The BS in NYT's "Polish Ex-Official Charged With Aiding C.I.A." / Hasbara o torturach CIA w Polin

PB: Everybody knows whose organ NYT is. Its Judeocentric delegatura in Poland is Gazeta Wyborcza, whose chief editor, Adam Michnik (Aaron Schechter) has participated in the subversion of the genuine Polish Solidarnosc movement by the Judeocentric Power Complex, JPC. (The West still believes that “heroes” such as him and Lech Walesa (Lejba Kone) freed Poland.) Michnik is a fierce anti-Polonist, he peddles Jewish lies about my nation that has made the greatest contribution to saving Jews over centuries and during WW2. No sane Pole trusts Gazeta Wyborcza. Media serving those in power don’t expose them…
Laughable manipulations in the article:
– someone with an Arab name, “the architect” of 9/11 was tortured in Poland — I thought the architects are still sitting in high places in the US and Israel:
– impression of Poland as a righteous state, while thousands are taken thru courts and even imprisoned without a due process — I don’t know of any HRW actions against it in Poland…
– Poland capable of decisions independent of the CIA, USA, NATO, EU etc. instruments of the JPC, while in reality Poland follows instructions from above — I don’t know any NYT articles about it…
Polish / Po polsku
PB: Wiadomo, czyim organem jest New York Times. Ma w Polsce delegaturę Giewu, na którą powołuje się w kolejnej fałszywce. Naczelny Giewu, Aaron Schechter wziął udział w wywróceniu Solidarnośći przez kompleks jot. (Zachód wciąż wierzy, że ‘bohaterowie” jak on i Lejba Kone oswobodzili Polskę.) Schechter to zajadły anty-polonista, sieje hasbarę o Polakach, którzy naprawdę najbardziej przyczynili się do przetrwania Zydów w Europie i do ich ratowania w II wś.  Zdrowy na umyśle Polak nie wierzy Giewu. Media na usługach unych nie obnażą ich…
Kilka komicznych momentów w hasbarze NYT:
– w Polsce torturowano kogoś o nazwisku arabskim, architekta 11 IX  — a ja myślałem, że architekci siedzą na wysokich stołkach w USA i Izraelu:
– wrażenie Polski, praworządnego kraju, podczas gdy tysiące ciąga się po sądach i więzi bez prawowitego procesu — nie znam żadnych akcji wymienionej w artykule organizacji praw człowieka (HRW) przeciw bezprawiu w Polin…
– Poland zdolna samodecydować bez CIA, USA, NATO, UE itp. instumentów kompleksu jot, podczas gdy Polin wypełnia instrukcje odgórne — czy ktoś czytał o tym w NYT lub Giewu?
-March 27, 2012

Polish Ex-Official Charged With Aiding C.I.A.

WARSAW — The former head of Poland’s intelligence service has been
charged with aiding the Central Intelligence Agency in setting up a
secret prison to detain suspected members of Al Qaeda, a leading
newspaper here reported on Tuesday, the first high-profile case in
which a former senior official of any government has been prosecuted
in connection with the agency’s program.
The daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reported that the former
intelligence chief, Zbigniew Siemiatkowski, told the paper that he
faced charges of violating international law by “unlawfully depriving
prisoners of their liberty,” in connection with the secret C.I.A.
prison where Qaeda suspects were subjected to brutal interrogation
When President Obama took office in 2009, he said he wanted to “look
forward, as opposed to looking backward” and rejected calls for a
broad investigation of C.I.A. interrogations and other Bush
administration counterterrorism programs. In sharp contrast, the Poles
see the case as a crucial test for rule of law and the investigation
by prosecutors here has reached the highest levels of Polish politics.
One of Poland’s prime ministers during the period when terrorism
suspects were alleged to have been subjected to torture in Poland,
Leszek Miller, could be charged before Poland’s State Tribunal, the
newspaper said.
“We try to treat our Constitution seriously and try not to forget the
fact that there was a manifest violation of the Polish Constitution
within the country’s borders,” said Adam Bodnar, vice president of the
Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, based in Warsaw.
The effect, Mr. Bodnar said, is not simply a matter of looking back,
as Mr. Obama said, but also of warning future leaders and officials
that they can not operate with impunity. “This case is a huge threat
to any Polish official that he will know in the future that such
things cannot happen,” Mr. Bodnar said.
C.I.A. officers have been distressed by the public controversies that
have broken out over the interrogation program in Poland and other
countries, where foreign officials were assured that their assistance
would always remain secret. But human rights advocates have applauded
the inquiries overseas into what they believe was torture and illegal
While successive American governments have chosen to avoid accusations
of abuses, in Poland, where memories of the Communist era and its
repressions remain sharp, prosecutors have moved aggressively to
tackle the issue. Although pro-American sentiments run high in Poland,
there is also great unease after decades of Soviet domination that the
country is giving too much influence to a powerful ally.
Gazeta Wyborcza reported that Mr. Siemiatkowski had been charged in
January but the matter had been kept secret until now. Prosecutors
refused to confirm the reports, which cited an anonymous source in the
prosecutor’s office as well as Mr. Siemiatkowski himself. “The
investigation will remain confidential until further notice,” said
Piotr Kosmaty, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office in Krakow,
which has been handling the inquiry.
A C.I.A. spokesman declined to comment.
The C.I.A. has never formally revealed the location of the overseas
“black site” prisons, but intelligence officials, aviation records and
news reports have placed them in Afghanistan, Thailand, Romania and
Jordan, as well as Poland and other countries. Out of fewer than 100
prisoners held in the facilities, roughly 30 were subjected to what
the C.I.A. called “enhanced” interrogation techniques, according to
agency officials.
In Poland, detainees were held in a makeshift prison at a secret base
near Szymany Airport, about 100 miles north of Warsaw. All three of
the C.I.A. prisoners who were waterboarded are believed to have been
held in Poland, including Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the architect of the
Sept. 11 attacks; Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who is charged in the 2000
bombing of the American destroyer Cole; and Abu Zubaydah, who ran a
terrorist camp and facilitated militants’ travel.
But all three of the men spent time at other black sites as well, and
it is not certain which interrogation methods were used where. Lawyers
for Abu Zubaydah and Mr. Nashiri in 2010 filed a formal request with
Polish authorities asking them to take criminal action in connection
with the C.I.A. program.
Joseph Margulies, a lawyer for Abu Zubaydah, said that he was pleased
by the news of charges, which he said were the first to be brought
anywhere as a result of the black site program.
Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. did order a limited investigation
of the interrogation program. Mr. Holder announced in July that no
charges would be filed in connection with interrogations at the black
sites but that the deaths of two prisoners in American custody, one in
Iraq and one in Afghanistan, remained under investigation.
Polish officials have long denied charges by human rights groups that
the country hosted one of the black sites employed by the C.I.A. in
the campaign against terrorism. Mr. Miller, who was prime minister
from 2001 to 2004 and is the leader of the Democratic Left Alliance, a
left-wing party in Poland’s Parliament, continues to deny that Poland
was ever the site of secret detention facilities.
“I refused to answer any questions from the prosecution and I shall
continue to do so at every other stage of the proceedings, including
in court,” Mr. Siemiatkowski told the newspaper.
Mr. Bodnar said: “I remember the lessons of constitutionality given by
the Americans in the early ’90s, always saying to us, you have to
create a new constitution and every action by state authorities must
have limits. Poland has just learned this lesson well.”
Joanna Berendt reported from Warsaw, and Nicholas Kulish from Berlin.
Scott Shane contributed reporting from Washington.

By piotrbein