Photo analysis debunks alleged tsunami damage in Fukushima-Daiichi

For want of analyses of an alleged tsunami damage to emergency generators at Daiichi, here is a translation of my Polish text of 13.5.2011:
This video of tsunami at Daiiczi does not show much.
Breakwater damage. Specialists should be able to assess the height/force of the tsunami wave.
Remote removal of debris 6.4.2011 (looking towards the Pacific, at the foot of the access road corridor “funnel”. Turbine Building 1 to the right in the background. No damage from a tsunami. No signs of flooding by tsunami top.
Embankments undamaged by tsunami.
Tsunami should have wiped out the light structure and greenery.
The road corridor “funnel” undamaged. Tsunami water should have been driven up the slope by impact, to approx. 20-30 m elevation, i.e. about 2-3 times the height of the buildings on the left down the slope..
Not much damage to the piers, or new masts?
The pier level. A strong tsunami would wipe out at least the light parts of the building.
No visible attachments of roof to the walls. Did the tsunami wipe out the roof or cover, or there wasn’t any?
At the gap between Units 1-4 and 5-6, at the foot of the access road “funnel”. A tsunami would travel up and damage the greenery at least, if not the buildings.
Another up-rising “funnel” intact, in the gap between Units 1-4 and 5-6. Looking south. Tsunami would have damaged the embankments and the building. The debris are from explosion, likely of  Reactor 1 building.
Near the north side of Reactor 1. As in the previous item, a mass of water and mud should have entered here with the tsunami.
On the pier side of the Turbine Buildings. Light structures and equipment damaged by the tsunami top (and debris from reactor building explosions?).
Between Turbine Buildings 1-2 and 3-4. Tsunami would have wiped out the sheds, unless added after 3/11.
Damaged by tsunami top or explosions?
Alleged proofs of flooding. Would be by the very top of a tsunami wave, since no considerable mud deposits (unless cleaned up very well). Debris from explosions.
pkt. J na
pkt. K na
The other plant, Daiini, allegedly after tsunami. More mud and water-damaged debris than in Daiichi. The clean look is on land side?
Alleged tsunami damage at Daiini. On the doors, scratches from forced break-in by forklift or such? Why no such pics for the generator rooms and controls at Daiichi?
On-coming tsunami at Daiichi: 3 bottom pics. Why published several months after 3/11? Authentic? Bottom-most pic, if authentic, indicates tsunami spill about 1-2 m deep, flooding the foot of stack at Reactor 4. This is adjacent to the south end of Turbine Building 3-4, relatively free of obstacles to the tsunami. More pics from the same place in Daiichi (p. 7 of the report). max. level of flooding seems to be at the top of the white tank, i.e. several m. Similar flooding at Daiini has not affected the emergency systems to cause a disaster like Daiichi.
Clearly, without info on the location, protection and elevation of the emergency generators and their electrical controls, any hypotheses on the flooding as a cause of generator failure at Daiichi are speculation.

By piotrbein