New Age: Media, culture, Occupy movement ethnography

New Age- Media take on culture and (2) Occupy Portland Ethnography

Bruno Chapski 27.11.2011
People don’t wish to be what they are…
Or, is it  – That’s who they are?
Wigger hip-hop and Occupy Portland Ethnography
Wigger America: How often we have heard rap, as we’ve ambulated in mall parking lots and seen pants down to the cracks of arses. Those of us with a concern for respect, children and others, don’t appreciate the vulgus, the  “F” music, laden with profanity emanating from souls of the uneducated, primitive, unrefined…
This is interesting as such “culture” is now apparently part of the anti-bankster “occupy” movement. It’s also part of a spawning export. An example of this cultural export is in today’s St. Petersburg Times. There’s an article about kids in Iraq now using the culture of the “F” and “Mother F-cker” vernacular.
Foreigners have now adopted aspects of what some denote as negative features; rap culture, which millions in Amdom have embraced, is now part of occupied Iraq. The positive part is that a quarter of the Iraqi population is under 19 years of age. This next generation has watched soldiers on patrol… hip hop styles and, we read, mannerisms. If we adjudicate by media, many now embrace the new Z world culture.
On the other hand, foreign youthful English language skills are (thus) now laden with profanity. Millions of children now know “hero” millionaire Eminem and Mr. 50 Cents; kids spike their hair or shave heads Marine style. The press tells countless millions about a love of occupying soldiers.
Sadly, millions also read that apparently some of the Baghdad elderly and others don’t relish the imported culture. They don’t appreciate the new behavior of forbidden youthful sex, rebellion and disrespect against parents, etc.
Of course, some of it has been good for new types of business. The tattoo industry is now part of the world’s oldest city, Baghdad.
Seems our high tech world is becoming smaller. Show biz and the US military chic has opened minds. Read the entire article in today’s Associated Press to form your own view about how monopilio media is molding minds.
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Subject: Occupy Portland Ethnography
Among the colorful inhabitants of Occupy Portland are various ideological tribes. Two of these groups are described below. And remember, throwing food to them just makes them throw their feces at you.
Crusty punks are very common:
Portland also has Juggalos:
Juggalo Family: Dark Lotus:
Selected lyrics:
(1) Mass murder makes me happy / dead bodies make me happy / say what you will of me / I’ll have Juggalo family.
(2) I hate everyone / and I hate everything / except the Juggalo family.

By piotrbein