13 years after NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, the truth still struggles

Serbia Marks 13th Anniversary of NATO Agression, DU Bombs Still Claim Lives

Today marks 13th anniversary of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. In the 78-day long aggression, which involved 19 NATO states, 3,500 people were killed and more than 12,500 injured.
The operation, led by the US and UK,d which was conducted without the UN Security Council approval  […] 13 years after the bombing Serbia still struggles with the contamination from ammunitions containing depleted uranium.

Snezana Vitorovich: Today, the truth ‘still struggles’ to be heard above the cacophony of lies.

“NATO’s military intervention paved way for separatism”

PB: The breakup of Yugoslavia by “US-NATO” was a full-scale trial of Balkanisation that was later implemented in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya… with  Syria, Iran, Liban, Egypt lined up.

Pundits lament NATO, bombskilled, uranium, illegalseparatism… NATO does not act by itself. Statesmen and int’l orgs follow prepared plans and instructions from hidden powers,  bent to divide and conquer the world along religious, ethnic and any other thinkable lines — from gender to income. Uranium bombs were not born 13 years ago, and the creators knew the consequences. Killings in Yugoslavia are minor compared to millions Iraqi civilians killed by UN sanctions, Coalition bombs, and mercenary executions… or compared to 150 thousand innocents killed in Libya. Separatism by foreigners in you own country is not a goal of any of the Orwellian wars, a much broader plan of enslavement is.

Anniversaries of tragic events to the the Power Complex’s scripts, do nothing to education nor memory, much less to stopping the evil cycle. Nobody won in former Yugoslavia, everybody lost to the Complex, even the Albanians, the silent victim of radioactive uranium weapons in Kosovo.

Who will finally get to the crux of the matter? Professor John-Peter Maher, Julia Gorin, Dr. Srdja Trifkovic?

By piotrbein