Marek Głogoczowski and Israel Shamir on 7/22

Breivik – The Lone (?) Crusader („Templarian”) of the Neocon-Likhud World Order

A comment of Marek Glogoczowski to a larger text of Israel Shamir on “Friday 22 Massacre”
Last 2 weeks of July I was heading a mini-expedition to the Mt Elbrus in Caucassus, where my two friends, Roman Kuzniar (58) and Jacek Kranz (65), despite warning that the weather is very bad, climbed on July 21 the tallest in Europe summit of Elbrus (5642 m).  They lost traces of their ascent in a fog and wind, and they had thus to bivouac in a snow hole in temperature close to -25o C. (See the short info in English here.) Due to their misfortune I had not opportunity to try climb Elbrus, this time in a good weather, for the second time in my life on July 22, at the occasion of the 67th anniversary of Socialist Poland, which existed for full 45 years of the 20-th century.
The anniversary of Socialist Poland, on July 22, become forgotten in my country since more than two decades, but in all evidence the date of 22 July remained well imprinted in the mind of the 32 years old Anders Behring Breivik: he has chosen the 65th anniversary of bombing of Hotel King David in Jerusalem as the date of execution of his own terrorist plan to purge Norway from its “socialist and Moslem” invaders. (On July 22nd 1946 a terrorist gang called Irgun, composed principally from Jewish marauders from the Polish Army, which have left Soviet Union in 1942, killed in Jerusalem 96 persons, predominantly British officers.) It is quite possible that believing in his “mission from God of Israel” Breivik still imagines that in decades to come his murderous act will be rewarded in a similar manner, as it was rewarded the terrorist activity of Irgun leader Monahem Begin, who ended his political career as an internationally respectable politician and Nobel Prize of Peace Winner.
Breivik surely is not completely mad reasoning in this prosaic manner: just two days before his July 22 slaughter, a militant Zionist Joseph Klein has published in Front Page Magazine an article “Quislings of Norway” – which already in its title contained an invitation to the “liberation” of Norway from its present pro-socialist and philoPalestinian regime, exactly what also Breivik had in mind executing his murderous plan, as he put it in his heavily publicized, lengthy “Manifesto 2083”.  Needles to add that spiritual supporters of Breivik “liberation campaign” are numerous not only in USA and Israel, but also among European elite: to mention only the wealthy Jewish French “antitotalitarian” writer Bernard Henri-Levy who aggressively promoted wars against remnants of socialist Yugoslavia and than Libya; the grown in Soviet Union, and working for British  services, antisocialist psychopath Vladymir Bukovski, whom I had a displeasure to meet already twice in Switzerland; and the Polish ex-minister Antoni Maciarewicz, incessantly searching for “commie/Russian agents” inside the present Polish, obligatorily  procapitalist, establishmet.
My fried, Israel Adam Shamir, at the beginning of the First Part of his evaluation of “Friday 22 Massacre” in Norway wrote: “Shooting people who can’t shoot back is a vile act, the mark of a mass murderer, a paid executioner, or a NATO soldier. For two hours the killer professionally, confidently, and coolly stalked the unarmed youths, executing them one by one in absolute safety; for one hundred days the killer’s ex-classmates, now in NATO Air Force, professionally, confidently, and coolly stalked unarmed Libyans from the absolute safety of distant compounds.”
This is not the only analogy between massacre in Oslo on July 22 and of these perpetrated since months by NATO in African Tripolitania (both these targets of Zionist attacks are known to be rich in oil reserves and of being relatively sovereign in their political behaviour). In his interview (see here) given at Tripolis on June 29, the French “antiglobalist” activist Thierry Meyssan has acidly remarked, noticing that NATO precisely guided missiles hit in particular bedrooms of children and grandchildren of Libyan leaders not willing to surrender, that
“I do not know who in NATO Headquarters decided about such behaviour, but the European civilisation in last few centuries developed thanks to efforts of philosophers, intellectuals and theologians  in such a manner that behaviours like this shall have no place. It is a truly heinous thing, but in NATO Headquarters they surely know what is happening”. Anders Breivik, the recent “hero” of Zionist Club, in all evidence copied the NATO’s behavior, killing in safety children of socialist activists of Norway – which small country he intends to submit to the joke of “the city shinning upon a hill”, to use the expression of symbolic founders of USA.
As an European philosopher I am obligated to recall wherefrom such hideous behavior of NATO (and of Breivik) commanders originates. Both the “Americanism, the Fourth Great Western Religion” (according to David Gelernter), as well as “The Founding Myths of Modern Israel” (according to Roger Garaudy) are based on recipes taken from Old Testament, and in this sacred book of both Jews and Christians “The LORD” already in the First Commandment of Decalogue proudly announces “I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me” (Ex: 20, 5). So indeed, these ever more numerous heinous  events of murdering innocent children, which like Egyptian plagues afflict at present not only the African Libya, but also the European Norway, have their origin in Americano-Israeli (“USraeli”) neo-Templarian crusade, aiming at the total subjugation of the Earth, so “there will be One Flock, and One Shepherd, my servant David” (John 10:14-16 after Ezekiel 34:23,24)”. (By the way, the biblical David was a gangster and pathological liar too – MG)
After the mass publication of Breivik’s “Manifesto 2083” (which is a rude imitation of “Mein Kampf” for mentally impoverished Westerners), we at least know what are sides of the conflict, which is developing like a proverbial“anaconda”, strangulating human minds and resources, from its Old Testamental shell. On one side we have “USraeli crusaders of Mammon”, which not only managed to infiltrate the European Union and Russian Federation establishments, but in secrecy are financing fundamental Christian organizations and Al Kaida Zionists. On other side are nearly silenced at present honest anticapitalist Marxists, together with plain Christians and broadminded Moslems. These, hating “jealous God of Israel”, pro-socialist groupings willy-nilly are turning into “damned people of the Earth” as recalls it “La Internationale”.
(Below the photo of Karl Max monument, still standing in front of “Bolshoi”  Theatre in Moscow, with the inscription “Proletarians of all countries unite!”)

By piotrbein