Best Wishes for the New Year, Henry Makow!

Let me join Mark in the best New Year’s wishes to Henry  — PB


Mark Lech Jaworski of Vancouver, Canada, to Henry Makow after publication of Zionists Funded Both Hitler & Churchill

Best Wishes for the New Year, Henry!
Reading your link at the bottom of this page, prompted me to write few things on that subject. I met David Irving personally several times and have many of his books. He told me not to trust any historians on the government payroll. They whitewash, omit and color the past. Good source are medical books, available for physicians and scientists only. Once I had access to them working at the medical library of [the University of British Columbia]. I was fired for reading them without authorization! Where else one could find that Henry the VIII, Ivan the Terrible or Lenin  were suffering the last stage of syphilis — paranoia!

Years ago, I read well documented article proving that Hitler was a student and an agent of Stalin, but I lost it.
About 1927 Stalin has planned to conquer the world, after 1920 ill fated invasion when near Warsaw, Polish Army decimated Soviet troops under the command of Lejba Bromstein -Trotsky. Apparently it was a victory of a Polish intelligence which did not only deciphered Soviet military communication (like they did to German ENIGMA years later), but originated false messages which sent Stalin to Hungary and Budionny’s cavalry, into the swamps. Soviet General Tukhachewsky (Тухачевский) in his Order of a Day, just hours before his defeat stated: “Comrades! Over the corpse of Poland we will carry a flame of revolution, all over the world!”. He almost did. Stalin killed him for his failure.
Trotsky said of Russia:
– We should turn Her (Russia) into a desert populated with white Niggers. We will impose upon them such a tyranny that was never dreamt by the most hideous despots of the East. The peculiar trait of that tyranny is that it will be enacted from the left. Rather than the right and it will be red rather than white in color. Its color will be red literally because we would spill such torrents of blood that will pale all human losses of the capitalist wars and make (the survivors) shudder. The largest overseas banks will cooperate with us most closely. If we win the Revolution and squash Russia, on the funeral pyres of its remains we will strengthen the power of Zionism and become a power the whole world would drop in the face of on its knees. We will show (to the world) what the real power means. By way of terror and blood baths we will bring Russian intelligentsia into the state of total stupor, to idiocy, to the animal state of being…And so far our young men dressed in leather – the sons of watch repair men from Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitza (cities with large percentages of Jewish population) – oh, how beautifully, how brilliantly do they master hatred of everything Russian! With what a great delight do they physically destroy Russian intelligentsia – officers, engineers, teachers, priests, generals, agronomists, academicians, writers!
(Secrete Forces in History of Russia. U.K. Begunov 1995, p 148. Source: Simanovich, Aaron Samuilovich. Recollections of the secretary of Grigoriy Rasputin. Paris, 1922. Cited by: Hatushin V. Working cattle for the Jews. Young Guards. M., 1991 8, C. 55)

