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History’s Biggest Heist?
On Feb. 16, 2012, Lord James of Blackheath made a request for Parliament to investigate the suspicious findings of nearly three years’ worth of analysis and data, complete with the delivery of gigabytes of documents to support his position. What finally surfaces may expose the single biggest bank heist in world history.
Stand Up Barack
By Victor Thorn
If the Obama administration genuinely wanted to prevent a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities that could potentially lead to WWIII, it would implement three measures […]
Iran Pushed to Drastic Action
The Tehran Times announced that as of March 20 the Iranian oil bourse will start trading oil in currencies other than the U.S. dollar. The decision passed by Iran’s parliament and carried out by Prime Minister Mahmoud Ahmadinejad comes as retaliation for U.S. sanctions placed on Iran’s Central Bank, which will punish any country that buys Iranian oil after July 1.
More Women Speaking Out About Humiliating Experiences With TSA
Is the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) forcing women to endure full-body scans so that voyeuristic security officials can sneak a peek at their physiques? That’s the charge being made by a local news affiliate in Dallas, which recently discovered a shocking pattern of abuse after reviewing complaints from more than 500 travelers.
Black Box Election Fraud Alleged in GOP Primaries
While events surrounding electronic vote fraud today may not be as publicized as four years ago, the problem has not gone away by any means. The one person who has done more to expose this crime is still hard at it. AFP recently spoke with Bev Harris to get her take on some of the recent developments in South Carolina, Maine and Nevada.
$5 Billion Backdoor Banker Bailout?
In one of the many ironic twists on the “punishment” the White House has been imposing on the international bankers who exploited the naivety of American workers to trick them into taking out usurious loans, the federal government—and the American workers who pay taxes to finance that government—are going to give the banks $5 billion to pay a $1.5 billion settlement, with the rest of the money going into the bankers’ pockets.
Surviving the Death of the Constitution (Ad)
It’s a terrible thing to fear your government. For the past 65 years, we’ve deluded ourselves into thinking that our government is a benign entity which only has the best interests of its citizens at heart. After all, our government is all about freedom, civil liberties, justice, and constitutional rights… right?

In UK, Big Brother’s Cameras a Costly Flop

A report released this past week by a civil liberties group in the United Kingdom focusing on that country’s liberal use of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to combat crime has revealed that, far from providing safer neighborhoods or crime-solving capabilities, the system of surveillance spread across much of the UK is near worthless for the huge sums spent.
AFP PODCAST – Yo Dawg, Cameras Don’t Do Squat!
On February 27, AFP conducted an exclusive interview with Emma Carr, the Deputy Director of Big Brother Watch, who just released a report entitled “The Price of Privacy: How local authorities spent £515m ($814 million) on CCTV in four years,” which revealed that, far from providing safer neighborhoods or crime-solving capabilities, the system of surveillance spread across much of the UK is near worthless for the huge sums spent.
Ironically, the main reason for the explosion of surveillance is due to the influx of uneducated and uncivilized immigrants, mostly African and South East Asian, exhibiting what the ever-polite British refer to as “anti-social behavior.”
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