“Disappeared Books” on the most heinous crimes committed against the Iraqi nation now available

“Disappeared Books” on the most heinous crimes committed against the Iraqi nation now available in the bookstores

Locarno, 6 August 2011
Dear authors and colleagues,
My appeal to the scientific community, prominent intellectuals, the members of various tribunals on genocide by abuse of UN sanctions, the illegal war against Iraq war and the illegal use of Uranium weapons, long banned by the United Nations, as well as to higher powers have been successful.
Meanwhile, the two “disappeared books” on the most heinous crimes committed against the Iraqi nation, Genocide by Sanctions and Silent Death (The Use of Uranium Weapons) have ‘magically’ reappeared. They are available in the bookstores.
It was a long battle for the historic truth, and we have won it. Generations of students on war, mass violence and genocide will have the opportunity to study some of the most heinous crimes committed in the late 20th century and early 21st century, and many might be challenged to contribute to the prevention of such mass crimes.
The two books are part of a series of books on mass crimes prepared by the International Comparative Genocide Research (ICGR) project, currently associated with the Hiroshima Peace Institute (HPI).
All authors will receive a copy of the book to which they contributed. If you have not done so, please provide your current address.
Sincerely yours,
Chris Scherrer
Background note:
The two books are inherently outcomes of the people’s tribunals on Iraq, of which I have been part from the start, when the Bertrand Russell Foundation called a conference on unrelated issues in Brussels, April 2003. There my paper calling for a people’s tribunal process on the crimes committed against Iraq has been circulated in the run-up to the conference to the participants. It is still available here: “UN Sanctions Against US-UK, Bush-Blair must be Indicted for War Crimes by the ICC” of 9 April 2003, at ; as well as “Indict Bush-Blair for war crimes — Sanctions vs. US-UK”, see Irakmonitor. (It is a reformulation of the original placed on the Abolition Caucus on 22 March 2003).
Historically this project has been informed by Russell’s and Sartre’s early activities against the Vietnam war, and the subsequent series of people’s tribunals launched by the Rome-based Lelio Basso Foundation almost to this day. On the March 2003 Iraq war, the direct result of the April 2003 Brussels conference was what soon became known as the World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI) and related initiatives worldwide, after many more meetings and tribunal sessions in Hamburg, London, New York, Istanbul, Rome, Hiroshima, Seoul, Tokyo, and many other places.
Prof. Dr. Christian P. Scherrer
Professor at Hiroshima Peace Institute (HPI) of Hiroshima City University, Japan
Founder, ECOR, Tegelen, The Netherlands
Head, International Comparative Genocide Research (ICGR)
HPI, Ote-machi Heiwa Building 9-10
4-1-1 Ote-machi, Naka-ku
Hiroshima, 730-0051 Japan
phone: +81-82-544-7628 (direct) / fax: +81-82-544-7573
e-mail: chris2525scherrer@yahoo.co.uk ; scherrer@peace.hiroshima-cu.ac.jp
From: Chris Scherrer
Subject: RE: Great Titles
To: “Md Salleh Yaapar”
Date: Monday, 8 August, 2011, 16:16
Dear Prof. Salleh Yaapar,
I was very happy when I spotted them and informed my authors. The design of the two titles is very appealing.
Let us hope that they will be hitting the book stores, probably starting after the summer break.
Indeed, the publication of these two very important titles is not only a great achievement for the authors, USM Press, as well as HPI and HCU, who funded the conferences where the project participants met. Indeed, it is a testament to close cooperation, and a cause for celebration!
I will inform colleagues and administrators at Hiroshima Peace Institute: HPI will certainly purchase many copies. Especially the book on the use of Uranium Weapons is very genuinely a Hiroshima issue. Hence the Hiroshima community, chiefly included the survivors of the A-bomb, must be informed about the book. And I am sure they will be very happy grateful for our work on this issues as well as on the deadly sanction issue.
As you saw, I have already informed the authors and contributors of the good news.
Looking forward to a great book launch,
I remain,
With my very best regards,
Chris Scherrer
From: Md Salleh Yaapar
Subject: RE: Great Titles
To: Chris Scherrer
Date: Monday, 8 August, 2011, 7:55
Dear Prof Scherrer,
Congratulations! It gives me great pleasure to inform you personally that the two books on heinous crimes committed against Iraq that you courageously put togather & ably edited are already out and hitting the book stores. You might have seen them shimmering in our portal. I have no doubt that the books will be a great hit. Considering the difficult process we went through, the publication of these great titles is not only a great achievement for you, but for USM Press as well! It is a testament to real close cooperation, and a cause for celebration!
Attached, please find some notes regarding complementary copies and purchase of the books by Editor and contributors etc. Please do not forget to inform people at Hiroshima Peace Institute who promised to purchase many copies.
Thank you so much for publishing with us and for helping us to promote the books.
Best regards,
Professor Dato’ Dr. Md. Salleh Yaapar
Pengarah / Director
Penerbit USM / USM Press
Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800 USM Pulau Pinang
Tel: 604 653 3888 ext. 4422/4421 or 604 653 4422 (Direct)   Fax: 604 657 5714
E-mail: mdsalleh@usm.my
Website: www.penerbit.usm.my

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