Many Jewish leaders of the early days of the revolution have been done to death during the Trotsky trials, others are in prison. Trotsky-Bronstein is in exile. Jankel Gamarnik, the Jewish head of the political section of the army administration, is dead. Another ferocious Jew, Jagoda (Guerchol Yakouda), who was for a long time head of the G.P.U., is now in prison. The Jewish general, Jakir, is dead, and along with him a number of others sacrificed by those of his race. And if we are to judge by the fragmentary and sometimes even contradictory lists which reach us from the Soviet Union, Russians have taken the places of certain Jews on the highest rungs of the Soviet official ladder. Can we draw from this the conclusion that Stalin’s government has shaken itself free of Jewish control and has become a National Government? Certainly no opinion could be more erroneous or more dangerous than that…
The Jews are yielding ground at some points and are sacrificing certain lives, in the hope that by clever arrangements they may succeed in saving their threatened power. They still have in their hands the principal levers of control. The day they will be obliged to give them up the Marxist edifice will collapse like a house of cards. To prove that, though Jewish domination is gravely compromised, the Jews are still in control, we have only to take the list of the highly placed officials of the Red State. The two brothers-in-law of Stalin, Lazarus and Moses Kaganovitch, are ministers of Transport and of Industry, respectively; Litvinoff (Wallach-Jeyer- Finkelstein) still directs the foreign policy of the Soviet Union…The post of ambassador at Paris is entrusted to the Jew, Louritz, in place of the Russian, Potemkine, who has been recalled to Moscow. If the ambassador of the U.S.S.R. in London, the Jew Maiski, seems to have fallen into disgrace, it is his fellow-Jew, Samuel Kagan, who represents U.S.S.R. on the London Non-Intervention Committee. A Jew named Yureneff (Gofmann) is the ambassador of the U.S.S.R. at Berlin …Since the beginning of the discontent in the Red Army the guard of the Kremlin and the responsibility for Stalin’s personal safety is confided to the Jewish colonel, Jacob Rapaport.
All the internment camps, with their population of seven million Russians, are in charge of the Jew, Mendel Kermann, aided by the Jews, Lazarus Kagan and Semen Firkin. All the prisons of the country, filled with working men and peasants, are governed by the Jew, Kairn Apeter. The News-Agency and the whole Press of the country are controlled by the Jews…The clever system of double control, organized by the late Jankel Gamarnik, head of the political staff of the army, is still functioning, so far as we can discover. I have before me the list of these highly placed Jews, more powerful than the Bluchers and the Egonoffs, to whom the European Press so often alludes. Thus the Jew, Aronchtam, whose name is never mentioned, is the Political Commissar of the Army in the Far East: the Jew Rabinovitch is the Political Commissar of the Baltic Fleet, etc. All this goes to prove that Stalin’s government, in spite of all its attempts at camouflage, has never been, and will never be, a national government. Israel will always be the controlling power and driving force behind it. Those who do not see that the Soviet Union is not Russian must be blind.
(The Rulers of Russia, Denis Fahey)
I am curious when Trotsky made such a profound statement about Russians? Was it before Revolution?
In that article, which I no longer have, there were allegations that Stalin was ordered to find a fool like Hitler and help him to get elected, by not allowing German Communists to go into coalition with a (different than Nazi) Socialist Party of Germany. As soon as Hitler won, Stalin allegedly ordered German Communists, who were rich, armed and well organized, to join… Nazi Party. It would be nice to find original document. Maybe Hoover Institution at Stanford University has it. I was only few days there, could not afford longer studies. Solzhenitsyn spent 6 months there. They have documents long forgotten in Russia (or Poland for that matter).
My parents were in Germany in 1936 and told me about it. Official Nazi Propaganda was attacking Communism, but secretly they were, as you know very well, the best of friends. Hitler was supposed to be a fall guy for a Stalin to become a liberator. They did liberate Poland of 10 million inhabitants and robbed all natural resources for 50 years.
I am familiar with a little known detail of a Japanese overture to the Polish Government in Exile in London, England, about 1943, when Emperor was preparing for the war with Hitler and wanted to have Poland on his side, as she was tying up about million of German troops and other occupiers. Japanese Intelligence shared with Poles important Nazi secrets.
I hope that with your access to sources, you could expand on that subject and “illuminate the subject of Illuminatis”  which is a very difficult task since the, so called, unwashed masses still believe that capitalism is an opposite to socialism and a communism is a paradise. My cousin, who was a notable Polish economist, use to say that: “Socialism is a battle of ideology with a common sense, when Communism is a victory of ideology over common sense!” I love it and quote time to time, to the dismay of naive folks. Some will never comprehend it. Brainwashing works!
100 years ago, Polish newspaper KURIER ILUSTROWANY, printed following joke:
There are various political systems: monarchies, republics, anarchies and a combinations of them all, but basically there are only two systems. First is exploiting fools and a second is teaching the exploited. The most important duty of the leaders is to make sure that education of the exploited fools will not succeed  in turning them into being smart, because they will not allow to be exploited anymore!
I am surprised that a Russian Tsarist censor did not catch it. There was another joke there, another of my favourites:
Tyrant talks to his portrait: What is going to happen to both of us?
Portrait responds: They will remove me from the wall and hung you!
I congratulate you Henry, for having come long way in teaching of the exploited. I try to help you, but our audience is still too small. Would you want to appear again on the Road Kill Internet Show? Would you suggest a topic?
Are you familiar with writings of a Polish philosopher Feliks Koneczny. Here is a sample which caused big uproar in Bruxelles when one Polish Parliamentarian wrote an article  (possibly following an example of your SCRUPLES) in a form of a computer game. That is a way of reaching young masses.
