Yugoslavian Space Program – One of Cold War's Biggest Secrets

Yugoslavian Space Program – One of Cold War’s Biggest Secrets

Bob Petrovich email 24.1.2012
Hi Piotr, I believe that this report is exaggeration of the actual facts. Wiki  is fairly accurate. I believe that it was actually NATO base not Area51 installation, and that this movie is disinformation campaign. My take:  Tito’s Yugoslavia was NATO’s silent partner. It is known fact. The purpose of Yugoslav army was to provide 48 hours barrier defense to slow down Soviet tanks from rolling into northern Italy. Before ICBM  NATO did not know how to defend Western Europe if Soviet take it over by surprise. An underground airbase could be used to hit them hard with nukes behind their back. (NATO bomber interceptors could have kamikaze radius of 1000 miles).  The fact that Airbase had built in system for destruction is quite telling. – spending 8 billion of 1950s dollars to build something meant to be destroyed.
I am completely skeptical of space secret – the only solution that US could get from Tito would be the napkin design to use lunar module to land on the moon instead of using single spacecraft.
Vladimir Krsljanin email to Piotr Bein 22.1.2012
Dear Piotr, Tito was making big deals with US, but this story is not true. Just a profitable self-PR of couple of Slovenian film makers… Best regards, Vladimir Krsljanin

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