Rockefeller Soft Kill Depopulation Plans Exposed

For The Record: Rockefeller Soft Kill Depopulation Plans Exposed

Cdsapi:     Have you ever wondered:
– why 25% of the population has problems conceiving and reproducing healthy children;
– Why the sperm count of males continues to drop precipitously;
– Why so many women can’t conceive or complete a healthy pregnancy;
– Why there is so much PRESSURE to vaccinate everyone for everything;
– Why vaccines are protected as an untouchable  “holy cow” in the medical paradigm;
– Why the WHO mandates that everyone be vaccinated –  ready to use police powers;
– Why the WHO had to admit that the H1N1 flu vaccine program was a Scam based on fraudulent information;
— What Is Really In the vaccines that are shot into infants and adults;
–  Why the adverse effects, often deadly and debilitating, are declared “non-existent”;
– Why toxic “adjuvants” and ingredients are added to vaccines, and “officialdom” decrees that these toxins are “safe”, even in the face of deadly or debilitating contrary evidence;
– Why the “authorities” refuse to remove these dangerous components from vaccines, and keep adding more;
– Why the Gardasil vaccine continues to be “forced” on young girls, even though it has killed hundreds and maimed thousands – and is known to be a “sterility vaccine”;
– Why a “supposed” anti-cervical cancer vaccine (Gardasil) is now recommended for boys;
– Why the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill Gates Foundation, the WHO and various UN agencies finance massive vaccine programs in the Third World – mandated for every child;
– Why the vaccine programs continue to be expanded, even though we know that they have already produced an avalanche of “neurologically” and “immunologically” impaired children;
– What the REAL TRUTH is behind the RESEARCH and DELIVERY of vaccine programs;
– Why the Elites (the Rockefellers in NA) are so determined to OWN the food supply;
-Why the LAW is being used to PREVENT parents from PROTECTING their children from dangerous vaccines and medical practices?
There are many more questions that this article will answer.
It exposes the LIES.  It exposes the FRAUD.  It exposes the REAL MOTIVATION.
It exposes how one very wealthy and powerful family has decided to use its wealth and power to dictate the future of humanity, and uses its control over medicine, scientific/medical research, agriculture and food production to achieve its goal of POPULATION REDUCTION.
It exposes why the “health authorities” will not permit ANY negative evidence to destroy the public’s TRUST in the “established ”Mass Distribution System” of the Vaccine Delivery System – to be used as the camouflage for their “anti-fertility, sterility program.
The Vaccine Program is not what you thought it to be;
The Food Safety Program is not what you thought it to be
– but it is what the Rockefellers, together with the WHO, the World Bank and the UN Population Fund designated it to be.
The Vaccination Programs and Food Security are THEIR BABIES!
And all of humanity is paying a “deadly” price.
It is hoped that every parent, after reading the evidence, will refuse to continue sacrificing their children and themselves at the foot of the Rockefeller/WHO/Gates Depopulation Altar,
Question EVERYTHING that comes down from on high – especially the vaccine hype.
Realize: Parents cannot protect their children if they do not have the information.
Since the mainstream media has had a virtual blackout on almost all vital factual scientific research information (by dictate from the Media Owners), you and I have to become the disseminating media.
Please use whatever means available to you to expose the Truth about this diabolical “Depopulation Agenda”  –  being implemented under the camouflaging guise of “Public Health” and “Food Safety”.
Virtually everybody needs to be informed before they make compliance choices.
Become an instrument that enables us to take back control over our lives from these megalomaniacal psychopaths.  It is now up to us to save Our Humanity and Our CIVILization from those determined to destroy it..  We have to start by “saving the children” – the future seed.
They will Thank You.

By piotrbein