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My life is all that I have. A glimpse at my soul is my only possible legacy. […] I want my story proclaimed. That is my will. Simple, short, strong and clear. I am asking whoever reads this book to make this saga known to the public. – Roy Tov

Along with foreign doctrines brought from Babylon, the Pharisees adopted the old Hindu symbol for spiritual strength as their own. To ingratiate it in the eyes of the people they called it the Star of David, or in direct translation from Hebrew, “David’s Shield.” To justify their foreign beliefs, they claimed they were given orally to Moses in Sinai, a false claim which is not mentioned in the Bible. Without understanding this oral tradition, they asserted, you could not interpret the Bible correctly. Thus the Pharisees stole the Bible from the people. Jesus tried to explain that the correct interpretation is the one arising from faith and love, not the monstrous apparatus based on personal convenience created by the rabbis. He said people were equal many years before the false socialist doctrines made a joke of that idea.
…I realized that Christianity poses a singular threat to Jewish leadership. Universally, religion deals with salvation or redemption of the human soul. Judaism speaks about an ethnic salvation, provided the group fulfils the 613 Mosaic Laws written in the Pentateuch, the Bible’s first five books. The laws’ fulfillment is enforced and monitored by a dedicated group of priests. In essence, the individual’s good-standing depends on the priests’ judgment. As a result this is a powerful control tool over the general population. Since most of the population is not instructed on law, and moral values – which could serve as general guidelines – are not taught to them, they can be easily manipulated as per the priests’ political goals at any given moment.
Jesus broke up this line of reasoning. He taught about personal redemption based on faith and love, of having direct access to God through our prayers and thus of being independent from priests. He preached for a better society, the Kingdom of God, a society based on justice and love. Such a society can exist within the framework of a modern state, but it would lead to the loss of power by the few men thriving under Pharisaic modeled societies.

…a must read for anyone who watches Fox news with average or better comprehension. Ro’i Tov appears to be risking his life to tell us something about the cult of Zionism that has been desperately suppressed for many years. It is not just the fringe element of Conspiracy lore that watches with apprehension as catastrophic events unfold around us with self proclaimed Zionists at the helm and providing the narrative for the huddled masses. Wake up America! Wake up Isreal! Wake up world!!!!

…I have often found it baffling why Israel behaves the way it does and why America has the relationship it does with Israel. There is often the myth and then the reality. Ro’i Tov weaves a spellbinding account of his life’s journey as he weaves his way growing up and living through the labyrinth of Israeli society, politics, university life, business and military service and ultimately into a race to freedom in southeast Asia. From an early age he begins a spiritual awakening and a suffers from a growing disparity between the actions of Israeli Institutions and State vs Christ’s message of peace, love and goodwill for all mankind. For Americans it is also a wake-up call to the dangers of allowing a surveillance state to be established in the United States. Institutions have a mindless way of doing what they are setup to do without any regard to the consequences of their actions or effect on innocent people and rights of individuals. Mr. Tov has managed the difficult task of creating a book that is both strong on content and a really great read.

About the author… Christopher Bollyn Interviews Roy Tov

…an intelligent Israeli dissident who converted to Christianity and writes under the name Ro’i (Roy) Tov. […] When Tov refused to return to Israel, the Mossad targeted him for assassination.

…people want to know the exact second I converted to Christianity. It doesn’t work in such a way. It’s a process and it takes time. In The Cross of BethlehemI describe some of the relevant early experiences […] I met the negative sides of Judaism. Knowing evil, I began searching for goodness and Christ was there.

…even the lives of secular Jews in Israel are regulated by Pharisaic rabbis.

…We are talking about an illegitimate state, which on 16 October 2009 was defined by the Human Rights Council of the UN as a terror organization (see Article 1690 of the Goldstone Report and others).

…The design of general goals is defined by a small cabal, call it the Elders of Zion if you like, which includes people in Israel and outside it. Yet, if one of the cabal members changes his mind in a way perceived as dangerous by the others – see Rabin’s case – he’s dispensable. The implementation is left to many servant organizations, depending on their nature. Some of them are criminal in nature – like the Mossad – others are financial, commercial, political, scientific, and so on. Back to the beginning of this question, The Cross of Bethlehem exposes the methods used by these entities from the operational point of view, and as such is quite unique. Spycatcher and A CIA Diary are similar, but they are presented from the point-of-view of the criminal organization (MI5 and CIA are both clearly presented as violators of human rights).

…A few years ago I was awarded formal political asylum under the 1951 Geneva Convention on Refugees, following an unsuccessful assassination attempt on me by Israel. I had a place in a church and was preaching openly. I couldn’t see how I would publish The Cross of Bethlehem; yet I kept working on the manuscript. […] I was experiencing a freedom of speech unparallel to anything an Israeli citizen could possibly expect. Many people around me spoke of my charisma; Israel panicked.

In July 2009 I was cowardly and brutally attacked and nearly strangled to death by Israeli agents (in cooperation with locals). Almost everything was stolen (though a hidden copy of The Cross of Bethlehem manuscript survived) – including my travel documents. Showing their grandeur, the assailants inflicted irreversible damage to my throat. I am now able only to whisper for short periods of time and will probably soon lose my ability to speak at all.

I accept the recent definition of the State of Israel as a terror-inflicting entity by the United Nations Human Rights Council. Moreover, the State of Israel exists in clear violation of the conditions imposed on its sovereignty by the UN, the body that brought that state into being. These violations cross frontiers.

…Under such conditions we can ask only for the Repentance of Israel. […] Israel must fully indemnify for its crimes inside and outside its borders. Moreover, it must dismantle the terror organizations that enabled the commitment of these crimes, beginning with its main five intelligence agencies. Its agents must be brought to an international court; they bear personal responsibility for their crimes. It must stop seeing ethnic Jews across the world as the property of the Zionist-Pharisaic cabal and automatic informants of its agencies. It must begin treating all humans as equal creations of God. […]


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