Kosovo Massacre Fraud by Germany to justify Yugoslav War


19th February 2012
German Television programme “Time Travel” broadcast in January 2012
Narrator: These are the photos that Rudolf Scharping didn’t show. He didn’t show the Albanians’ weapons, their UCK badges and membership cards and their ammunition. He didn’t show the clear evidence of fighting.”
Henning Hensch (the photographer): “There can be no talk of a massacre here, and however inconvenient this might sound, these were military battles.”
The extent of the lies told about what was happening in Yugoslavia in the 1990s in order to justify the war waged by NATO has long been known – but not acknowledged by the press and mass media in Europe or the USA. The Sarajevo market bomb was not set by Serbs but by Bosnian Muslims, as the UN later confirmed. The skeletal “Serb concentration camp” victim was a nonsense, as the BBC’s John Simpson confirmed and the “10,000 deaths in Kosovo” were proved to be a complete myth.
Both the Commander of the OSCE’s Kosovo Verification Mission in 1999 (just before Yugoslavia was attacked) Roland Keith and the former Canadian Ambassador in Belgrade James Bissett have condemned the war and defended the Yugoslav Government. Bissett said that the 1999 attack was a “put up job” and quotes the most revealing admission by the former British Defense Minister, Lord Gilbert, who told the British House of Commons in July 2000 that the terms that NATO sought to force upon Milosevic at Rambouillet were deliberately designed to provoke war. Commander Keith described the KLA as a terrorist organisation which had a grip on most villages in Kosovo. He had direct experience of the lies told by villagers about ethnic cleansing and he said he never saw the Yugoslav Federal Army mistreat anyone in Kosovo.
Now we have a respected German televisions programme providing clear proof of the fraud practised by the German Government to justify to their public an attack on Yugoslavia in 1999. It is the equivalent of the “dodgy dossier” of that other great “builder of Europe” Tony Blair. Read the translation of the programme.

By piotrbein