Who rules Serbia — a letter to a Serbian friend

Dragi Goranie,
You sent me a video Who rules Serbia. So it is not anymore the “Islamists” — a hoax peddled by friends of the Serbs, like Prof. J-P Maher, Julia Gorin and Dr. Trifkovic? Blaming such puppets of the Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC) distracts from the essence, e.g. the Israel Lobby in this video.
We should be asking: who stands above the Masons, Vatican, “Islamists”, or the Israel Lobby in the US? The Serbian lecture video (minute 10:30) shows Vatican’s alleged secret structure: NATO, EU, bank, mafia… NATO and EU may have connections to Vatican but certainly neither Vatican nor even the Masons control them, e.g. all mafias are controlled by the most cruel mafia Kosher Nostra (google and see).
The Masons have been subverted in 18th century to serve the Rotschild’s NWO plan; the Illuminati came into being and subverted Vatican. Illuminati and all Masonic lodges are controlled by B’nai B’rith — a Judeocentric, exclusively Jewish Masonic order (unlike the other Masonic orders with mixed membership).
Vatican could have a task on Serbs, but the master plan flows from JPC. Why would all the “US-NATO” post-9/11 wars be waged towards Yinon’s 1980’s imperial Greater Israel plan?
The same “US” people who pushed for the Balkan conflicts, masterminded the “war on terror” series — effectively the WW3.
Who commandeers the UN, NATO, NGOs, tribunals, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, CFR, or the global media, finance and economy? Who owns the world’s private central banks like the US Federal Reserve, or investment banks like Goldman Sachs? And money, power, media and a grip on one religion don’t suffice to control the world and run it according to an evil plan. The ideology for these deranged plans flows from rabbinical Talmudism, the most hateful “religion” that has been derived by corrupting God-fearing, ancient Judaism. Instrumental for support of the evil, carried out via corrupted governments like US, France, UK, Germany… is the  advocacy by Jewish masses. Remember who demonstrated in New York to support the “Bosnian death camp” hoax? The same rabbinate, indirectly influences politics, not only in the US and Israel, and not only by controlling the Jewish crowd — vide Christian Zionists in the USA.
Unfortunately, some Serbs became useful idiots in JPC’s Colour Revolutions and the Arab Spring, the steps of the WW3. Ask yourself, what is the role of Mahers, Gorins and Trifkovics in this manipulation of your nation. Give me funds and I will publish a longish presentation on youtube… but it would not last a minute. Over 1 hour’s time, one can glean more useful info on the breakup of Yugoslavia and the subjugation of Serbs, here:

Re the Serbian professor you mentioned who became quiet on the uranium weapons issue, 99% certain he has been intimidated into silence; see similar cases:

I don’t know of Serbs publicizing this sort of info, but their posts and casual conversations exhibit outside manipulation. As long as Serbs are not eductated on the causes of their present (and past!) misery, and don’t think by and for themselves, their mentality will be corrupted, and actions in vain — the purpose of the propaganda… And some of you will be fooled into helping the JPC evil-doers, like Otpor was. Otpor thought it fought for a better world, but it was harnessed by JPC to completely the opposite goal!!!
Piotr Bein
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Ko vlada Srbijom:

From: Piotr Bein
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2012 09:22:52 -0700
Subject: 13 yrs after NATO bombing, truth still struggles
The breakup of Yugoslavia by “US-NATO” was a full-scale trial of Balkanisation that was later implemented in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya… with  Syria, Iran, Liban, Egypt lined up.
Pundits lament NATO, bombs, killed, uranium, illegal, separatism… NATO does not act by itself. Statesmen and int’l orgs follow prepared plans and instructions from hidden powers,  bent to divide and conquer the world along religious, ethnic and any other thinkable lines — from gender to income. Uranium bombs were not born 13 years ago, and the creators knew the consequences. Killings in Yugoslavia are minor compared to millions Iraqi civilians killed by UN sanctions, Coalition bombs, and mercenary executions… or compared to 150 thousand innocents killed in Libya. Separatism by foreigners in you own country is not a goal of any of the Orwellian wars, a much broader plan of enslavement is.
Anniversaries of tragic events to the the Power Complex’s scripts, do nothing to education nor memory, much less to stopping the evil cycle. Nobody won in former Yugoslavia, everybody lost to the Complex, even the Albanians, the silent victim of radioactive uranium weapons in Kosovo.
Who will finally get to the crux of the matter? Professor John-Peter Maher, Julia Gorin, Dr. Srdja Trifkovic?

Piotr Bein

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