I felt extremely grateful to the good work done by Prof. Salleh and Ms. A’watif, for their dedicated, thorough and good works over such a long period of time.

The final result of all these immense efforts, the two books, were announced by USM on their website, showing a very elaborate and graphically apt presentation. However, all of a sudden, they disappeared from your website. My inquiry into this unexpected twist remained unanswered.

It is unthinkable that a publisher, after having invested a lot of work, energy, funds and time into two very important book projects, which—for the first time—report in detailed and qualified ways about two separate appalling crimes committed against the Iraqi nation by the US-UK alliance, first by means of utter abuse of UN sanctions since 1991 and then by the use of horrific Uranium weapons in 1991 and from 2003 onwards against predominantly civilian targets. Both books deal with very serious crimes under international law. Our authors are the most qualified in their respective fields and the two book close glaring gaps of scientific knowledge. A success was to be expected since there are no books of similar quality in the market.

The two books will close gaps of knowledge for possibly tens of thousands of readers, mostly students working on these issues, scientists, area specialists but also interested readers from a larger public.

It seems utterly inconceivable that a respected university such as USM would give in to threats of representatives (claimed or possibly false representatives) of those world powers, who are the very authors of the heinous crimes meticulously researched in the two upcoming books. This would amount, among others, to serious violations of the freedom of scientific research and thought, and the right to accurate information about important historic events and processes. Additionally USM would suffer serious economic and other damages.

Such a sinister tentative of enforced censorship ought to be outright rejected by any and every serious scientific publisher; you ought to do it in the name of freedom of research and the right to accurate information on important historic events.


No power, whoever mighty he may be, can allow itself to violate a series of internationally upheld and respected rights, in this case chiefly rights such as freedom of scientific research and thought as well as the right to information in general. Especially those powers who claim to be democratic ones, who would upheld the freedoms of research and thought, contrary to what they accused the former socialist or communist countries of, e.g., of censorship, persecution of thought and other dissidence, etc., can under no circumstances commit exactly theses serious transgressions themselves!

Malaysia has in recent years been at the forefront of bringing to light some of the most atrocious crimes committed by US-UK-NATO in Iraq as well as Afghanistan (and inPakistan as well). As you are well aware, currently US-UK and NATO run militarily attacks against five countries simultaneously, with the addition of Libya, another oil-rich country, and the impoverished Yemen, in the latter case to save a long-time pro-Western dictator — after the loss of several despotic rulers in the Arab revolution this spring.

The mentioned five countries currently under Western military assault have one common denominator, all of them predominantly Muslim. Their civilian population is under attack by the highly-equipped global bullies of US-UK-NATO.

In the latest case of Libya, some Western powers pretended to act to protect civilians from the onslaught of a ‘dictatorship’, which has among others achieved the highest life-standard in Africa, as measured by the United Nations in the Human Development Index, HDI, which includes as measurement the standards of education, public health, life expectancy, etc. Libya is funding several large development funds, realising development projects and aiding dozens of African states as well as funding the African Union organization almost single-handedly.

I strongly appeal to you to reject whatever threats were made in order to stop the mentioned two scientific publications from reaching a global readership. Make it known what sort of threats you have received, by whom or in whose name. By making those threats know to the interested public you will put the bullies on the spot and disarm them.

As scientific publishers you shall upheld the freedom of research and thought, and you should disclose the nature of those threats so that an international campaign can be started to bring relief to you, and to publicly accuse, sue and disarm the wrongdoers.

Awaiting your reply at your earliest,
Sincerely yours,
CP Scherrer


Dr. Christian P. Scherrer
Professor at Hiroshima Peace Institute (HPI) of Hiroshima City University, Japan
Founder, ECOR, Tegelen, The Netherlands
Head, ICGR project at HPI-HCU

HPI, Ote-machi Heiwa Building 9-10
4-1-1 Ote-machi, Naka-ku
Hiroshima, 730-0051 Japan
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By piotrbein