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Betrayal — Population Replacement We Never Asked For: Must Watch

I want to thank Maggie Rodden  on whose The Unsolicited Opinion show I appeared a few weeks ago for forwarding this powerful You Tube  to me. The focus of the video is proudly in England, but the complaint and message are equally applicable to Canada, the U.S., or Australia.
The complaint is this: Our wretched, treasonous political establishments decided in the 1960s to replace us within 80 years with a polyglot Third World population. Canada, the U.S. and Australia all abandoned their traditional balanced immigration policies which favoured the Anglo-Saxon and European founding/settler people. In no country was there a real debate. In no country were the people consulted. The most fundamental of questions — what shall be the future population make-up of our country — was decided WITHOUT the input of the citizens, despite the fact that all three countries claimed to be democracies or government’s where the people ruled.
We were preached at about the joys of multiculturalism. We were told by snake oil salesmen that “diversity was our greatest strength.”
[This lie originated with the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith in the early 1990s and was soon picked up by then President Bill Clinton. Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper repeated this patently ridiculous nonsense [illness is health] at a UN conference in
Vancouver several years ago.
All along the way this cold blooded policy of ethnic replacement and cleansing of OUR people was implemented with lies and repression. When Marxist Emmanuel Celler in the House and Edward Kennedy in the Senate threw out America’s balanced immigration policy in 1965, the latter was asked whether throwing the doors open to the Third World would change the ethnic make-up of America. In those days, the European founding/settler people were close to 90% of the U.S. [Today, they are 61% and will fall into minority status, if immigration numbers continue, by 2041.] Kennedy scoffed and denied that this would be the result.
By the time he staggered his last time out of the Senate several years ago, Kennedy could have seen the population-changing results of his
mischief. Did he ever recant or apologize that he’d made a mistake. No mistake. To the very end he was a strident support of an amnesty to
legalize another 20-million Third Worlders.
Not surprisingly, in the mid-60s, the then-Liberal Government began to respond to agitation by the Canadian Jewish Congress for “anti-hate” legislation. This was duly enacted in 1971, just as the malign effects of the demography changing immigration policies were beginning to be seen. The media regularly smeared immigration critics as “White supremacists,” “racists” or “hatemongers.” Those brave enough, like our late colleague journalist Doug Collins, to resist the defamation were reminded of the law that could see them jailed for their
dissenting opinions.
Later, in 1978, the Canadian Human Rights Act added Sec. 13 which censored criticism of the immigration coup d’etat on telephone message machines. In 2001, recognizing the new technology of the Internet, Sec. 13 was expanded to include the Internet. Of course, neither truth or intent were defences. Any views “likely to expose” privileged (Third World) groups to “hatred or contempt” (the latter, means criticism) could land the brave opinionated person in front of a costly Canadian Human Rights kangaroo court tribunal where no victim, until Marc Lemire, in 2009, had ever won.
Most galling of all, as this powerful video shows, is that this sneak change in our countries was perpetrated without consulting the people.
Paul Fromm

Unbelievable video of Muslim abusing Danish police

PB: This website is pro-Zionist — see ads on the left margin. Zionists manipulate us into hate of Muslims whom they have been placing among us against our will, through immigration policies, “tolerance”  and multi-kulti. We should watch not be taken in easily.
Is this behaviour typical of Muslim immigrants in Denmark (Western Europe) or just an outlier? Certainly there are also whites who behave like this. Look at the stupid comments that he is a Bosnian. Bosnian what — Muslim, Serb, Croat? Also a result of idiotizing us Westerners by the propaganda of the Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC), the engine behind Balkan conflicts:

Judeocentrics and Mass Crimes

During activism against NATO interventions in the Balkans, I ran into many authors , websites and texts driven by hatred of Muslims. In most cases they turned out to be radiating from the Judeocentric propaganda and useful Serbian idiots (similar to Polish useful idiots = Russophobes parroting to JPC specs).

Bronek Chapski: […] you ask, “What do you think?” Well, for just one example, in short, without much thought about coerced multiculturalism, let’s touch upon Serbs. Serbs are a perfect example of what the entire neocon agenda represents. Adjudicating by media, about 85% of the chosen hated that ancient people.
I have spent a life time defending Serbs against neocon media indoctrination. Years ago, during the Clinton -Halfbright bombing of innocent Serbs, the media informed millions that Serbs were like Hitlerites.
Like Hitlerites? They fought Hitlerites, trying to remain free. The indoctrination was so heavy that you’d never believe such incredible energy could be expended     -unless there were deep intrinsic considerations. The preparation for the killing was more than sad. Piotr, if you look back, it was a prelude to WMD and the Iraq War. It proved almost anything could be done by the most powerful force on Capitol Hill.
[…] How deep was the hate! Well, according to the regional newspapers, American-Serbs, corresponding with family in Europe, had their letters read. Please spend a minute thinking about this.
As if, little Serbia could endanger huge Amdom. One could tell you   -if it were not for cyberspace readings-   about a heartbreaking event; a Am flying the Serbian flag and being stopped in his auto by a cop, or (2) CIA boys all of a sudden being interested in a Serbian church. Apparently they had suddenly become religious…
Piotr, because of dishonest neocon laws, poisoning society, harmless cyberspace emails are read. So, let us just say that most news against the Serbs emanated essentially from one source; the neocon entity that was essentially chosen. This is simply an undeniable fact.
Yes, there were some innocent bureaucrats involved. Yes, Hillary and Halfbright indicated they didn’t really hate Serbs. This was bought by those who only watch Tv and read newspapers… Moreover, the deepness was so incredible that, while inferring that Serbs were WWII monster clones, the Nazi-assisting politicals of Croatia were allowed to take Krajina. Think of that. In case you didn’t know, Krajina is an historical Serbian land. While this occurred news flooded millions of American and Western minds with films/fotos of Muslims fleeing Serbs. Piotr, nothing was shown of Serbs leaving Krajina.
In addition to the above, a famous Serbian psychologist was painted as a murder, while Muslims were terrorizing Serbs. So, do I, or most Euro-Ams, hate Muslims? No. Absolutely no. They were powerless to bomb the Serbs as Washington did. Yet, those not intellectually limited and not blind can realize a few things by actual actions taken; the Serbs are Washington’s Palestinians of Europe.
Seems, according to some, that everyone does not has a right to be what/whom they are. Suggestion: Hear the dishonesty about multiculturalism…
Reiteration: Euros have a right to their own culture/ traditions. Coerced multiculturalism is what it is. Unfortunately zionists have absolute control/influence in most media. Thus, often Zs involved in indoctrination are not seen. Fact: Zionists are contemporary Nazis. Perhaps Bibi is not the saint painted and cheered by the US congress.
Piotr, I obviously made a mistake in not seeing the chosen involvement in the post you referred to. Sorry. Lastly, you are correct, some Ws act just as horrible as that video Muslim. Nevertheless, coerced wars, bombing, killing and multicultural enforcements detrimental to majority populations, might not be in the interest of those subjected to HomeLand Security infringements against basic human freedoms. Indeed. The bombing of Serbia can be seen as a perfect example of where those of European heritage now stand.
Have a great Christmas and New Years/ bronek
P.S. Oh, if you get a chance, read Prof. Jan Ciechanowicz’s recent book Antysemityzm.

By piotrbein