Regards, Mark Jaworski
latarnik [at]
P.S. Do you still have any control over SCRUPLES and is it playable on a Macintosh?
The Hitler Test
by Butler Shaffer
In previous years, and on the first day of class, I have given my new students a ballot, indicating
that “it is time to elect the leader of a great nation,” and offering them two candidates,
A and B.
Candidate A is identified as “a well-known critic of government, this man has been involved in
tax protest movements, and has openly advocated secession, armed rebellion against the
existing national government, and even the overthrow of that government. He is a known
member of a militia group that was involved in a shoot-out with law enforcement authorities.
He opposes gun control efforts of the present national government, as well as restrictions on
open immigration into this country. He is a businessman who has earned his fortune from such
businesses as alcohol, tobacco, retailing, and smuggling.”
Candidate B is described thusly: “A decorated army war veteran, this man is an avowed
nonsmoker and dedicated public health advocate. His public health interests include the
fostering of medical research and his dedication to eliminating cancer. He opposes the use of
animals in conducting such research. He has supported restrictions on the use of asbestos,
pesticides, and radiation, and favors government-determined occupational health and safety
standards, as well as the promotion of such foods as whole-grain bread and soybeans. He is an
advocate of government gun-control measures. An ardent opponent of tobacco, he has
supported increased restrictions on both the use of and advertising for tobacco products. Such
advertising restrictions include: [1] not allowing tobacco use to be portrayed as harmless or a
sign of masculinity; [2] not allowing such advertising to be directed to women; [3] not drawing
attention to the low nicotine content of tobacco products; and, [4] limitations as to where such
advertisements may be made. This man is a champion of environmental and conservationist
programs, and believes in the importance of sending troops into foreign countries in order to
maintain order therein.”
The students are asked to vote, anonymously, for either of these two candidates. I employ this
exercise only every other year, at most, so that students will not have been told to expect it.
Over the years, the voting results have given candidate B about 75% of the vote, while
candidate A gets the remaining 25%. After completing the exercise and tabulating the results,
I inform the students that candidate A  is a composite of the American “founding fathers”
(e.g., Sam Adams, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, etc.). Candidate B,
on the other hand, is Adolf Hitler, whose advocacy for the programs named can be found in
such works as Robert Proctor’s The Nazi War on Cancer.
In one of my classes a few years ago, we were discussing the Schechter case, in which the United
States Supreme Court struck down the cornerstone legislation of the “New Deal,” the National
Industrial Recovery Act. I was explaining to the students how this legislation had transformed
American commerce and industry into a system of business created but government-enforced
cartels. I also pointed out to them how popular fascist/socialist programs were throughout
much of the world at that time. There was Stalin in the Soviet Union, Mussolini in Italy, Hitler
in Germany, Franco in Spain, and Roosevelt in the United States.
I then informed my class how Winston Churchill had, in 1938, praised Hitler, as had such
luminaries as Ghandi, Gertrude Stein (who nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize), and
Henry Ford (who was pleased to work with the German leader). One of my students could take
it no more. “How can you say that so many people could support such an evil man as Adolf
Hitler?,” she pleaded. “You tell me,” I responded, “just two weeks ago 78% of you in this class
voted for him!” Some twenty seconds of pure silence settled into the classroom before we
moved on to the next case.
A couple days ago, I decided to introduce a new group of students to this exercise. After they
voted – again, anonymously – I tabulated their votes and discovered that, once again, Hitler
had prevailed, but by a much narrower margin than in earlier years. In my two classes, Hitler
won by a 45-41 combined total of votes (nor did he require the Supreme Court to validate his
victory). His support, in other words, had fallen from previous averages of 75% to about
One of my students wrote on his/her ballot “leaving ballot blank, or writing in a socialist
candidate if one exist.” At the following class meeting, I read this notation aloud and told the
class that a “socialist candidate” did exist: candidate B, in the person of Adolf Hitler. The word
“Nazi” was derived from the formal name of Hitler’s party: the National Socialist German
Workers’ Party. That so many of Hitler’s policies have become the essence of modern
“political correctness,” as well as “mainstream” Republocratic platforms, is a sad reflection on
just how far the American culture has deteriorated in recent decades.
Still, there may be some basis for optimism in this latest response from these students, who had
never had a class with me before. When close to half of these young people were more
comfortable siding with the kind of men whose thinking was reflected in the Declaration of
Independence, there may be healthy signs that support for the Bush/Cheney/Ashcroft/Ridge
form of fascist state is starting to wane.
Additional evidence of a diminishing enthusiasm for leviathan can be seen in the resolutions
passed by over one hundred city/town councils – plus one state legislature – stating their
opposition to, or even refusal to abide by, the Patriot Act! The lobotomized voices that insist
upon passive submission to authority, may find themselves screeching to a rapidly depleting
audience. They, and their statist overlords, may be able to count on the continuing complicity
of a round-heeled Congress, but many thoughtful men and women may be peeling the “love it
or leave it” bumper-stickers off their minds and cars.
Having had a brief taste of the brown-shirted culture of the present administration, perhaps
enough Americans are rediscovering the significance of their own history. As the media lapdogs
continue to recite their scripts and slobber on cue, it may prove to be the case that the “spirit of
’76,” with its love of liberty and distrust of governments, is still sufficiently engrained in the
fabric of our society.

By piotrbein